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Mississippi Medicine (2011)
by D.S. & Durga


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseD.S. & Durga
PerfumerDavid Moltz

About Mississippi Medicine

Mississippi Medicine is a masculine fragrance by D.S. & Durga. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer David Moltz

Mississippi Medicine fragrance notes

Reviews of Mississippi Medicine

This is a long-shut cupboard in the wood supplies store Ė stocked full of preparations to treat your planks, and smoky, tarry polishing products. Although thereís frankincense at the centre of this fragrance, itís presented in a dark, earthed manner, bolstered by an array of woody and resinous tones. It could have been a dense mess, but instead it breathes and invites you into its frontiers gloom. The pine and bark notes give vigour to the more burnt out elements. The smokiness has the dusty quality of dry leaves burning. The kind of fragrance that seems to be calling out for a sunny winterís day or when the ĎI want to go live in a log cabiní mood strikes you (Iíll admit to being visited by it from time to time, usually when I have been desk-bound too long).
Nonetheless, this seems more of a perfume for a few hours than for an entire day, as it doesnít evolve much except for the frankincense and resins getting more of the upper hand in the later stages with the smoke and woody notes receding somewhat. I found this a bit tiring; but the more single-minded may beg to disagree.
17th December, 2016
Birch tar...and a lot of it in the opening. It settles down pretty quickly though, and I really enjoy Mississippi Medicine. It's a green scent that smells of many different trees. I love trees and I love to smell like most trees. This is a wonderful combination of cedar, spruce, pine, wild juniper or "cade". A nice resinous scent. I would buy some as well if it wasn't 165.00 for around an ounce of fragrance. Very pricey. Maybe someday...but for now, there's others I want more...
10th December, 2016
Absolutely fantastic fragrance. This smells almost exactly like burning copal resin, which is used a lot during Dia de los Muertos, on the ofrendas (altars) to the dead. Very much like a pine-cedar resin. Brilliant!
09th September, 2016
Update -- I pulled the trigger and now own a bottle of this beautiful, distinctive scent. It is very woody, in fact a veritable woodshop. Smoky birch tar adds to the slow-burning embers aspect. Resinous, terpenic, at times heady and exhilarating. Hints of incense. The lone floral (violet) adds a silver-ghostly subtext, appropriate to the so-called "death-cult" vibe of the scent. ;)
I like this herbal-medicinal brew. Hint of leather in the dry-down (like an old saddle). Beautiful, haunting. Not sweet artificially, just at times the natural result of the rich ingredients. Reminiscent of patent medicine and liniment. Grassy, hay-like. No florals. Substantial but not heavy, wears well. Something like mint/earth, perhaps patchouli. Smoky mint. Green scene.
15th July, 2016 (last edited: 25th February, 2017)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening blast with a floral notes with aldehydic touches, and an incense note, and the latter soon takes over. It is a frankincense with, especially initially, a balsamic undertone that could be described as mildly medicinal at stages.

In the drydown a woodsy pine accent appears, but it is soon pushed into the background when the birch tar sets in, which has a distinct burning and smoky characteristic on my skin. Gradually it is fading out over time, like a fire that moves further away in the distance.

The sillage is moderate, the projection brilliant and the lovebird and excellent nine hours.

A warm incense winter scent with a burning and smoky characteristic, made from high-quality ingredients and well blended. 3.25/5.
08th July, 2016
An interesting mix of wood notes (cedar, birch) and incense, probably not the heaviest/strongest offering D.S. & Durga that I've smelled. Surely more on the cold weather side but also workable in warmer weather, Mississippi Medicine is doesn't lean so heavily on the incense as it does on the woody/resinous notes. Like other scents in the house, it smells very natural, never surprisingly sweet or sour, but almost a patchouli-esque earthiness. Probably not one that I'd buy but with decent projection and longevity, it might prove worthwhile. This makes me to go back and smell some of their other scents to compare.

6 out of 10
16th July, 2015

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