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R'oud Elements (2011)
by Kerosene


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJohn Pegg

About R'oud Elements

R'oud Elements is a masculine fragrance by Kerosene. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer John Pegg

R'oud Elements fragrance notes

Reviews of R'oud Elements

The opening of R’oud Elements by Kerosene shows quite many features and recurring notes of America’s contemporary indie perfumery: powerful, slightly boozy-terpenic, dark and incredibly rich, halfway the dark-syrupiness à la (early) M7, mostly for the same amber-oud-booze-herbs structure, and the metallic black amber reminding me of some Slumberhouse scents. Above this, a sharp, sour, dry and aromatic greenish accord with bold metallic whiffs (which don’t sound cheap, though, as they seem “intended” to provide a sort of post-industrial feel, which I guess quite fits the brand – or at least its name) and a base woody accord in fact quite similar to oud – smoky, dry, animalic, with a compelling shady and warm richness. The sandalwood lies somewhere on the very base, just providing a subtle drop of sweetness well contrasting with the general smoky, dark and almost “rotten” vibe. Overall: not bad at all, I enjoy the contrasts between the dark notes and the hints of sweet colour, wrapped in a warm, dark amber and woody feel. After a while the bold metallic aftertaste gets kind of annoying to me, but at least it seems a creative choice with its “raison d’etre” here. The projection is quite loud and the texture in my opinion smells as much creative as quite “elementary” somehow (not minimal, rather just barely simple to the point of smelling clumsy from times to times), but as I said... not bad at all for me!

18th December, 2014
jcw122 Show all reviews
United States
I think this is a great fragrance...but I can't help but acknowledge the resemblance to Joop! Pour Homme. It has that candy-like scent to it mixed in with the oud, and is somewhat overpowering compared to the oud note. The note is must more smooth compared to how Joop can be rather sickening. Overall, it smells good but reminds me too much of Joop. I also wouldn't call it well blended...the "Joop" note and the Oud complement eachother, but seem only present in their own rights, not mixed. Overall, it's a great scent IMO, very unique, but lots of candy-ness which isn't my thing.

Projection and longevity are outstanding.
13th October, 2012 (last edited: 26th November, 2012)
I must say this is really great! I understand the reference to M7 made by Alfarom, it doesnt exactly share any similarities except in the way that it blends a really smooth oud into its composition almost effortlessly. It starts out with a great bitter orange with a creamy slightly sweet note. After awhile the bitter orange gets much creamier and richer as the oud really kicks in. Its interesting how much smoother this gets as time goes on. I guess its the amber/vanilla combo that lends itself to the smoothness. I just barley detect the lavender but I think its job is to keep the whole fragrance from crossing over the line of too sweet and feminine. Again, I agree with Alfarom that this could have been a little more edgy and included an animalic note. That being said I give this 9/10
12th June, 2012
jPhx Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A blizzard of bitter orange is my initial stance to this stunning scent by Kerosene. It immediately brings to mind unsweetened marmalade and within moments warm woods shadowed by amber are revealed, then completely envelope the brief yet acerbic onslaught.

A beguiling fragrance of developing soft and smooth ouds with good sillage and a longevity that is excellent upon me. For those who usually do not like ouds - as mentioned by others including Kerosene - I would certainly recommend trying this striking fragrance, which is neither exceedingly sweet nor smothering and has nothing of the barnyard that can deter the tender-hearts like me.

This is a distinctive and good EdP that has remained close to the skin half way through my day - drawing me into a comforting and balmy golden haze. Put quite simply, I like it. Do give it a try.
04th April, 2012
My favorite out of the Kerosene fragrances so far. The Orange bitters and Oud stand out in the opening with the lavender and amber giving it a tad bit of sweetness throughout the heart and drydown. It's a very comforting fragrance that is masculine, fresh, and very wearable in any season. I'd put this right up there with Royal Oud by Creed as one of the best and well blended Oud fragrances. Fantastic fragrance that easily gets a 9 out of 10.
30th March, 2012
What a surprise. The first fragrance from John Kerosene, already known from his You Tube reviews, brought a considerable amount of novelty and freshness to the always staler and massified fragrance market.

The main concept behind R'Oud Elements is to compose "an oud for people who don't like oud" (his words). What comes out is an incredibly well blended and delightfully woody ambery concoction juxtaposed to a sparkling bitter orange note and lavender. Vanilla plays a relevant role as well while the oud is remarkably present but it's neither dominating nor overwhelming. Qverall, R'Oud Elements has a dry quality with just the right amount of sweetness. Modern and with a chemical twist (expecially during the opening) yet incredibly catchy and original.

If you like M7, A*Men, L'Instant Pour Homme you'll very probably dig this. Ok, the fragrance doesn't share many objective similarities with the aforementioned crowdpleasers but, somehow, it fits the same bill...

R'Oud Elements would make one HELL of a designer fragrance. Honestly, put on the bottle a designer's logo (Therry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier or whatever you want) and it will turn into a blockbuster in no time...Good job, Kerosene.

My only complain, if I can call it so, is that from a house named Kerosene and a fragrance labelled as "Rude Elements", I probably expected something more uncomprimising (but it's just me, don't worry). That said, this is till pretty darn good. Maximum support

Rating: 7.5-8/10
24th March, 2012

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