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Clemency (2009)
by Humiecki & Graef

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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseHumiecki & Graef
PerfumerChristoph Hornetz
PerfumerChristophe Laudamiel

About Clemency

Clemency is a feminine perfume by Humiecki & Graef. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Christophe Laudamiel and Christoph Hornetz

Clemency fragrance notes

Reviews of Clemency

A solid take on the floral watery-sharp sandalwood theme. Clemency starts with an incredibly translucent, hyper feminine and sophisticated accord of musk, green leaves, probably neroli, red berries, aqueous rose-peonia, magnolia and cassis (unfolding by soon "arcane" soapy accents). Superb. Gradually sandalwood and leather rise up making more solid but slightly less ethereal the aroma. The floral notes hold on in the meanwhile to be pungent, articulated, fruity, barely balmy and vegetal. Anyway Humiecki&Graef Clemency holds on till (almost) the end romantic, deeply floral (rose-mimosa-peonia like), greenish and supremely sharp (fluidy) despite a soothing musky-"milky" background encompasses finally the elements. Frankly on skin the "milkish" side performs as a vaguely soapy synthetic undertone counteracting the veritable resinous (yes, vaguely incensey) green-floral-lymphatic feel. The dry down is intensely woody-floral, still green, ultra classy, still vaguely soapy-cosmetic, classic in style and finally slightly (barely) leathery. Anyway soft (soapy) sandalwood, sharp floral muskiness and resinous elements settle the aroma down like a decidedly smooth and velvety caress. Totally endorsed and recommended to all those indipendent women which wish to stand out in a classy and traditional (though modern) way.
26th November, 2014
A contemporary floral chypre, a transparent and metallic take on classic feminine scents themes. You clearly smell rose, green notes, aldehydes, a camphor-musky base, fresh citrus/lime notes, perhaps also mint or something equally bitter and fresh (I guess it's the cassis, which is an ingredient I do not know). Velvety, kind of odd base of amber, benzoin, rooty-earthy notes with almost a stale-mold flavour. It soon arises a calone note, quite metallic and somehow milky and opalescent, which gives a sort of filmy, pale density to the fragrance - and in broad terms, an azure-airy "chic" factor. Ambery-dusty-silky drydown, slightly floral, elegant and pleasant. To be honest: not bad, but a bit of a dull scent, not even pleasant at first – then a bit more, but in a totally anonym and negligible way.

23rd June, 2014
The fragrance opens with a green-floral blast (linden, green watery rose and cassis)... It starts sweet-ish and sparkling with a remarkably classic, sort of leathery-chyprey vibe but it rapidly turns into an hyper-modern dry sandalwood with milky facets and sharp woody-incensey undertones.

It's actually pretty stunning how the fragrance transitions from a sparkling and sort of transparent opening to the opaque-milky woody drydown..

As usual with H&G, the fragrance plays several mainstream-oriented accords while Laudamiel's treatment provides a solid quirky twist. Not as striking and unconventional as Skarb yet pretty satisfying. Fans of high quality synth-woods, take note.

Words of caution: gross on paper. Smells like full fat milk. On skin, on the other hand, the milky aspect gets brutally tamed down and serves as a necessary counterpart to soften the sharp woody notes creating an interesting juxtaposition.

Fantastic projection and stellar lasting power.
11th May, 2013

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