Dark Purple (2011)
    by Montale

    Dark Purple Fragrance Notes

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    Spain Spain

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    perfume whose structure supports the patchouli-rose combo. It feels a little more feminine by the fruity tones (mainly plum) that here nicely contrast to the rough trail of patchouli.The overall feeling is very positive though perhaps you are missing something less linearity because , as many Montales, at the end, result in the same places.

    30th December, 2013

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    Tony T
    United States United States

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    Superb. this is my 2nd blind buy from Montale.

    1st being Full Incense..

    Neither are watered down..

    This lasts forever and the plum and red fruit notes last the duration of the scent..

    Very unisex but I love it..

    a masterpiece..

    now I must try Tom Ford's Plum scent..

    Pros: Plum at it's best!!
    Cons: can be cloying at times"

    26 October, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Dark Purple

    This concoction owns inside the dark musky Black Musk's soul and is a sort of less commanding, less metallic, gentler and far more fruity/floral (mur, plum, bilberries, orange and musk) sort of Black Musk. Where anyway the latter is properly metallic, sour (mainly lemon) and post-industrial, Dark Purple is decidedly less irony, more yummy (i mean fruity in a more juicy way) and finally (after an initial colder appearance) almost soapy (even in an opaque type of way). The typical fruitiness of the woods is sheer and a fruity/floral (more properly feminine) touch of balmy sophistication swirls endly in the air. An unusual Montale musk anyway possessing the typical brand's landmark woody/musky touch.

    Pros: Dark and fruity
    Cons: Any in particular

    16 June, 2013

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    Justin Case

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    This is basically another take on incense. This incense has a hint of plum and a hint if rose.

    03 May, 2013

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    Plum and blackberries with Montales classic astringent opening. Reminds me of Bond no. 9 NY Amber...Before the critics jump on me I said it REMINDS me of NY Amber. I think the Bond no. 9 offering is higher quality, with better projection but Dark Purple is a nice fragrance on it's own. This is Gourmand for sure.

    10th September, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I sampled and then purchased from a local woman who shops in France for people every couple of months. This is my 2nd Montale scent after Musk to Musk. I sampled other Montales, including the iconic Black Aoud, and I can say this scent is distinctly different with it's orange peel and prune overtones. It is related to the others by virtue of it's sharpness, but it's not aoud this time, but ambroxan that makes it so piercing. It could stand for a little more plum. I like it. It's very unique and great for the coldest weather. In summer, it's murder.

    08 May, 2012

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