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Bubblegum Chic (2012)
by Heeley


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Bubblegum Chic

Bubblegum Chic is a feminine perfume by Heeley. The scent was launched in 2012

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United Kingdom
A heavy, sticky and gooey tuberose with lists of artificial waxiness combines with a sticky and heavy jasmine with a slightly minty undertone initially - yes, this is chewing-gum at its most mundane. Hints of a thick white musk with moments of a candy-like syrupy undertone develop later in the base, but the tuberose-jasmin prevails throughout.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellence and the longevity ten hours - the last three or four closer to my skin.

A fun, trashy and fake concept that works well as such for a bit of a plasticine spring frolick - as a fragrance it is too synthetically linear to deserve a positive score. 2.5/5.
25th May, 2016
Is this really tuberose? Forget the stated notes and smell the fragrance. My impression was more like a good quality ylang-ylang. With a bubblegum aspect, certainly, and also a medicinal carbolic overtone which possibly could do with a bit more emphasis. Fresh and appealing, could be a new mens fashion.
07th September, 2014
Now i know why "bubblegum"! This vibe is a sort of syrupy/sticky touch (kind of almondy/coconutty one) elicited in here by the tuberose/jasmine combo and in part (often) coming out naturally from some indolic types of tuberose itself, especially when the ripe floral element is supported by smooth musk or balsams without a considerable presence of dry woods, incense or earthy/rooty elements in the blend. The floral vibe reminds me obviously tons of tuberose centered fragrances (Fracas, Carnal flowers, Beyond Love Kilian etc etc) but the smell is far to be vaguely as elegant, sophisticated, indented and subtle while the word "chic" is in this case synonym of "modern candied synthetism" (indeed much more oriented towards fragrances as Noix de Tubereuse Miller Harris and other syrupy hyper sweet creamy tuberoses around) . Not a disaster but a scent i would never think to approach for sure. Barely neutral my rating because is an Heeley.
15th January, 2013 (last edited: 03rd November, 2014)
Bubblegum Chic knocked me down. Between the "inspirational words" I read "pink", "extrait de glamour", "passion", "lips", "appetite", "fatale"...I'm loosing my patience. Bubblegum Chic is clearly marketed as feminine and my point is this: how is it possible in 2011 to use such trite commonplaces to describe a feminine fragrance? Please someone tell me. It looks like Mr Heeley committed the writing of the presentation of his new fragrances to the cast of "Sweet Sixteen". Not to talk about the fragrance that is a boring tuberose / jasmine composition with an exasperating fruity-bubbllegum effect. As per Agarwoud you can have plenty of better options at any price if you want a tuberose centered composition (Tubereuse Criminelle, Carnal Flower, Giorgio Beverly Hills, Histoires De Parfums Tubereuse 1 and 3, Fracas, First, Madame Rochas... to name a few).

Tuberose for Barbie.
25th February, 2012

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