L'Amandière (2012)
    by Heeley

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    L'Amandière Fragrance Notes

    L'Amandière information

    L'Amandière is a women's fragrance by Heeley. The scent was launched in 2012

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    Pleasant greenish fragrance with what I think of as a salicylate quality. It strongly recalls Lorenzo Villorisi's Yerbamate so I don't rate it as terribly original but then again, few perfumes are.

    07th September, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    This is a very pleasant and high quality green and floral fragrance that remind me of spring.
    The opening is a fresh floral smell with green and grassy feeling.
    Imagine it's spring and you're a gardener.
    While you're cutting grasses with the machine and smelling fresh cut grass aroma in the air, you can also feel relaxing smell of flowers around you.
    There is also some sweetness in the background to give the scent more sensual feeling.
    As time goes by the scent gets slightly sweeter with more floral notes and it has a soft powdery feeling as well.
    Simple, but very natural and pleasant.
    It's interesting that in the high heat the scent changes a little bit and gets less green but more sweet and flowery which is a little cloying.
    I believe it's much better to use it in spring while there is some cool breeze in the air.
    Projection is very solid and longevity is around 7-8 hours on my skin.
    Any fragrance made from high quality ingredients is winner in my book, even it's not suitable for me.

    11th May, 2014

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    Despite the notes being entirely different, on first application the initial blast is very, very similar. Not sure why that should be, as L'Amandiere hits the top notes of almond and linden right over the heads of the audience and out of the arena. Yet .... it still hangs around whispering "en passant, en passant".

    As it mellows, it begins to shed it's coats little by little, displaying beautiful diaphanous, windblown skirts of sheer hyacinth (bluebell woods), with plenty of crisp, watery green linden and a "barely there until you look for it" shy wild violet.

    Throughout it all, I am still looking around for the ghostly scent of lilac which keeps drifting across the air in front of me. Perhaps I am hallucinating on the tremulous mirage of spring warmth which this perfume conjures. It is a garden after a shower of rain perfume, a white muslin dress trailing in pollen.... A drift of wishful thinking?

    This frag smells exactly like a narrow lane I walked along in Latour Bas Elne in May, where it rained for a week, solid sheets of rain which filled the storm drains day after day. The scent which was raised from the hedgerows and fields was intense and intoxicating, and L'Amandiere is that lane in a bottle. I am in love.

    November 2013. I only have to sniff the cap of this bottle and I am immediately transported back to a beautiful warm day in May. The pollen is flying, the green buds have broken out of their sticky coccoons and new Horse Chestnut leaves hang limp and green like newly emerged butterflies drying their wings in the sun. I can hear the engine of the local bus taking me to the antiques market, I can see the smiles and feel the relief as passengers let the tension out of their shoulders which has accumulated throughout the cold winter. Men, young and old, are casting surreptitious admiring glances at young women bearing white shoulders for the first time in months. Sunshine, warmth, hope. Oh James Heeley, you are an artist!

    15th February, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    amazing longevity!

    I love this. To me it smells like a sunny, summer allotment. A bit over grown, with hawthorn and brambles. This may sound strange, but its definitely not woods or meadows. There is green, slightly fetid undergrowth here. Amazing hot day, summer perfume.

    Its staying power is pretty good as well- you can still detect it the next day! However I feel it maybe is a love or loathe it perfume, as my usually unbothered husband can't stand it... ( really dont get violet in it, as mentioned by another reviewer. )

    Pros: lovely green smell
    Cons: love it or loathe it.."

    24th September, 2013

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    The way this smells makes me think that James Heeley made it for personal reasons. It smells like something that can take certain people back to certain memories. To me, the opening reminds me of fresh squeezed green grape juice and mint. The dry down becomes more feminine and powdery with flors emerging more noticeably. Not a thumbs down because of its uniqueness.

    03rd May, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Part Cuir Pleine Fleur (without the leather), part The Unicorn Spell, part Domenico Caraceni 1913. A violet / rose / almond concoction with green undertones. Another one??? My problem with the new Heeley's Extrait De Parfums is that they're definitely well crafted but boringly derivative. They really add nothing on the table.

    25th February, 2012

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