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Eau de Cartier : Essence d'Orange (2010)
by Cartier


Eau de Cartier : Essence d'Orange information

Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerMathilde Laurent

About Eau de Cartier : Essence d'Orange

Eau de Cartier : Essence d'Orange is a shared / unisex perfume by Cartier. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent

Eau de Cartier : Essence d'Orange fragrance notes

Reviews of Eau de Cartier : Essence d'Orange

A fine fragrance if you want to smell like an orange for about an hour. Really not much to talk about, pleasant enough,good hot weather scent, gone in a little while. Zeste de Soleil is far better.
02nd July, 2016
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United Kingdom
The orange - comparatively ripe and sweet - is the dominant base note, followed by a bergamot that is quite nice. The basenotes consists of a floral potpourri, mainly white florals, with a sweet fruity undertone - this is the least satisfactory phase of this scent.

The orange follows through on my skin, right up to the base notes, which have as core the woodsy-musk-patchouli triad that is so frequently found. The wood is, surprisingly discernible, a cedar that is actually quite well developing on my skin.

Whilst a touch artificial at time, and sweet overall, this is not bad at all. performance on me is good, with moderate sillage, decent projection and six hours of longevity - that includes the persistent citrus core.

Overall just reaching into the positive domain - 3/5 by the skin of its teeth.
16th August, 2015
Smells awesome for an orange frag

As soon as i spray this on my skin, it opens up very orange and citrusy. It's one of the better orange frags that I've had the pleasure of smelling. Another one being Eau D'Orange Verte (which is quite horrible). It smells awesome, but doesn't project well after like half an hour, and then pretty much dies at around the 4-5 hour mark. Well at least on my skin and the weather in Hawaii, it does. I would rate it around a 4.5 if it projected and lasted how I'd hoped it would.

Pros: great smell
Cons: lacks in projection and longevity"

23rd July, 2013
A standout note, as well as often usual for Cartier, is by soon the cedarwood (sheer and transparent under my humble nose) in its balanced combination with a notable bergamot (at the beginning more detectable than the orange) and bitter orange. The beginning is the best part of the olfactory fatigue, the only one i entirely appreciate. Yes, the smell becomes soon rather sweet and tendent to the smoothness, probably because of the interaction between some secret fruity notes further than citrus (fruity elements undiscernable by me) and soothing/balmy ingredients. I detect the elegance of patchouli in its interaction with the dominant cedarwood and a sheer combination of citrus (not just orange) and some sharp floral notes (vaguely balancing the balminess with a touch of evanescent botanic tartness). The aroma is finally too mellow and sweet (yes, candied), to be a scent evalued fully elegant and gratifying by the lovers of the discreet and distinguished cedary/citric concoctions. I prefer Eau d'Orange Verte or Askett&English Absolute (for instance) looking for fragrances running (in a more than vaguely different way) along the same yard.

Ps. After a couple of hours the smell tends to turn out drier and i detect a spark of masculine and sophisticated ambergris in the air.
08th May, 2013
Starts off with sweet, delicious, slightly fizzy orange soda. A little bit lemony too. After about fifteen minutes, the orange has tapered off a bit, letting the violet emerge. At this point, the balance between the orange and the violet is pretty much perfect. Just to disclose, I only rarely like violet. Seemingly within minutes, the round contour of orange has almost completely disappeared and you're left with violet, maybe some wood notes, and some ambiguous sweetening agent. Only a shadow of orange remains. After the orange has been taken away from you, you're pretty much left with Eau de Cartier. Probably ok for Summer wear and just fine for Eau de Cartier fans but the orange/lemony accord vanishes too quickly and too completely for me to give it a thumbs up.
28th February, 2013
Smells like an orange creamsicle. Rather sweet. Hint of wood.
Not very interesting.
11th February, 2013

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