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Givenchy Play Sport (2012)
by Givenchy


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Givenchy Play Sport

Givenchy Play Sport is a masculine fragrance by Givenchy. The scent was launched in 2012

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Reviews of Givenchy Play Sport

Enjoyed this flanker from the Play line. I do enjoy mint based fragrances, but not all. I tested this alongside Armani Code Sport and found GPS to be the clear winner. I really liked the mint and the overall smell of GPS. The norm on most new designers is that the top smells nice and then it turns into a generic mess. GPS doesn't break any ground, but it gets everything right from the opening to the dry down. This is one of the better designer fragrances I've smelled in awhile.
04th March, 2014
The opening is promising with strong citrus-fresh notes. Unfortunately the ginger, amber, and musk end up robbing the scent of its sporty nature. It's as if it was designed to be worn right before a work out, keep the fresh vibe throughout the workout, and turn into a more relaxing soft amber by the time you're done working out so you can relax.
12th May, 2013
It seems a lot of people dislike this fragrance, but I actually enjoy it.

First of all, it's a sports fragrance, so you have to go in expecting something light, fresh, and not that unusual. Now I've always thought the purpose of a 'Sports' flanker is to provide an aura of cool cleanliness--something that beats the heat and keeps you smelling good while active. To that end, I think Givenchy Play Sport hits the mark.

The impression Play Sport leaves me with is that of a cool, minty, floral aquatic that is intentionally transparent. So while many reviewers have remarked that it's "weak," I disagree. I actually find that it projects well, and has a nice, diffusive sillage. Most appropriately, it is never thick or dense. This is a fragrance that smells MUCH better from a foot or two away than with your nose pressed up against your wrist or forearm sniffing obsessively. Up close, you lose the nice top layer--the transparent airiness that defines Givenchy Play Sport and carries with it the cool mint and light florals. And up close there is a bit of an overtly synthetic quality to it that could be annoying. But that's okay, this isn't meant to be a close-up, cozy, cuddle-me fragrance--it's a sports fragrance, an active day-time fragrance, and its most likely that no one will be sticking their nose up against it for an extended period of time. And from a foot or two away, you will smell very good. Longevity is average, but increases with body temperature. You can go a little heavier with this one--4 to 6 sprays is my recommendation. Just as an aside, the center of Play Sport (not my favorite part of it) is mostly ginger and woods.

There is an overabundance of aquatics and sports fragrances on the market--there's no denying that. But before writing them all off, I think it's important to judge each one on its own merits. While sports flankers and aquatics may seem similar at face value, there are often significant differences between them which distinguish the 'good' from the 'bad.' Givenchy Play Sport, with its pleasant, cooling mint and light, transparent citrus and florals, provides a refreshing aura of cleanliness without become overbearing or distracting from the activity at hand. In my book, that's a 'good' sports fragrance.
14th February, 2013
A poor accompaniment to the Play Line. Has poor longevity(worse than the other two) and nothing likable about its smell.
03rd January, 2013
This scent to me from what I've smelled seems to have the bergamot orange scent as the main player. A hint of mint(?), and citrusy (but not a whole lot). It seems like a pretty mellow scent to me. Might not seem like a buy to me, unless the price was pretty good. Not a "wow!" scent, but it's not horrible/bad. Thus far it's basically like a constant mellow scent bergamot, but with not a lot of citrus bite. Kind of smells like an *almost* ripe banana with some green still on it.
07th June, 2012
Probably not as vile as other more popular fragrances who play the same (trite) citrus-aromatic theme but nowhere close being vaguely interesting. Aseptic, cold, generic. Would probably suck as well if released as a cheap shampoo. Frosted bottle included.

22nd April, 2012

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