Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême (2012)
    by Chanel

    Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême Fragrance notes

    Mint, Mandarin, Clary sage, Sandalwood, White musk, Tonka bean, Cedarwood

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    It starts out fresh with the mint and clary sage, but quickly makes its way into the tonka and cedar. This is perhaps the only fragrance I MIGHT tolerate tonka in along with hermes vetiver tonka, which I don't own anymore. One would thing this is a tonka bomb, but you have to realize that the cedar is blended well with this and the vibe works in synergy with the tonka. It almost gives off a tobacco vibe. I'm on the fence with this one and not sure if this is for me at this point.

    16 January, 2014

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    I'm a big fan of the original Allure pour Homme. To me it is a scent that defines my personality (some might say that I'm overpriced, too much flash and no substance), so I was anxious to try the Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme but completely forgot about it until I went to Sephora about 2 weeks ago (some how I remembered to buy Bleu though, which is about as unique as bottled water). Here are my impressions after 2 days wear of Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.

    Opening - Blast of fresh citrus, mint and lavendar- reminds me a lot of Geir by Geir Ness though less floral overtones.

    First 30 minutes - about the same, the tonka bean starts to kick in

    1-3 hours- the citrus and mint are still there and the tonka mean and musk take center stage. The rest of the wear continues about the same, just diminishing in a fairly linear rate.

    3-6 hours- same

    6-10- the mint and citrus are gone just the tonka and astonishingly, allure pour homme smell remains

    This does lead to olfactory fatigue fairly quickly, sitting at my desk I think it's gone already at about 9am, however everytime I get up, or move to get something from a drawer I'm greeted with a blast of fragrance.

    Overall this scent reminded me ALOT of Geir, Givenchy Play Intense and Allure Homme. I enjoy all of those so this seems to round out my collection. This is a good, not great but very wearable scent 8/10

    20th November, 2013

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    not another flanker

    don't let yourself be misguided by the sport in the name always an allegory for "watered down flanker of..", this juice is huge and in the same line with Allure Blanche, citrusy opening and a final curtain of vanilla and tonka definitely sexy and well down in a world of overpriced rubbish this juice stands up.. a good 8 out of ten!

    Pros: wonderful sillage
    Cons: deceptive name"

    11th September, 2013

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    Tonka Heavy Mess

    White Musk





    I cannot wait until this phase of fragrance making moves on towards something else. I received a decant of AHSEE as an extra from a well meaning member, but I have to say that I haven't enjoyed it at all.

    AHSEE is a mess from the get go, sprinting to get itself to it's overbearing musky Tonka accord. Reminds me a lot of Burberry Touch, only less sweet.

    The idea of this being associated with beaches in magazine ads is laughable.

    Half a star, this stuff is unwearable.

    Pros: Sleek looking bottle
    Cons: Everything else</p>

    18 June, 2013 (Last Edited: 23 January, 2014)

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    Summer Tonka

    I was pleasantly surprised with the fragrance when I compared it to Allure Homme Sport. I think it beat AHS by a lot and was an easy purchase at the mall. I'm a big fan of tonka bean though so that is a big reason why I like this fragrance. I didn't think tonka could go well with citrus but I think it is well-blended. I think the projection is above average but the longevity is below average and doesn't really meet the "Extreme" name. I wish the Allure bottles were better designed compared to the rest of the Chanel line as well.


    Pros: 1. Fantastic projection 2. Great blend of tonka dominant and citrus 3. Receives numerous compliments
    Cons: 1. Bottle design is boring for a Chanel 2. Longevity could be much better 3. You can't wear this fragrance unless you enjoy tonka bea

    26 May, 2013

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    I had high hopes for this....boring- non sporty and drydown fails!!...anyone want to trade for something else let me know....

    Pros: chanel
    Cons: projection

    17 May, 2013

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