Molecule 03 (2010)
    by Escentric Molecules

    Molecule 03 Fragrance notes

    Vetiveryl Acetate

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    Most enduring and unusual vetiver

    This vetiver smells a little synthetic at first whiff. But wear it for hours, and you'll discover several striking features quite unlike any other fragrance:


    1. The vetiver is a singular note. For those who prefer their vetivers, at most, mingled with the old Fragonard formulation of vetiver with a pine base note (sadly no longer available, via the new incarnation of the old, beloved fragrance), they might be slightly disconcerted that this fragrance is a one-note symphony. 


    2. However, for those of us who discover every fragrance evaporates within an hour or so of application, the panoply of top, heart, and base notes is often lost. I appreciate the vetiver staying absolutely true. 


    3. If you have skin where the dry-down can produce a base note that becomes unexpectedly powdery, in addition to being barely discernible, this fragrance is a superb choice. 


    4. I wore it for the first time during an afternoon that involved an extraordinary amount of sweating, and I wasn't the only person who found the fragrance intoxicating. I'm still enamored of it, as is everyone who smells it on me. 


    The concept might be off-putting: an absolutely synthetic, one-note scent. The incarnation is simply extraordinary. 

    Pros: Endures on skin like nothing else--ideal for those whose fragrances wear off in hours
    Cons: Users who expect a fragrance to develop with top/heart/and base notes will be thrown.

    16 May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    This is the stand out all-star of the collection. Not as wearable as molecule 01 is on a daily basis, but it has FAR more character. It's earthy and dirty and scratchy. LOVE THIS STUFF.
    A cosmic outer-space vetiver. ( I know it's a conflict of sorts to explain it as earth and also as outer-space like...but it is. I just call it as I smell it.)

    11th September, 2012

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    England England

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    This is cold, sharp, metallic & metholated, with a strangely spicy green note closely resembling celery. lt is incredibly strong, & after four hours it has not changed or developed in any way, at which point l cannot stand it any more & scrub it off.
    Wearing this, l feel like l've been whacked in the face by a giant stick of celery wrapped around an iron bar, & given a bloody nose into the bargain. Seriously one of the weirdest & most unpleasant things it has ever been my misfortune to smell. According to Luckyscent, this is supposed to be a vetiver "soliflore", but it's nothing like any vetiver that l've smelled before.
    Please, do not go near this. l did it so you don't have to.

    12 June, 2012

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