Norne (2012)
    by Slumberhouse

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    No matter who wears Norne, it's bound to trigger a memory in their mind. No matter what background, pedestrian lifestyle, childhood, vacation, experience or life you've had so far, Norne will find that special sweet spot and trigger it.

    I really can't see someone disliking this scent.

    Not to be confused here mind you, I'm not talking about tropical beaches and coconut or pineapple, i'm talking about wild nature, fern forests, wet river mosses and fir trees. I'm talking about a place where we all, in reality or in our mind, have visited to seek embracement and unity with the great green mother of all.

    For me, Norne reminds me exactly of this:

    When i used to be a teenager, we had this river crossing a very deep valley. It had the cleanest coldest water. It was very narrow with fern plants, fir trees, pine trees, mosses, crystal white big rocks and all sort of "green" species surrounding it on both sides.
    We used to dive and swim there and right after we got out of the water, that exact moment, i could smell this beautiful organic aroma. It had the mixture smell of the water, wet rocks, mosses and everything "green" surrounding the area.
    So fresh, so green, so wet, so amazing, i could never forget that smell.

    Norne takes me to that place and recreates it with one single green stainy spritz (lol).

    I'm happy to oblige.

    26 March, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This Is darkness bottled. Now ENCRE NOIRE is dark but this even manages to beat that. The fragrance was actually inspired by black metal music which itself is darkness. It enchants the mind of images of dark forests, lurking shadows and creates a feeling of unease. The fragrance is everything associated with black metal music the dark forests, deep and dank smells. It smells like pines, conifers, moss, smoke and things that cling to wet deep forest ground and trees. Also there is a hint of incense. The fragrance is like a dark ritual that dances around your senses, with strong silage. The liquid is as dark as the smell like dark green absinthe surrounded by little balls that's rattle around the bottle. Mine came in a black felt pouch also creating images of witches in the wooden huts in forests carrying this evil, nefarious brew around with them like some demented potion of death. The price is very steep but I do smell the quality on this unlike certain expensive frags. Do yourself a favour if you are into dark, evil or brooding things then get this right away you will not regret it. I have heard that it leaves green stains however I have not had this problem...yet...I've not had this long. I am curious to pair this with MESSE DE MINUIT just to create a scene of total eeriness Messe de minuits light yet unsettling church basement smell with the darkness of the forests from this bottle....anyone who is into black metal and knows of burzum will no doubt conjure images of Norwegian forests and old wooden church's ablaze in the nights sky with that mix.

    06 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Okay, okay, I've almost got it. What is that bright, kind of astringent top note. Hay? This is less the creation of man and more...oh, I don't know, I just can't think while I'm smelling this, but trust me it's mustily, fragrantly terrific. I'm guessing a lot of guys on here love Slumberhouse and maybe a lot of females, too. What's in it? Fog caked needle (of course!), Lichen, fern, moss, Hemlock, incense. Yes, yes, yes! One day I'll be able to name notes when I smell them. Meanwhile, I'll just have to settle for inarticulately gasping in delight.

    22 December, 2013

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    Mimi Gardenia
    United States United States

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    A Real Forest Primeval Scent

    People talk of Ormonde Woman being foresty and primeval and as much as I love Ormonde Woman , I can't help but think it is so refined it reminds me more of the tiny stamp of trees of Berkeley Square not too far away from the Ormonde Jayne boutique than anything truly rolling about in a deep dark forest.

    As much as Ormonde Woman is a refined ' let's pretend we are in a forest because actually we are in the bloody middle of Mayfair, London' .... Norne is the real deal .

    You want to feel the deepest darkest forest - go to Norne Forest in SlumberhouseLand.

    Norne starts with a rubbing of mentholated evergreen - rich green tinges of icey leaves crushed in hand and held to the nose and proceeds to go down through the tree to the gnarly bark ,the woods and to the earth at the roots . From there you can see the sky and you feel alive. Norne is a scent that feels alive .

    I have read about burnt woods but I don't get burnt woods- I get a light woody incense feel - a grounding .

    Again in Norne there is there characteristic roughness to the scent - that artisan feel which is endearing actually. Again this speaks to me of Life in general . Life is not smooth sailing and perfect ,not airbrushed or smoothed over. There is a roughness to Life reflected in Slumberhouse scents. It is not a negative trait but an interesting one to me. Though I speak of roughness in Slumberhouse fragrances , Norne is actually a lot smoother to me than Jeke .It rolls gently from one phase to the next and in this way , Norne has elegance.

    Very unisex - if you love woody incensey scents and a slight mentholated character as well - this will fulfil that .

    Pros: Lasting and great Quality
    Cons: None"

    24 September, 2013

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    Ireland Ireland

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    Cavorting in the forest...

    As someone who has spend much of my youth cavorting around in conifer forests during day and night for much of my youth, I know what they smell like... Norne on the initial spray has that deep resinous and sour smell from fresh resin taken straight from the tree bark and rubbed between your fingers... after a couple of hours the sour note of fresh resin has receded somewhat and a different aromatic takes center stage... It reminds me of when you have a bonfire in the forest, and someone throws a wet fir branch on... just at that moment there is a aroma that comes from the burning wet fir, part aromatic steam, part sour hot resin, and part wet smoke. Incredible the imagery contained in this beautiful fragrance...

    Pros: Resinous, dark, beautiful
    Cons: None

    03 July, 2013

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    Math You
    Canada Canada

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    I give Norne a thumbs up for its originality, quality, and longevity. Norne isn't my cup of tea and I expected as much because I am not a fan of forest/mossy scents. However I can certainly appreciate a well crafted frag. Others have described this very well; coniferous, resinous pine, forest floor, moss, and mustiness. It conjures up the smell of an old wooden cottage with all the windows open in Muskoka, Ontario (cottage country). This scent smells like some sort of idealized lumberjack woodsman. A large burly man with facial hair wearing a flannel shirt and worn Wrangler jeans whose just returned from a trek into a pine forest to collect firewood.

    Oddly enough, the first time I wore this I was catching faint whiffs of herbaceous, recently harvested ganja at points throughout my day. I chalked it up to a customer/customers passing through the retail environment where I work, but then I read others reviews who commented on the headshop-ish vibe they were getting from Norne. Don't be fooled; Norne does not smell like pot, but rather there are some odd herbacious, patchouli based accords in there that could give one pause for a moment - cheeky if you ask me.

    06 May, 2013

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