Norne (2012)
    by Slumberhouse

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    Norne is a men's fragrance by Slumberhouse. The scent was launched in 2012

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    Norne is a case of perfect top-down design. The Black Metal concept speaks to young men like me who wish the perfume world would embrace a larger swath of culture than the ubiquitous dainty slim-volume-of-poetry herbal-tea-with-a-saucer prim ladylike groupthink liberal blogosphere. I can't tell you how excited I was when I started reading interviews with Josh Lobb to find he is opinionated, open about his drug use, doesn't care about ingratiating himself to The Right People, and truly cares about making high quality and distinctive fragrances. Hearing a different, less *polite* voice just meant so much to me, and I want more of this. I was reminded of the late Robert White's great Fragrantica reviews, and how reading him felt like a breath of fresh air in an often stagnantly mannered field.

    I have no idea if Josh has smelled the deceased and legendarily out-there Norma Kamali Incense, but Norne resurrects its tarry, thick, literally sticky spirit and casts it in a shadow of fresh pine and musty forest floor. As lovingthealien said, it also brings to mind both Yatagan and Youth-Dew. I can't say enough about how great this is. Roll a joint, turn out the lights, blare Mayhem's "De Mysteriis Dom Satanis" or Burzum's "Filosofem," slather yourself in Norne, and lay back.

    30th January, 2015

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    My favorite dark forest scent. Great longevity and 1-2 small sprays are easily enough. I wouldn't call the scent versatile but when you are in the mood for it, it never lets you down. Very happy to own a bottle.

    22nd December, 2014

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    Swedish digestive bitters for 20 mins, then mishmash of evergreen. No one note dominates this fragrance. It leads me in too many directions and one of them is Christmas.

    10th November, 2014

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    A precious tiny vial- miraculously escaped from a theft during its long way home from LA to Italy via Switzerland in my sister in law's's bag- delivers a dense, sticky (REALLY sticky, but maybe its due to some evaporation occurred in the meantime), dark green juice. The expectation is high, 'cause I love pine scents and the appreciation of Slumberhouse here on Basenotes is so enthusiastic...
    OK, it does feel like having a walk in a dark, mysterious forest- BTW I love the name!-... just after having had an intense painting session, with the pungent, orangey smell of turpentine still lingering on clothes... And- hey, those people camping must have burnt their bacon! And- don't touch pine resin, it will glue your hands and hair together! Anyway, it smells so beautiful here...
    If I could get past the green sticky stains on my décolleté, the fleeting but definitely present smell of roasted meat- or burnt tyre, the poor availability in my country and the price, I'd say I've found a great forest fragrance. The drydown is beautiful, rich, deep, mossy and it definitely reminds me of my true holy grail in the forest scent category- AbdesSalaam Attar's Hindu Kush. I guess I'll be sticking to it.

    15th October, 2014

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    Made an immediate positive impression on me. Rich fruity fir tree aroma, very realistic. An unfashionable smell to be sure and an extremely dark coloured juice which would be thrown out immediately by any marketing consultant, but Mr. Lobb clearly doesn't use such people and is free to run his own show.

    The drydown becomes drier like sawdust, suggestive of the background aroma of a DIY store.

    I agree with ClaireV's comments in relation to Norne's sweet sister, Fille d'Aiguilles. Fortunately the Slumberhouse perfumer has resisted the temptation to go in the same direction and sweeten up his composition by throwing in a lot of vanilla and gourmand notes, which would have ruined it.

    07th September, 2014 (Last Edited: 01st October, 2014)

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    A deep, earthy, dark green aroma from fir tree forests dominate the opening, a combination of amazing slightly smoky depth. In the drydown pine needle covered grounds mix with herbs, clove and later incense notes. A green brooding is ever-present. Like a deeper, earthier mix of Bogner's Deep Forest, Dunhill's Blend 30 and some O'Drius: sensational in ingredient quality and blending. Add great silage and longevity to a brilliant longevity of eleven hours - the last four very close to my skin - and you get a top class fragrance for autumn.

    18th August, 2014

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