Norne (2012)
    by Slumberhouse

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    Norne information

    Norne is a men's fragrance by Slumberhouse. The scent was launched in 2012

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    United States United States

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    This is the Slumberhouse I most wanted to try, based on the notes. I'm an evergreen freak, especially pine, fir, and spruce. This perfume smells like a walk out in the forest. Fabulous. I could wear this easily. To me, it smells primarily of balsam fir absolute. I'm not getting any smoky notes -- no burned smell, no remnants of a fire -- even though I'm sensitive to those, and I dislike them. So, this is surprisingly easy on my nose. Rather, it's more like frankincense.

    It is strong, though. I didn't even do a full spray, and it's still enough. The initial hit of broken branches, sap, and crushed needles is heavenly. It smells like a long-lost, pine bubble bath that I used as a child -- a dark green liquid in a bottle that foamed in the tub and filled the entire bathroom with the scent of a Colorado mountain in the summer. (Alas, it disappeared like many of wonderful products.)

    After more than an hour, Norne still smells great, but a soapy-musky base is becoming prominent. This doesn't put me off, though. (After all, my first pine-y love was a bubble bath.) Green notes are hard to retain. Norne does an admirable job of staying true to its intent, holding onto the original essence as long as possible. I am enjoying this immensely.

    My biggest reservation about buying a bottle, actually more than the 100ml $300 price, is that I have read the essential oil safety books by Martin Watt and Robert Tisserand, and I wonder if this beautiful juice has more of the terpene-rich natural substances than are recommended in order to avoid sensitizing the wearer. I'd hate to develop an allergy to my favorite trees. The fragrance, itself, is dark green and sticky just like the absolute. Just so you know. IFRA be damned here.

    30th June, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    At first application of this scent to my skin I am getting a very concentrated smell of smoky Frankincense. It smells like it's actually melting on charcoal. If you have experienced this before it's unmistakable.

    Around the main smoky incense I can smell pine sap, very green and smoky like someone has thrown pine onto the charcoal that's burning Frankincense. The scent then becomes very spicy in a green mossy coniferous way.

    This scent is like a piece of art that I can appreciate but could never wear. It's just to concentrated and overwhelming for my taste. I mean I love the Mona Lisa but would never have a print of it hanging on my living room wall. lol

    25 May, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    The smell of burning pine forest at night in the bottle.
    The opening is a heavy green, piny, woody, mossy and smoky scent with touch of spices.
    While the scent has that green woody piny aroma, it's extremely smoky and dark because of heavy incense.
    I can smell the burning woods, burning pine needles and burning mosses on tree's skin.
    I can feel some sort of damp feeling as well. something like patchouli that give the scent wet and a little earthy feeling. there are soft spices in the background but not too much.
    As time goes by the smoky feeling of the scent settles down and I can smell much more spices and more earthy feeling.
    The mid is not as dark and smoky as the opening, but still very exotic.
    The scent didn't change till the end.
    Projection is very good and longevity is around 9-10 hours on my skin.

    20th May, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I believed the hype with Norne and it let me down! I pictured a dark forest of pine with mist weaving through it, dank moss hanging from branches, an undiscovered wilderness. I didn't get that.

    This will sound strange but it has a fizzy smell to it like a can of carbonated juice, like a can of fizzy pine!
    I like the smell but it didn't blow me away with its uniqueness or longevity. It wore off pretty quick which is a shame as others get hours from it.
    There is in old wood smell about it too which does remind me of an old fusty library or something like that. I had Norne on my neck and 1 spray of Ore on my hand, Ore was the dominant one. I checked with my other half to see if it was just my nose getting Norne fatigue but only right up to my neck could she even detect it. She also preferred Ore.
    Really wanted this to be a pine warrior but for me it can't see the woods for the pine trees, oh and yes it does leave green stains even a small drop on the skin looks like a bruise.

    17 May, 2014

    Colin Maillard's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    Powerful, sharp, smoky opening of Iso E and eugenol (cloves), foggy and medicinal, with dark aromatic woods and - as many other works among this genius line - a sticky, gloomy, meditative, liquid post-apocalyptic feel, an overall "vibe" brought to life just thanks to the power of the materials and the superb balance of the texture. Metallic cloudy echoes of concrete, pollution, nature, and a black, terpenic, dense heart, with a milky-green alkaline balsamic vein, fluorescent like the acids in a dead battery, and a prominent medical accord (cloves). Once it, say, "tunes in" with the skin warmth it then opens up in a funereal, ashtray-ish incense/woody scent, with a sort of post-industrial liturgic heaviness, blending the incense note with the medicinal accord, in a dusty, woody, green "nowhere". I just love how Lobb plays with notes and materials to create worlds, situations, (urban) landscapes. His line is like a Ballard novel, I know I already mentioned him in another review, but that is one of the names that just comes to mind more often while wearing these scents. Also, I now realise how close Slumberhouse is to O'Drił, the "visual" inspiration is quite different (Pregoni is more provocative, playful, "artistic", whereas Slumberhouse as a more peculiar, "obsessive" passion for decay, darkness and de-personalised notes and accords) but they share the same "role" in today's perfumery, the same self-taught, free and independent research for a "new", maybe naif way to make perfumes, doing just a "tabula rasa" of all conventions and trying to make stuff that fits our age, or even the future, instead of reiterating a nostalgic set of reassuring codes and techniques (which of course is not bad itself: it's just nice and healthy to have someone like these guys who tries to look beyond that, it's how progress works). Two great outsiders, and in fact, I read that Lobb likes O'Drił. Well back to the scent, nice smoky and woody drydown, still with a persistent camphor/cloves feel. Not my favourite among their range, mostly because I am personally not that fond of cloves (and here they're quite prominent, for hours and hours), so I would not really wear this, but apart from my preferences, surely well made and worth a try.


    15 May, 2014

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    United States United States

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    There are lots of scents that make me feel like I belong in the woods. Norne makes me feel like I am the woods. Like my parents were ferns or trees or moss. I love it.

    08 May, 2014

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