Aoud Safran
    by Montale

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    Aoud Safran Fragrance notes

    Saffron, Rose, Oud

    Aoud Safran information

    Aoud Safran is a unisex fragrance by Montale.

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    This is the scent of Indian handicraft emporiums where the odours of burnt out and fresh agarbattis mingle with those emanating from carved sandalwood knickknacks, artisanal toiletries (ayurvedic ‘medicated’ soaps among them) and the scents and hair oil worn by the staff. I like these places, they offer gleaming floors, a tolerable temperature and a relative hush to the chaos of the streets. To say nothing of an old world, time-has-passed-us-by air.
    Curiously one of the named players, the saffron, doesn’t really register to my nose – perhaps it has morphed beyond recognition with the attar rose and sandalwood accord that is at the heart of this perfume played over the darker, brooding, almost antiseptic oud. There’s a worldly staleness to the drydown which is not out of place with the overall feel.
    Sure it’s a Montale, which means there often isn’t a tremendous variation between the ouds of this house. However, discounting that, the perfumes in their own right are a pleasure to wear.

    06th January, 2014

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    Terrible oud, but a great dark, industrial-type saffron-rose scent.

    I'm not an oud fan at all, and I tend to love the synthetic industrial nature of CdG's various endeavors. Consequently, this works quite well for me -- which is perhaps not the greatest compliment for the perfume. It opens insanely loud (1/2 a spray is more than enough), and blasts you with a plastic-y, piss-poor rendition of oud and rose that smells like rubbery chemicals when combined. Imagine a pair of thick, yellow latex gloves and then crank their scent up to eleven. For me, it's oddly appealing. While essentially made up of a three key aspects (rose, saffron, oud), they are individually recognizable, circling around the olfactory equivalent of deep, rich (fake) red velvet. But given it's brutal strength and chemically-induced tenacity, this is not for the weak of heart. Eight hours later, I'm still smelling the stuff like I just applied it. So be warned.

    If you're looking for a mimetic oud attar-type scent, look elsewhere. But if you want loud and dark, and have no compunctions about invading the space of those around you, this might be worth your time.

    Pros: Insanely loud and domineering, so you'll get your money's worth.
    Cons: Very fake smelling, and far too strong.

    25th June, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    I was a bit disappointed with this one because the dry down is very chemical, unpleasantly radiating pure synthetics, while the beginning is pleasing, almost nice, saffron oud combination, dry, not too rich, a bit clean and medicinal, but i think this oud ere is very synthetic one

    29th March, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Love many Montales but this was too strong and had an off putting note to me. Similar to a skanky bug spray if that makes sense.

    03rd March, 2013

    's avatar

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    Aoud Safran is just okay. Nothing new neither unique. Smells much like as Attar (but less sweet in my opinion) with average longevity. Sometimes it smells like sewing machine oil.

    30th October, 2012

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