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Pure Black
by Ettore Bugatti


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HouseEttore Bugatti
Parent CompanyBogart Group
Parent Company at launchDiana de Silva

About Pure Black

Pure Black is a masculine fragrance by Ettore Bugatti.

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I'm glad the previous reviewer mentioned "grassy" because I would not have figured on that to best describe the beginning. It is an awkward fragrance but sorta ends up suede-like and woodsy.

It is creamy in the end and comes across as sophisticated and above average type of aroma.

It certainly does not come across as an inauthentic fragrance.

It lasts a bit but projects on the short side.
28th February, 2015
This juice smells immediately citric (a bit angular), humid and grassy before to evolve towards something spicy, musky/powdery and finally silky (a sort of orangy/creamy suede with woody/spicy/musky accents). It smells a tad about the new Veni Histoires de Parfums and a bit close to the Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense's dry down. The combination of musky tonka, orange, sandalwood, sweet spices and patchouli is plain under my nose. The woodiness is prominent for long but is surrounded by a dark shampoo splashed around by a musky tonka, some cloves, synthetic fruits and obscure patchouli. The leather (more fruity suede than properly leather) comes out at distance (just clothed as a sort of olfactory smoothness and not properly projecting a detectable leathery substance) and represents, together with moss, patchouli and herbs, the dark side of the work. Personally i find this aroma inoffensive, averagely pleasant and finally a bit boring. Nothing groudbreaking or innovative but nothing particularly despicable.

P.S= Bugatti Pure Black is the most ephemeral fragrance (at least on my skin) I've tested in my life. Its pale orangy-leathery-woody black aroma lasts five-ten minutes on me (literally) and it is a shame cause at first spray it seemed working well on me. I detect by soon citrus, spices, dark patchouli and leather. Pure Black runs in the middle way between Baldessarini Hugo Boss cologne (tobacco veined while Pure Black features leather) and Qubism Pour Homme by Emper (the latter smells incredibly close to Paco Rabanne Black XS which with lists in common citrus, fruits from the forest, cardamom, patchouli, black amber, moss, woods and other). Pure Black is really spicy in a finally smooth (leathery soapy) way. The dry down is synthetic smoother (vaguely vanillic) woodiness, dark patchouli, simil leather and vague muskiness. A medium rating just for the pleasant perfume.
23rd April, 2013 (last edited: 16th September, 2014)

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