Ladamo (2011)
    by O'Drił

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    Iran Iran

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    This is one of those fragrances that make Angelo Orazio Pregoni's fragrances completely different and so daring to use.
    This fragrance is all about spices, bitter green and earthy/rooty notes.
    At the opening I can smell a heavy spicy scent and bitter green notes mixed with it.
    The spicy scent is something like mix of curry, black pepper and cumin and it's very strong.
    Beside that there is a strong bitter dark herbal smell that all together creating a dark spicy and very different scent.
    When I was testing it and walking in home, my mom said what on earth is this smell?! lol
    I said it's a fragrance and my mom said you smell like a spice shop and she didn't like it at all!
    I also asked other family members and they didn't like it either!
    So I'm the only one who likes it! :v
    As time goes by the scent changed a little.
    The bitter green smell goes to the background and I can smell a strong earthy and rooty smell instead and beside it there are those spices.
    It's a very bizzarre and unique scent.
    Projection is very good and strong and longevity is around 8-10 hours on my skin.

    30th January, 2014

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    Bold health-and-nature Gourmand

    In the beginning the impression is rich earth, nature and ginger. Soon I get a note of carrots, including the aroma of the roots when they just have been pulled out. A gentle magnolia adds a softer note, until in the drydown licorice with a bit of sandalwood and tobacco give it a richer and darker turn again. The base is a juniper berry note that fits in very well. It is like a mixture of earth, nature and a health food shop, a gourmand without chocolate, vanilla and other less dietitian-approved menus. Beautifully blended, good silage and projection, and a superb longevity of over eleven hours. Bold, original and creative, just right for that country weekend in cooler climes.

    01st October, 2013

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    United States United States

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    "Holy cow!"is precisely what I said this morning, when applying Ladamo for the first time (to the sides of my neck and the insides of my elbow) -- I absolutely could not stop smelling myself on the commute to work, finding any excuse to bury my chin in my neck or raise my arms around my face, every possible discrete measure to get just one more whiff. "Holy cow!" is exactly what my coworker said immediately after smelling it. Miraculously, "Holy cow!" is also what my roommate said when I messaged him that he must experience this right away, and apparently even my dog went bonkers as soon as he picked up the scent... This fantastic fragrance is extremely exciting, and unique to say the least. It's delicious. It's a completely tantalizing mix of juniper and sandalwood at the base (on my skin) with ginger and cardamon and fenugreek (to my nose) sparkling around in the air. It's amazingly simple, wonderfully direct and inviting, and feels completely organic but also absolutely masculine.

    02 May, 2013

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    England England

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    Even before this fragrance gets anywhere near my skin, l get whacked in the head by an enormous stick of celery. Seriously, l have never experienced such huge projection just wafting from a vial! The noxious cloud is almost visible in the air. And just a couple of dabs is all that's needed, this is really potent stuff. Along with the celery, the overall impression at first is bitter, dark & green, with perhaps some woods, a little tobacco, & a very faint sour fruit which must be the juniper berries. A little later, l get cardamom & galbanum; two notes l am not a big fan of. Then over the next hour, the immortelle becomes more & more dominant. For the rest of the duration, l get random whiffs of other, strange-but-familiar notes, but when l sniff up close, all l smell is immortelle. lt all lasts a phenomenal seventeen hours on me, only disappearing when l go for a shower the next morning.
    l enjoy immortelle in other compositions, & Sables in particular, but this one has too many other notes that just don't agree with me. l respect it for being incredibly powerful, complex & tenacious, but l cannot imagine myself ever wanting to wear it.

    27 February, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    The first agrestic blast under my nose is made by aromatic leaves, sour citrus, licorice, black peper and kurcuma with a background made of earthy patchouli and tobacco. Really pungent and scorbutic, it smells a bit like a sort of Les Nombres D'Or Cuir Mona di Orio without the leather and the smoky barbecue effect. Yes i detect the burnt sugar effect but with a lot of bitterness in its aftertaste. Something vaguely minty and botanic strikes my nose and probably is the anisy fenugreek (surrounded by the kurcuma) the responsible of this feel. In this phase i'm encompassed by a valzer of diverse olfactory impunts and smell a stark woody feel around but is the peppery licorice/ginger(kurcuma) earthy(patchouli-carrot)/spicy vibe to be starring and dominant. Throughout the development i detect this sort of rustic earthy-burnt-peppery-aromatic-herbal vibe produced by an association of piquant aromatic spices, fenugreek-licorice (i don't know if the latter is effectively present), carrot, patchouli and ginger-juniper over a sandalwood foundation and effectively the faint floral whiff is a white drop in a dark turbulent ocean. The dry down is still rustic but slightly tamed by a softer mossy galbanum keeping steady the woodsy bucolic darkness in the air. Masculine and powerful in my opinion Ladamo is a less refined kind of scent compared with the other O'driu' masterworks and is a far more naturalistic and countrified affair for a diffident, conservative kind of solitary man of the farms. I'm a bit more delicate and urban my friends :-).

    04 October, 2012

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    United States United States

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    OK, well I guess there is at least one scent from the wonderful house of O'driu that I dislike... and I have found it in Ladamo, regrettably.

    Ladamo opens with the faintest hint of brief ginger root... and then it turns to full out celery seed (which must actually be fenugreek based on the listed notes). Unfortunately on my skin the celery takes over in full force to the extent that it overpowers everything else. It is all I can smell from there on out. It is quite powerful on me, showing unbelievable projection, strength and longevity. Here, that is not a good thing as I detest celery with a passion. I feel like I am a walking celery stalk wearing Ladamo.

    Looking at the pyramid for the scent above, in theory the notes are ones I enjoy. That, coupled with my prior extreme delight with everything else I have tried from O'driu led to me having high expectations going in... Unfortunately, whether by design, skin interaction or my over-sensitivity to the celery seed note I just can't like Ladamo at all. It is really a shame, because unlike all the other scents from the house that I love, this one was just within my price range, and I really want to support houses like O'driu that are so individualistic and unique. Alas, my money will not be going to support *this* one. I guess I will either have to save up for the more expensive offerings, and/or hope Leva fares better as it is equally priced with Ladamo. 2 out of 5 stars for Ladamo. Oh well, not every release can be a winner...

    15 May, 2012 (Last Edited: 29 May, 2012)

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