Laltrove 1001 (2011)
    by O'Driù

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    Laltrove 1001 is a men's fragrance by O'Driù. The scent was launched in 2011

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    The beginning ranges from a bit of grapefruit-orange citrus andba flowery peony with angelica and pepper. Anise and cinnamon contribute warmer notes introduced by musk and wormwood. Towards the end sandalwood appears, blending in perfectly. Complex, well blended, this beautiful composition is a comparatively mainstream O'Driu, very versatile and wearable in many settings, including work.

    09th October, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    A bunch of elements in motion, namely the anisic/absynth O'Driu''s distinctive chord, aromatic-bitter herbs, astringent citrus (i catch spicy orange and a touch of bergamot), edible spices (ginger, cinnamon, saffron?) and pepper welcome me in a while with a touch of conservative (barbershop) laundriness. This dark-spicy thirsty beginning is an ostensible mess where each element is destined to embody in a few time a well defined position as usual for the complex O'Driu's compelling beginnings. In this phase Laltrove 1001 reminds me a bit Londa's first stage but without the dissonant, slightly animal saltiness and the vetiver clear influence. The opening is fresh, "toilette kind", evocative about serious gentlemen of far ages and aristocratic although obscure (but never dense or thick). I smell a plain orange-cinnamon chord surrounded by an aromatic herbal feel, hesperidic tartness, hints of smoke and by the medicinal anisic accord. In this phase is don't discern any trace of animalism yet and i enjoy the obscure, classic, slightly medicinal-aromatic initial burst. The slightly minty-aromatic feel from the herbs (clary sage, thyme and marjoram) is tenacious till the last part of the evolution which is musky and woody with some leathery patterns in the air. I smell the association between musky rosemary and leather in the base and this feel is seriously classic and stiff, highly distinguisced and british in style. The dry down is deeply woody and mysterious and the enigma is strengthened due the implementation of the cypriol oil, really woodsy, oily and impenetrable as a dark forest. I catch some similarities in style with the original Gianfranco Ferre' For Man which is less properly woody and far more leathery and mossy anyway. A real satisfactory aromatic chypre for the lovers of the astringent obscure classicism.

    02nd October, 2012 (Last Edited: 04th October, 2012)

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    United States United States

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    Laltrove 1001 opens with a spicy combination of black and red pepper, with olive and maybe just a tad of saffron and other culinary herbs to support to peppercorn/capsicum and olive trio of primary top notes. The top notes still hang around into the scent's heart, but that is where the magic Pregoni has created *really* begins... It builds very slowly, but a wormwood and cypriol combo mixes with what has to be a true cedar note to form one of the best woody, almost incense-like hearts I have encountered in a scent to date. I almost liken it to the scent you smell when you enter a high-end cedar sauna, complete with its own incense sticks. When you add in the spicy herbal olive from the top notes now in the background providing just the right support for the woody incense accord, it is clear this one is quite special. In the base of Laltrove 1001, the woody accord recedes and all but disappears, but the base does not sweeten like many other scents from the house, instead remaining spicy herbal, adding some more kitchen herbs to the mix and a subtle musk that supports the herbal dry-down. Projection is average and so is longevity.

    What a stunningly great concoction here. From the top notes all the way down I knew this was a winner. The real difference though is it really is the heart notes where Laltrove 1001 shines brightest, setting itself apart from other greats in and outside the O'driu line. That woody combo in the scent's heart is just so natural smelling and meshes with the spice extremely well, producing a combination that is just too good to express with anything I could possibly write. Yes, it is *that* good. While the base notes do not impress as much as some other scents in the line (like the Lalfeorosa/Lalfeogrigio sister scents in particular), they are like the rest of the composition absolutely outstanding. Laltrove 1001 is among the best Pregoni and O'driu has to offer... and that is saying something. Sublime, and definitely worthy of its lofty price tag, IMO. Easily 4.5 stars out of 5 if not higher.

    18th May, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Elitism and snobbery seem to be two of the most common aspects of high-end perfumery firms but, solid brands who deliver solid fragrances just like O'Driù is doing, don't need to endorse such attitudes. Ok, Pregoni is surely responsible of a bunch of the most exclusive fragrances around, but this doesn't mean that exclusivity have to be necessarely related to snobbery or elitism. In this context, O'Driù perfectly reflects its "maitre parfumeur" vision which is a journey into art, literature and culture, not just fashion.

    Laltrove 1001:

    Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright
    In the forests of the night:
    What immortal hand or eye
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    from "The Tyger", William Blake, 1794

    A tiger in a dark forest. This is the most appropriate and fitting image to describe Laltrove 1001. A brutal, sort of arresting opening accord of astringent citruses immediately joined by the usual aromatic herbs galore and a strong, dark green presence. Breathtaking. This initial phase is surrounded by an overall anisic/absynth vibe that while mantaining the general dry carachter of this composition, provides a slight dose of "light" to an otherwsie incredibly dark fragrance. Believe me, there's nothing like it around.

    Compared to other deliveries from the brand, Laltrove 1001 results pretty linear which, considering the amazing opening, is good news. The only substantial change during its evolution is an animalic, sort of leathery-musky element that shows its presence during the drydown providing some tension. It's there to remind you that you're not alone in the forest. There's a tiger crouched behind the bushes, lurking in the dark, patiently waiting for its prey.

    30th April, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    Today I'm trying Laltrove 1001. I like it -- but it seems awfully similar to Londa 1006. I'd have to do a side-by-side to understand the differences which seem pretty subtle at this point.
    Once again, the juice is the typical olive green colour.
    On paper, the scent is a bit sweet, has citrus notes, and spicy-herbal notes. Certainly even there, the tangy anise pops.
    On skin, there's no citrus for me. The scent is dry, herbal, astringent, spicy and a bit woody. Perhaps it is slightly rounder in character than Londa 1006. Sometimes it has a slightly toasted note which I did not detect in the Londa. Also a bit of a barbershop and leathery vibe which is nice. The barbershop character combes from the pepper and cinnamon, far more satisfactory spices than cumin in my opinion. The scent settles close to the skin, and the dry-down has good rosemary notes. Even here, there may be a faint ghost of cumin... perhaps it is the house spice.
    Again, very nice but also very similar to Londa 1006. I can't see having both.

    17th April, 2012

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