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Londa 1005 (2011)
by O'Drił


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Londa 1005

Londa 1005 is a masculine fragrance by O'Drił. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Londa 1005

This fragrance just blew me away! it's stunning!
A bitter green, dirty, earthy, spicy and slightly salty with semi sweet musky back bone!
This is the shortest way to describe the scent!
The pine, caraway and vetiver notes are the main player here and a sharp salty vibe and semi sweet musky scent are following these notes.
At the opening you will get a dark green piny scent with lots of caraway and and some vetiver that give the scent an earthy and dirty feeling.
You should really like caraway note because this note plays a very big role and that's something that I really like about this fragrance!
Normally I don't like eating caraway in foods because it's so intense with bitter spicy taste and the taste of it blinds everything else in the food! but the smell is very smoother and easier to like or even love!
You can smell a weak salty smell and a semi sweet musky scent too but they are in the background.
After a while and in the mid, the pine and caraway notes settle down just a bit and vetiver become stronger! while you have that dark and bitter green smell of pine and caraway, the vetiver note give the scent a strong earthy aroma and this combination is stunning!
Very masculine and dark. I love it.
Like many other fragrances from this house, the projection and longevity is right in the middle!
Average projection and 4-5 hours of longevity is what you will get out of it!
16th February, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Discretely creative

The opening combines saltiness and a mild smokiness with a minty lemon note. The saltiness is not of the marine-ozone type, but less fresh. In the drydown pine, mild ginger and basil give it a green character of a more traditional ilk, until a rich cumin comes to the fore and dominates nigh until the end. There is more to the base, though, mainly green tea and vetiver for a brighter accord, counterbalanced by a musk that is of medium heaviness and not overwhelming - certainly not displacing the cumin. It tapers out gradually, never being a loud scent on my skin, with reasonable silage and projection. In get a longevity of seven hours, but weak after about four hours. For thosewho like saltiness and cumin this might be if interest for a nice spring fragrance, being one of the more restrained and more versatile O'Driu's.

03rd October, 2013
Extremely Unique...

Salty Absinthe, Smoky Vetiver, Musky Bergamot, Minty Lavender, Grassy Ginger, Lemony Pine... This bewildering concoction (mill'ecinque LONDA) is a symphonic constellation of opposites and intricacies, but it is all very direct and straightforward... I adore its candor, but prefer something just a little "larger."

Pros: Beautifully Detailed
Cons: Heavy Cumin Effect"

06th August, 2013
Londa 1005 is a wonderful musky-vetiver-tea green fragrance characterized by a plain presence of saltiness ( the distinctive feature of the fragrance- the wave, namely l'onda in italian indeed) and by the O'Driu's anisy-absinthe-laurel minty (piney) trademark accord. The beginning is breathtaking and contraddictory. The saltiness is soon detectable and is produced by a weird accord of sour lemon (citrus and lemongrass) and a sort of salty breeze creative note. The initial saltiness is spicy and slightly dirty, a really compelling, barely dissonant stark chord of salt, bitter herbs and pungent-mild spices as caraway and fizzy ginger plus a touch of smokiness. In the complex valzer of the top-middle notes i catch (in the stage's background) an hidden classic accord of bergamot, vetiver and lavender on the side of some coniferous resins that anchors the juice to the tradition despite its initial avant-garde sperimentalism. While the first long phase of the development is changeful and articulated (but since the beginning vetiver-absinthe accord centered in my opinion) i have to say that the following development morphs towards something lighter, smoother and more linear in its fluidy musky-vetiver-green tea aromatic cushion. The smoky touch is tenacious till the end imprinting hints of mystery on the side of the soft musk. A majestic vetiver masterwork from the O'Driu' olfactory "officina" in my opinion and a new favourite of mine among the day time office aromatic fragrances. Distinguished, conservative and natural till the end. Another bang from this new favorite brand of mine.
01st October, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Londa 1005 opens with an innovative, but somewhat off-putting combination of pungent cumin, salty fish and pine, mixed with an even larger dose of culinary herbs than is the house's usual signature. There very well may not be any fish in there, but the accord the open produces surely smells like fish that is a bit past its "sell by date" or of the frozen variety (most likely this accord is actually a mixture of the saltiness with the cumin and the pine). The opening is tough to get past on this one, to be honest (especially if you are not a fan of the smell of frozen fish). However, once you *do* get past the extremely loud fishy/spicy opening, the saltiness and the fishy smells both calm down nicely, as does the cumin that came off as too strong at the open, and now in the background it all mixes with the remaining herbs, tempered further by a lemongrass undertone also spiked with just the faintest hint of both ginger root and musk. This phase of the scent is quite nice indeed and should appeal to spice lovers everywhere. You really notice the fishy smell much less, and the spices, while toned down are at the fore. The base features the musk in a more prominent role, coupled with a somewhat smokey vetiver, a woody accord that I can't quite place, the remaining spice and I think I smell even a small amount of castoreum in there too. Londa 1005 really stays spicy through the end, with a somewhat animallic woody aspect that first peeped into the heart notes but finishes in the base a bit stronger, but never overtaking the spicy focus. Projection and longevity are both average.

Londa 1005 is most likely going to be a polarizing scent. The opening is so pungent and fishy that it may lose some folks right off the bat. I encourage anyone put off by the opening notes to stick with it though (spicy scent lovers in particular), as there really is a nice payoff in the heart and base notes where the more challenging aspects of the scent recede and end up providing crucial support to the other notes. On the whole, once I got past the opening I enjoyed Londa 1005. I certainly prefer a few of the other scents in the line more-so than this one, but it is a very solid composition that most would have to admit is quite unique. It certainly is not going to be for everyone, but count me as one of its supporters. 3.5 stars out of 5.
19th May, 2012
LONDA 1005



The Orcadain people live in the Orkney Islands which are located between Scotland and Norway where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. They believe in a creature called a Selkie, Seal people with human eyes, who come out of the sea and shed their skin to make love to humans. Selkie women are beautiful and the men are handsome. To keep a Selkie you must hide or burn their skin so that they can never leave. One story tells of a female Selkie, who's human husband hides her skin in the bottom of a trunk, but she finds it years later and she leaves him, and she returns to the sea, leaving her husband and their three children heartbroken.

Selkie men are great lovers. To get one you must shed seven tears into the sea.

Londa 1005 is a Selkie's fragrance.

LONDA 1005;
LONDA is a play on the Italian word for wave.

The opening of Londa 1005 is shocking, stinky, and in all honesty to me it smells fishy, blood and guts, pungent, a bit stagnant. I find this phase really unpleasant. But does that matter? There are other O'Driu fragrances in which the opening can not be said to be pretty, Vis et Honor is a prime example, but they certainly make you sit up and take notice. That phase does not last long.

Saripatates has explained that Cardamom in large concentrations can smell fishy to some people. I don't see Cardamom listed but whatever has been used to create this impression, the effect must be intentional in this context.

The stinky opening recedes and then we have notes of lemon, lemongrass, and bitter herbs which strike a slightly discordant phase of great interest. Then a cool pine and mint accord and the fragrance is transformed. There is something aromatic, reminiscent of Geranium, then vetiver.

The fragrance ends as the Selkie slips back into the Ocean leaving just a memory....

This is the only way that I can begin to describe this fragrance, as an experience, a story, rather than a perfume. Is it nice?...well it is not beautiful, it is not pretty, but like all of this line, it is certainly interesting.

16th April, 2012 (last edited: 04th May, 2012)

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