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Londa 1006 (2011)
by O'Drił


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Londa 1006

Londa 1006 is a feminine perfume by O'Drił. The scent was launched in 2011

Reviews of Londa 1006

While the masculine version was a fantastic fragrance, this one isn't that great!
Still it's something unique and different but against the masculine version ...... no way!
The opening is a bitter green herbal scent with some spices from thyme and sage and very weak and muted fresh notes.
I can smell the basil note that give the scent a sharp bitter and herbal smell.
There are noticeable amount of spices from thyme and sage too and I can clearly smell it.
That's all I get in the opening.
In the dry down the basil note settle down and spices become stronger. there is some sweetness but it's weak and in the background.
As time goes by, you can smell the same scent plus some myrhh which give the scent a dark and dirty aroma but not too much!
Projection is soft and longevity is around 3 hours!
If you spray a few more you may get decent projection but it will become skin scent very quick!
And one last thing, don't let that fluffy thing in the background of the bottle fool you!!
It's not a fragrance for women! it's more masculine than feminine!
16th February, 2014
Londa 1006 opens with a really heady and pungent combination of tart/spicy citrus, herbs and grapefruit which projects a long duration and a sort of monolithic and almost fizzy vibe. Really a peppery beginning. This opening is far less salty/anisic, dusty of culinary spices and resinous than the more abrasive Londa 1005 initial fist. The first chord is attractive and almost agreeable as a fruity beverage. In this phase the fragrance smells like a lemon/ orange juice plus cinnamon and a faint (but tenacious) saffron. Some pepper starts in a while to turn out and to combine its prickly spiciness with the saffron, with some aromatic/culinary herbs and fruits. I don't detect any ozonic saltiness in the blend and think that the pungency is more sour than salty, is more tartness than real saltiness. Some indiscernible floral patterns come out at distance, in correspondence with some turning out soothing balsams which tame the fruity tartness in order to soften the fruity/green olfactory agreement. The saffron is heady till the end (although not suffocating) together with a far less tart citric/fruity vibe while the floral touch imprints hints of soft sophistication. In this phase the scent is more delicate and tamed down. Onda 1006 is a relatively less complex and changeful O'Driu' scent with its finally soft fruity/ peppery orangy temperament and is effectively easier to wear than many more obscure and doping fragrance from the same brand.
22nd October, 2012 (last edited: 20th September, 2015)
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Londa 1006 opens with a bit of the salty and spicy aspects that Londa 1005 exhibited. The difference here is the most difficult aspects of 1005's opening are considerably muted. Yes, you still have a bit of that fishy smell, but it is well in the background from the get-go, and the challenging cumin is *way* more subtle to the point of blending perfectly with the other spice, not exhibiting the pungency experienced with 1005. The culinary spices the house frequently features like basil, saffron and sage are certainly here and take center stage, but joining them shortly after the initial open is a sublime mandarin orange note that permeates the scent's heart remaining well into the base notes, creating an herbal spiced orange tea-like accord with the mandarin holding the spice just enough in check to make it much easier to wear. The base, while not very sweet at all, does move just a hair in that direction while the spices tone down but remain through the end. Longevity and projection both are above average.

Londa 1006 is a beautiful scent that many who found the cumin and salted fish smells too aggressive in 1005 are going to enjoy. I confess that while I personally enjoyed 1005, I think 1006 is a much more balanced composition. The mandarin orange absolutely makes the scent work, functioning similar to the amazing rose used in Pregoni's masterpiece Lalfeorosa by not really calling attention to itself while softening the spice rather nicely. This is a super-skilled effort by Pregoni, but also one that is definitely easier to wear than 1005. It also is one I can easily recommend to anyone without hesitation if you have the financial means. Getting a sniff of Londa 1006 should be mandatory for spicy scent lovers. A favorite of mine from O'driu, Londa 1006 earns an excellent 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5.
20th May, 2012 (last edited: 21st May, 2012)

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