Vis Et Honor (2011)
    by O'Driù

    • Launched: 2011
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    Vis Et Honor Fragrance Notes

    Vis Et Honor information

    Vis Et Honor is a unisex fragrance by O'Driù. The scent was launched in 2011

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    Iran Iran

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    When I sprayed this on my skin, it's was WOW for me.
    I said, this is going to be one of the best from the brand.
    The opening is a bitter dark and exotic herbal scent followed by lots of resinous galbanum and lots of spices specially black pepper.
    The bay leaf give the scent a bitter dark and some cooling vibe. it's something like smelling ocalyptus leafs that has a bitter dark and cooling feeling both at the same time.
    There is some incense beside that herbal and resinous smell plus a peppery aroma that all together creating a very dark and mysterious smell.
    It's dark, it's resinous, it's earthy, it's brutal and very complex.
    The opening is just amazing. I loved it.
    I wished the scent remain in this mood and gets even darker but unfortunately the scent changed to a simple ashy smell with some spices and some herbal notes in the background that you can find in many other fragrances from the brand.
    I was expecting something like dry down and base of "Londa 1005" happens and scent gets much more darker and even more complex but this one just didn't.
    But all and all this is a very good and solid release from the brand and I like it so much.
    Projection is very good and longevity is around 8-10 hours on my skin.

    30th January, 2014

    rbaker's avatar

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    A lighter complex incense

    The opening note is a chamomile with a distinctly green side not, that later on is replaced by a very nice olive scent with juniper berry mixed in. In the base notes galbanum, myrrh and cardamom add richness and depth, and when bay leaf and wormwood are added, the transformation into an incense fragrance is complete. This is however, a lighter incense that is never cloying; more positive vibrations that mysterious heaviness. There is towards the end a bitter almond hint present that is of minimal sweetness of my skin. Top ingredients obviously, beautifully crafted, with good silage and projection and a great longevity of over eight hours. For those who like incense in general but not its heaviness this is worth sampling.

    30th September, 2013

    dvdlpznyc's avatar

    United States United States

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    Refreshing & Sophisticated!

    Soothing chamomile, refined leather, luscious juniper, voluptuous bay leaf, and peaceful incense. Its initial burst of acid is more of a palette cleanser than a lasting character, which will be a bonus for many. I find this a rather beautiful and handsome fragrance, very rewarding, but not particularly bold for O'DRIÙ.

    04th June, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Obscurantism, Highlands Clans' riots, fortified castles, bascule bridges and Holy Inquisition in a bottle. The barbarian warriors are resting on the board of the cave while dreadful clouds start to thicken over their heads. Molecules of smoke, resins, furs and musks of the wood swirl in the air. Extremely compelling leathery-incensey dope of absinthe, anise, aromatic-minty leaves and obscure animal-woody notes with the ordinary O'Driu's boozy and smoky patterns. The brewage of chemomile, bergamot, laurel and thyme represents the backbone of the sinister recipe (a backbone rooted over a base of final vetiver), ulteriorly darkened by a complex congeries of otherworldly elements and by the smoke of the medieval battles. Wonderful and epic. The benning is soon medicinal and medieval, alchemic and esoteric. Obscure herbs, heavy clouds and ancient ingredients ( witchs' recipes) are melted in a scary amalgam. I catch arcane leathery-animal notes, aromatic herbs, chamomile, secret musks-mosses and smoky-peppery incense since from the first explosion. I detect the chamomile-mimosa tandem in the chaos of the top notes oily background and it is notable to me. In this phase a starring duo made of laurel and myrtle (turned utterly minty by notes of juniper berries and may be artemisia) climbs on the stage before a final chord made by a boozy almond syrup-wormwood accord, dark-green viscouse galbanum, castoreum and incense drags the smell towards a more harmonious darkness of the forest. The pepper (cardamom) on the side of some aromatic herbs of the wood hold on till the end to envelop the elements while a final vetiver starts to disclose its substance at the end of the trip when the storm subsides and the diverse sparks of smell dance in harmony over a green (vetiver) bed. The final outcome is a poem of far epochs and a masterwork of olfactory art from Mr. Pregoni.

    28th September, 2012 (Last Edited: 03rd October, 2012)

    drseid's avatar

    United States United States

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    Vis et Honor opens with a challenging combination of olive, chamomile, green chlorophyll and an almost sharp green semi-animallic undertone that I can't quite put my finger on. It is inspired and somewhat off-putting at the same time. During this phase I found myself both intrigued and somewhat shocked all in one... Then the scent moved to the heart notes which are much less shocking, and quite frankly very impressive... I get a much stronger dose of the olive I detected at the scent's open, coupled with some spices including saffron and maybe some cardamom, finally adding some green lichen from the base notes making their way into the heart notes as well. The base notes combine the lichen with wormwood and incense, while still a hint of the olive remains, adding just a bit of sharp green saltiness to the base. The scent is very green in nature generally from start to finish, but it is also quite unique and I am sure I am not doing all the notes justice as there appears to be quite a bit of them, and the combination is extremely innovative. Projection and longevity are average.

    The opening notes were quite the shocker, not from a perspective as they were "bad," but rather there is an undertone to the opening that is almost green and animallic at the same time. This accord I don't think I have ever smelled before and it really has me guessing as to what exactly it is I am smelling... Once you get past the quizzical opening, in the heart notes I encountered a bit of the O'driu hallmark pattern, but with a much more astringent green spin to it. Just like many of the other O'driu scents, the base notes really finish off the scent with a strong showing. To sum things up, Pregoni has done even better work than Vis et Honor, but while I would say this scent is "middle of the pack" for O'driu, that is "top of the heap" for almost everyone else. I give Vis et Honor a solid recommendation and 4 out of 5 stars. Excellent!

    17th May, 2012

    odysseusm's avatar

    Canada Canada

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    Quirky! Not bad, but very quirky.
    To me, it is a deliberate exercise in odd-ball fustiness: old attic, old books, old leather suitcase, old fur coats. A closed-in antique store... a bit claustrophobic.
    On paper: strong bay leaf/laurel note, and lotsa green in the background.
    On skin. Smokey, VERY VERY VERY minty. Oh boy, that chlorophyll is super-minty. The scent is quite green. And also the fox fur note is very prominent, in a minty-gamy way. My grandmother used to keep a mink stole in a cedar chest and this certainly reminds me of that. Back to the green notes, which are complex and intriguing -- though somewhat in competition with the relentless minty/cool notes.
    Never once got a lavender note.
    Now the mint/green joins with a leathery note.
    At times, the scent is an old-school fougere; at times an old suitcase with leather trim, at times an old fur coat.
    The distant dry-down is a nice, mossy fougere. And at times I get a spicy note which seems more like cinnamon than cardamom to me.
    I'm neutral on it. That foxy note is odd and I'm not sure what it adds other than oddity. But the green notes are pretty good.
    OK... but I'm not overwhelmed.

    23rd April, 2012

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