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Tome I - La Pureté for Him (2012)
by Zadig & Voltaire


Tome I - La Pureté for Him information

Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseZadig & Voltaire
PerfumerNathalie Lorson
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins > Beaute Prestige International
Parent Company at launchGroupe Clarins

About Tome I - La Pureté for Him

Tome I - La Pureté for Him is a masculine fragrance by Zadig & Voltaire. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Nathalie Lorson

Tome I - La Pureté for Him fragrance notes

Reviews of Tome I - La Pureté for Him

And another total winner in Nathalie Lorson’s book. First of all, although I usually couldn’t care less of packagings and bottles, I must start by saying that La Pureté’s book-like presentation box is stunning, and so is the bottle with its sturdy, concrete-like matte grey texture. Well-crafted, consistent and visually pleasant – the price I paid (at Sephora’s) wouldn’t even cover the cost of the packaging alone. All revolves around grey, white and black, and in a way so does the fragrance. This is a true little gem for me, which I would dare to place if not next, then “almost” close to post-modern classics like Gucci Rush Men, which La Pureté reminds me a bit to some aspects in fact – mostly for the same transparent and plushy sandalwood notes, and overall the same solid and compelling use of synthetic-clean notes.

There is mostly orange blossoms here, providing a really peculiar sort of “empty” and abstract floral-citrus-spicy breeze; then musky violet (with a really interesting sort of “wet concrete” feel as in Narciso for Him), hyper-clean mellow woods ranging from a milky sandalwood note to a deceptively “generic” cedar note, and a subtle and darker note which I get in many scents by Lorson – a sort of really thin dark, slightly coffee-infused wood with a really smooth-hard texture, vaguely smoky too (I get the exact same nuance in Trussardi Inside Man, Encre Noire and Paul Smith Man). And a subtle, and again “empty” aroma of almonds, which isn’t prominent for me though. All works just perfectly: there’s harmony, quiet richness, youthful elegance. The result is an immensely enjoyable fragrance conveying an overall sense of sweet whiteness and pale cleanliness well contrasted by some subtler nuances of not-so-common floral-spicy and even earthy notes (I think I even get something similar to raw, earth-dusted muguet). The name fits the scent perfectly, as the feel is in fact of something really “pure” – a futuristic, aseptic but at the same time, soothing and comforting (almost medicinal) kind of pureness. So unisex and out of time it could smell refined on anyone – men, women, teenagers, children, robots. Fantastic to wear, maybe a bit linear – but it’s so good! - and ridicolously persistent. A compelling creative take on a trite theme.

20th August, 2015
Zadig & Voltaire is the new fashionable marky name for "the every Parisian people" which respects itself. A rock'n'roll brand for rebels wannabies.
So, I was curious to give a nose to their new masculine juice called "Tome I, La Pureté for him" : It smells not bad but here we just have another boring "clean" fragrance to be classified among Gendarme and Dlish products.
Casual, inoffensive, smells just like white linen out of the washing machine.
I'm a bit disappointed 'cause I was expecting something more eccentric and charismatic from Zadig & Voltaire.
06th July, 2014
There's some note in there that reminds me of a pharmacy and I'm not quite sure what it is. Nothing very new or exciting but a good scent. Lovely packaging.
02nd October, 2012
If you like Dsquared fragrances or Gaultier Kokorico, you might want to check this out. While it doesn't share many objective similarities with the aforementioned fragrances, it definitely moves in the same territory. A moderately sweet woody oriental composition enriched by a subtle orange blossom note during the initial phases. Not particularly interesting or original and loaded with the usual woody amber in the base yet somewhat not vile.
24th June, 2012
Pretty fresh cologne, not strong or offensive, little bloomy in the beginning.
Not a clone of Dsquared LP, more like Wood and such fragrances in between woody and floral...

Happy i bought them, maybe a little 2 expensive...

Fresh 4 summertime!
05th April, 2012 (last edited: 12th April, 2012)
Dsquared potion copy/paste
16th March, 2012

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