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Love Sweet Love (2012)
by Philosophy


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCarlyle Group

About Love Sweet Love

Love Sweet Love is a feminine perfume by Philosophy. The scent was launched in 2012

Reviews of Love Sweet Love

There is one review of Love Sweet Love .
This is another feminine fragrance that actually can be accurately described as a "pink fruit cocktail" scent! :D And it is absolutely fabulous! I am in love with this perfume!
I got a sample of this one from Sephora, and the first time I tried it, I barely got one quarter of the perfume in the sample tube on me. (It came in one of those sample tubes that doesn't have a spray nozzle or a stick, so I actually just had to pour it on, literally!) It pretty much disappeared on me and I couldn't tell what it was supposed to smell like! This time, I poured on almost the rest of the entire sample on my arm, and I see that this is actually a gorgeous, bright, sparkling, upbeat, uplifting, sweet, juicy and fun mango scent! There is a subtle flower scent mixed in it somewhere too, and some other sweet and subtle fruits, but the mango note definitely dominates this scent! And, unlike some other fruity-floral perfumes of this category, like "Happy" by Clinique, the fruit notes never fade out or disappear, since this perfume was (wisely) constructed in a linear fashion, not with the more common pyramid structure. So, what you get when you spray this one on is what the scent remains smelling like the entire time you wear it! As I mentioned, the first time I tried this perfume, I made the mistake of barely putting any on, since I had no idea what the strength, sillage, projection and longevity of the scent were going to be! It is an extraordinarily light and slightly watery fragrance though, so you can, in fact, spray this one a bit more liberally and still be safe with it! As I mentioned, on me, it actually literally disappears if I don't get enough of the perfume on! Applied in the proper amount, it's wonderful though! I also want to add that this is the first mango-scented feminine fragrance I've encountered that I actually love! The other one I distinctly remember trying once was "There's Something about Sophia" by Benefit Cosmetics, and I honestly couldn't stand that one! When I heard that was a mango-scented perfume I had really high expectations and thought that I should love it, since Mexican mangos are one of my favorite fruits, honestly! I love the way they smell! I couldn't stand the smell of the Benefit perfume though, probably mostly just because it was actually done as a heavier scent, and I think had greater sillage an projection than "Love Sweet Love." This perfume is a much lighter and "watery" scent though, especially if you don't put too much on! So, you get the delicious, juicy, sweet mango note without it ever being overwhelming or overly cloying. I definitely give "Love Sweet Love" a thumbs up and five stars, and I highly recommend trying this one at Sephora, or getting a sample, it's really a beautiful and unique perfume!
14th November, 2015

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