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Brit Summer Edition for Men (2012)
by Burberry


Brit Summer Edition for Men information

Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

PerfumerSonia Constant
Parent CompanyBurberry

About Brit Summer Edition for Men

Brit Summer Edition for Men is a masculine fragrance by Burberry. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Sonia Constant

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Reviews of Brit Summer Edition for Men

Good old Ginger&Rose

This so called Summer version is so close to the original and yet it does fell different. The baby powder -sih ascpect is much weaker here. On the other hand, ginger and rose are absolutely gorgeous, and yet again it is a masculine rose. At first it seemed to be too sweety with too much tonka but it takes few seconds to dissipate. I can hardly smell any citrus at all. The woods are very soft and vetiver adds a little dryness which overall gives a less powdery finish. I am a great fan of Burberry Brit and will make a lot of use out of this Summer edition. If you didn't like the baby powderness in the original, or thought it was too rosy, try this, it will make your Summer different not only for you but for those around you as well.

Pros: Very close to original but with a twist
Cons: Unlike the original it won't last all say long"

11th July, 2013
I usually like overly powdery scents (Dior Homme, Guerlain Irish Ganache, etc.) but this one was repulsive. Smells too weird. Opening is definitely the worst part, and it gets a bit better in the drydown but I don't think this is summer time hot weather worthy, and more so it just doesn't smell all...A powdery mess.
10th May, 2013
The British are Coming..!! (in the Summer..)

I am a Burberry fan. Currently in my collection, I have five (5) Burberry Fragrances. The original Brit is still my favorite, however, Brit Summer has some of the same notes - coming out of the gates with cedar, ginger, lime, and rosewood notes then finishing with those familiar vetiver (powdery) notes that made Brit one of a kind. I will add that Summer is softer. Softer is not to be construed as being weak. I will give kudos to Brit Summer with longevity, lasting from 8-10 hours depending on chemistry and activities. In fact, writing this review some 14 hours after applying Summer, I can still get a (faint) whiff from my shirt. Not too shabby..!!

Truly the scent is a classic and unique. Similar to other comments, Summer finds a different niche among the "summer fragrances", opting not to go down the aquatic or citrus path. Summer follows the older brother, original Brit, in making this a head turner from the opposite sex. I have had numerous compliments from both fragrances, probably more from Brit than Summer - the Wow Factor is excellent.

As previously noted, I prefer the original Brit, but I will confess I do like the bottle and packaging of Summer more. Something about the clarity of the bottle that makes the fragrance seem more clean and fresh. It is easy on the eyes and the nose..!!

Amazon is offering a great price at just over $40.00 for the large bottle. And the Free Shipping is a bonus..!!

I will give Brit Summer 4.5 stars out of 5. For the steal-of-a-deal from Amazon (plus Free Shipping), I definitely recommend adding it to your collection.
31st October, 2012
A good quality fragrance that causes pleasant feelings, but it's too similar to the original and New Year edition 2010 (which is still not in the directory). All in all, Brit Summer for men is not so much "summer" in my opinion. It's still heavy enough to blend well in autumn and winter. If this is for summer, so is the original.

I'm rating this one neutral only because I don't see this as a summer fragrance and because it's way too similar to the original, albeit the fact that I actually really, really like this fragrance.

Update 22.05.2014. - yesterday 21.05.2014. I've tried it again after almost two years. I have to admit I like it, however it is a bit too rose-y and quite feminine. Regardless of that, I like it, but my neutral rating will have to remain. Potency is immense as it projects wildly and very, very sweet to a point it can be cloying, thus quite not for the summer at ll. Longevity is also exquisite, 12+ hours on my skin.
26th July, 2012 (last edited: 22nd May, 2014)
I tried this on my wrist after sniffing on the paper. That means that I found it interesting among all the other bottles among the collection of the most basic designer stuff. The positive thing was that it wasn't one of those diluted lame aquatic scents, but had more character and body.

It starts with nice refreshing cardamom, accompanied by not that strong citrus and some vanilla (tonka bean I guess) and vetiver (for some freshness/airyness). Also some ginger sting there. After the start it softens quite quickly to soft spice (little cardamom and/or musk), woods, vetiver and vanilla combination which is pleasant. Comforting but not heavy.

It's not only for summer as someone said below though it's quite light still and some vetiver there that makes it more transparent and airy. Maybe optimal for a rainy day summer fragrance.

Have to try this again some day so neutral rating for now...
20th July, 2012
Brit Summer for men is a pretty good addition for summer wear, though not an ideal one. It doesnt come off as fresh or fruity like most summer fragrances. It's a lot like the original but with less cedar and a sweeter, creamier dry down. overall i like this better than the original and it adds a different dimension to the "usual" summer frags, really it can be worn whenever like another reviewer said. projects well and 6-7 hours of wear is not to shabby either, im just not that fond of powdery fragrances... 3.5 out of 5 stars
13th June, 2012

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