L'Ambre de Carthage (2011)
    by Isabey

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    L'Ambre de Carthage Fragrance Notes

    L'Ambre de Carthage information

    L'Ambre de Carthage is a men's fragrance by Isabey. The scent was launched in 2011

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    i'm with Darvant entirely on this. went to buy 1740, saw this. tried it. out the door! the plummy osmanthus on top of the myrrh & ambregris is quite pretty for the first hour then it does intensify. really good stuff, and absolutely unique in the classiest possible way. yay!

    08th December, 2013 (Last Edited: 15th December, 2013)

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    Italy Italy

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    Simply irresistible. A chaotic mélange of burnt apricot caramel, burning olibanum, spices, amber, citrus, tobacco, floral notes and myrrh which teleports us back along the Silky Road's exotic run. An initial cistus/bergamot first burst introduces us, passing across a sophisticated jasmine tea/patchouli resinous/animalic accord (a la Costume National Scent Intense with resinous/incensey elements a la l'Air du Desert Marocain), to an articulated semi-gourmand and carnal incensey mixture full of drama and esotheria. I can see why L'Ambre de Carthage is marketed as prevalently masculine since (as well as it happens with Scent Intense) while the fruity/floral sophisticated initial sparks seem to prelude to a refined unisex juice, the carnal patchouli/amber dry down becomes too much testosteronic, bursting and spicy in a virile and erotic way (synthetic, ostensibly organic, pheromonal cystine?). Less naughty and dangerous than the darker Scent Intense but more pressing the scale over the exotic/mythic side. A winner.

    10th March, 2013 (Last Edited: 28th September, 2014)

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    England England

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    l get clearly discernable notes of bergamot, cistus & osmanthus in the opening, with an undercurrent of patchouli. The fruitiness quickly becomes overwhelmingly sweet & cloying on my skin, & l totally understand rogalal's description of this as a fruitchouli, albeit a better-than-average-quality one. Over the first two hours it develops a buttery quality, before settling into a more tolerably sweet, powdery & ambery incense, fading out after five-six hours.
    This one is marked as decidedly masculine on Luckyscent's sliding scale, but l cannot imagine why. lt is way fruitier than l expected, & even though l can usually tolerate osmanthus quite well, the apricot jamminess is too much for me here. And this is certainly not an amber-centric fragrance. l would, however, recommend it for lovers of fruity 'fumes to try.

    23rd January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    A dense mix that incorporates an awful lot of things. It kicks off slightly amber, but with a big green mossy smell over it and then, within minutes, changes into a fruity floral with fake jasmine, fake peach, and that too-sweet fake orange, all glued together by pink pepper and patchouli but enriched with a buttery quality.

    Hints of tobacco came in as the fruity florals died off, leaving most of the afternoon smelling like the cheap pink pepper/fruitchouli drydown of a mediocre fruity floral mixed with the smell of a just-sharpened pencil, which was more intriguing than I'm making it sound. Finally, it all died down to a dark woody chocolate smell with a strangely aromatic pine poking out of the rich cocoa.

    I wore this all day without knowing what it was supposed to be and I'm shocked that it's supposed to be: #1. Amber #2. Masculine #3. Niche. It has some interesting twists and turns, but it smells like a better than average mall fruity floral, like the kind with a slightly bigger budget that debuts at Saks or Neimans instead of Macy's. That's not to say that it's terrible, it just has a lot of ingredients that are fairly established codes meant to portray "youthful" "girly" and "commonplace" fighting for space with some interesting "niche" notes.

    28th October, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I try most amber fragrances and L'Ambre de Carthage is now amongst my collection.
    Nice zingy opening soon collapses into a rich, resinous amber laced with musks and the lovely osmanthus note - a rather brave and daring idea.. I actually much prefer this over the Hermes Yunnan, which I didn't take to at all - being a bit scratchy against the smoothness of this . Lasts all day on me and I find it to be more masculine than unisex. Ridiculously priced but worth testing.

    16th July, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    Over the last few months, I have travelled the Amber Road and sampled over a dozen "designed for men" frags. This is not a amber feast but something more complex. The top notes of Cistus and Bergamont leave quickly and it settles into a Patchouli & Jasmine Tea dominant frag with amber and the base notes appearing.

    I agree with scentsitivity's review that the floral notes become prominent but I can't find the citric note that is aggravating. I really don't have any similar frags in my nose; this stands on its own as a highly unique frag.

    It has a strong masculine attitude but I would recommend this to my female friends as well. Definitely a Fall/Winter scent for evening. Probably not the best for the office.

    Moderate silliage doesn't shout your arrival but announces your presence in a confident manner. It sticks around for five or six hours. Highly recommended.
    May 29,2012

    30th May, 2012 (Last Edited: 03rd June, 2012)

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