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Perry Ellis Night (2011)
by Perry Ellis


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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HousePerry Ellis
Parent CompanyFalic Group

About Perry Ellis Night

Perry Ellis Night is a masculine fragrance by Perry Ellis. The scent was launched in 2011

Perry Ellis Night fragrance notes

Reviews of Perry Ellis Night

Greetings reader, first I have to say.....Wow!

What a surprise, not expecting this.

Great, beautiful and sort of a rollercoaster.
For the prices I see it going for on ebay, it is a "diamond in the rough" type of scent.

Upon initial application and for about the first 2-3 hours I get a deep/dark blood orange non-synthetic aroma. For the first few hours I'm thinking, "didn't they first test wear this before releasing it as a so-called night scent?" For the first 2-3 hours it seems like a Perry Ellis Summer edition for warm bright sunshiny days.

Then it morphs into a more mature gentleman's scent, a little oak-mossy/light musk with hints of a geranium and cedar. That mixture had me thinking tobacco?

Finally the drydown comes down to a simple light musk and citrus concoction, it reminded me of Stetson's Fresh.

We all know smell is subjective, so I can see the previous reviewers walking away with varied thoughts.
To me though it just seems so much deeper and faceted than I was expecting.
03rd July, 2015
This one belongs in the group I like to call "The Bad Second Date." Purchased at Ross--where there are no testers--for $15 as a semi-blind buy since the top notes were perceptible through the box and deceitfully pleasant. It smelled clean and masculine and I even got compliments from the cashier. When I took it out of the box a couple hours later, I was beyond disappointed. The citrus notes that had been so appealing in box and bottle were incredibly harsh and clashed terribly with the woody notes that I can only describe as resembling a really bad--harsher, more synthetic--version of Aspen. If you're familiar with that old-school cologne, it's an okay winter juice but it doesn't work in this Perry Ellis atrocity. Overall, poorly balanced and overwhelming. I scrubbed it off my skin (so I can't comment on longevity) and rushed back to the store to see if I could return it, which I, fortunately, was able to do when the same cashier that had complimented it originally gagged upon spraying it in the air. According to her, it smelled like "bug spray." So, it might initially look nice and smell nice but once you get to know it, you won't be returning any phone calls...
16th November, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom

The citrus opening with orange, lemon and yuzu is the most attractive part on my skin; I find the drydown rather boring with generic wood and a somewhat lame moss note. The longevity is good, though with over five hours on my skin, and silage and projection are all right. All right on warmer days.

28th October, 2013
very unique-sexy and smooth

I enjoy this frag. its different and smooth and sexy...great for summer or for fall...very fresh and projection is decent.

Pros: inexpensive- nice bottle

24th June, 2013
Perry Ellis Night... Great fragrance/scent but doesn't last..

I have a number of the Perry Ellis fragrances and all are fairly decent scents but all are also on the weaker side of lasting a full day... Night is no exception. Great scent, coming out of the gates with clean citrus notes and finishing with a smooth amber wood and/or musk fragrance. The scent is really nice. For those reading my reviews, you know I am a big fan of a fragrance's longevity. Night ranks poorly. I have worn the cologne once, and while impressed with the scent, I did have to apply 3 times during a normal business day (yes, I have that office job..) where I could still smell the scent.

Following one reapplication, I did receive an unsolicited compliment - meaning the potential Wow Factor is there, just not there for long. Night can be worn any time of year and for any occasion. If you have Bora Bora by Claiborne, it smells very similar, but Bora Bora lasts much longer. If you have an extensive collection, like to blind buy just for the thrill of it, and can find Night for around $20.00 - go ahead and buy it. Throw it in the gym bag and use prior to the ride home.

I do like the bottle design and the packaging (you can tell if a manufacturer packages the product to be "top shelf") is first class.

All things considered, I give Night 4 stars out of 5. As stated before, if you are the avid collector, buy it. Life - enjoy the ride...!!
04th November, 2012
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
With the black bottle and "Night" moniker, one might expect a spicy, woody fragrance, one that is if not formal at least mature. Instead, we are treated to yet another generic citrus fresh fragrance. The notes list blood orange, but this is quite a synthetic version closer to orange peel than any fruit. Perhaps a little geranium contributes to a dry feeling but I don't get much else from the recipe. This doesn't smell bad but it also isn't very inspired. The longevity is substantial though.
05th July, 2012 (last edited: 17th October, 2015)

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