Aqua Fahrenheit (2011)
    by Christian Dior

    Aqua Fahrenheit Fragrance Notes

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    Yes, Fahrenheit Aqua has the Fahrenheit heritage presented in a light, pleasant form. The greens are prominent in the structure, and the green notes themselves are varied and quite delightful – the basil gives just the right amount of sharpness and the mint is not overdone. Even the light leather in the drydown contributes to the general airiness of the fragrance.

    Nice smell, quiet and competent performance, average sillage, linear, doesn’t smell synthetic, could-be-better longevity. For those who might want a lighter Fahrenheit for those hot days, this is likely a very agreeable choice. As for me, I’m not a fan of the original and I find this one a little too unexciting… but it’s a good fragrance.

    09 February, 2014

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    Fresh Flanker 3/5 stars

    Lighter and with much less of the gasoline impression than the original, the opening notes have more and green notes, most notably mint in the drydown and a darker leathery vetiver base. I get a longevity of about three hours. Less interesting but more versatile than the original, and well usable in warmer weather.

    24 September, 2013

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    Nice nice Cucumber

    This is a very nice edt suggested to summer times. Really what oher reviewers say that cucumber-like smell is there and that is lovely. Somehow stayed today in this stage on my watch band what is a nice surprise. Around the basenote it comes up a strong mandarin'ish part at me what i would skip but not always bothering me. This Aqua Fahrenheit is having much more faces than Dior Homme Sport what is - compared to this is very plain boring poor longevity edt. In the light of this as a summer fragrance currently i am in love with Dior Aqua Fahrenheit and strongly recommend that to you. Ps: those who miss that: somewhere -not at the beginning of headnote -i do feel the diesel smell....

    Pros: Good sillage and longevity
    Cons: Strong Mandarin sometimes "

    07 August, 2013

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    A good all-arounder

    I recently read a post by someone who wanted a good smelling fragrance that does not "smell like something" but smells good, and would be a nice year rounder. This certainly fits the bill. It has some of the bones of the original, but the more intense, industrial notes wear off very quickly. What is left is an enjoyable scent with good longevity, that seems balanced between aquatic spices, and some floral notes. Nothing super serious here, but nothing wrong at all. I could see using this a good deal during the summer.

    19 July, 2013

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    To me, this smells like the cucumber-based Fahrenheit that I remember from my teenages plus very zesty and zingy citrus notes on top. A good designer choice for spring days, sillage & longevity is quite good for that genre.

    25 February, 2013

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    After falling in love with Fahrenheit, I started getting into the flankers. Absolute is a great scent, with a little of the original with a smoky herbal vibe. 32, not for me with too much sweet vanilla. Then I tried Aqua a few months ago and liked it, I had been planning to get a bottle before summer. The mild oil/gas note was there, just for a bit. The grapefruit and bitter orange really grabbed me! I thought this would be an amazing summer scent. I scored a sample from Sephora just to make sure that it was for me. I found that the amazing citrus and mild auto garage smell go away rather quickly. The dry down had wisps of grapefruit along with the annoying "aqua" smell that is rampant through modern fragrances. I wanted to love this one, but it just isn't doing it for me. I plan on giving it a couple more tries when the weather warms up though.

    14 February, 2013

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