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Rebelle (2011)
by Rihanna


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerCaroline Sabas

About Rebelle

Rebelle is a feminine perfume by Rihanna. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Caroline Sabas

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Reviews of Rebelle

I blind bought this... OMG I LOVE this one!!!! So creamy, sultry and yummy
14th July, 2016
Strawberry and Vanilla - yet another Angel flanker.

By my estimation, this is the 4,789,623rd Angel imitator since the scent was launched.

These dear folk had not the budget for a full-blown Angel imitator. However, since they could not have spent more than four dollars and a half for their gallons of chemical strawberries and vanilla rip-offs, they are most daring in asking a little over twenty dollars for a bottle. Is there no shame?

An embarrassing scent - Monsiuers Coty and Guerlain are either turning in their graves or laughing so hysterically as to be bringing the entire cemetery to a shambles.

Buy only if you really want to insult a friend!
22nd February, 2016
Okay, I hated Reb'l fleur, I thought it was too 'heady' because of the patchouli. But when I had seen this next fragrance had patchouli in it, I was a bit of set. But this concern was blown away when I smelled it.

This fragrance intrigued me, because the top notes of the Strawberry, ginger and plum were completely undetectable! The two notes, to me, that come out a lot is the Cacoa absolute and the Coffee! It has a very strong 'mocha' smell to me, almost like a Starbucks shop.

This perfume is VERY strong, it has amazing lasting power and silage. The cocoa and the coffee are always evident in the fragrance, beginning to end. The patchouli, thankfully, was only there to make the perfume last longer in my opinion, you can't really detect it, you know its there because the dry down comes across as pretty fresh, but its not overpowering.

People have described this scent as 'synthetically sweet'. I really don't feel the sweetness is synthetic, it has a natural sweetness to it which comes from the Chocolate and coffee combo.

But overall this perfume is beautiful, highly recommended!
10th May, 2013
Rihanna Rebelle seems to progress from the basenotes upwards for me. On my skin, it opens as a thick, sweet chocolate-milk and then slowly dies down into a heady, effervescent floral. (If you can't find much of the fruity notes at the start, don't be surprised if you find them in the drydown like I did.)

Aside from that strange little note, I do find this to be a very well-composed fragrance, although it could have done with a slightly bigger budget. The cocoa is a touch too synthetic and unnatural, and gives me a headache if I apply more than just a tiny dab. Hence the neutral thumb.

Once that passes, I find the combination of fleshy orchid and fruity heliotrope with a light patchouli to be quite stunning, and this is on me thankfully what it smells like for most of the scent duration.
14th November, 2012
dimplesg Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I absolutely love this perfume, it is sweet but not in a girly way - gourmand and lasts all day.

Definitely worth the money and a very good offering from Rihanna for a celebrity scent. This was the perfume that I use on my holidays (vacation) so it will always remind me of happy times. It also has a kind of 'tropical holiday' smell to it.

Very nice if you like sweet perfumes (its not cloying by the way).
01st June, 2012
This is delicious! I get rum, espresso, and heady white tropical flowers that literally pulsate off your skin. I was not a believer in the first perfume and I rarely go for celeb scents, but after trying a lot of gourmands that either faded, didn't project or were overly cloying, this one stood out. One spray is all you need. Its STRONG.
25th May, 2012

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