Vetyver Incenso (2012)
by Farmacia SS. Annunziata


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Year of Launch2012
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About Vetyver Incenso

Vetyver Incenso is a masculine fragrance by Farmacia SS. Annunziata. The scent was launched in 2012

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Reviews of Vetyver Incenso

A tobacco-amber take on vetiver with a light, silky floral breeze, pleasant and massively artificial (all that ambery-incense-woody stuff is clearly mostly Iso E, ambrox dl, ambroxan and the likes - not to say it smells bad: it's just a plain, uninspired and generic way to "depict" those notes). There is a bold salty note which gives the composition a peculiar and pleasant sort of mineral, aqueous feel. Now, coming to the vetiver: decent, waxy-rubbery, as in many mid-low quality vetiver scents (like Encre Noire, etc.). I agree on the similarity with Terre d'Hermès, especially on the drydown, although here there is more vetiver and that salty note (the king of Terre d'Hermès' rip-offs is Vento di Fiori by Bois 1920 – that's hilariously identical). Decent and negligible, the price is almost an insult to customers' intelligence.

28th June, 2014
Absolutely beautiful. Despite citrus, pepper and hesperides the opening is by soon incredibly smooth, spicy, musky, softly incensey and balmy/lemony, irresistible for quality, full of nuances (peppery, incensey, gingery, lemon/vetiver coloured and ambery). I agree with Dienase, Vetyver Incenso is basically another beast in comparison with TdH, it is far more complex, natural, elaborated and finally smoother, velvety and enveloping. I detect a sort of balmy lemon/ginger/incense/amber wonderful characteristic accord which provides a soft, resinous and velvety swirl that is less cedary, less properly dusty and rooty/herbal. The dry down projects a soft and resinous blend of smooth lemon/vetiver, soft musk and creamy/resinous incense. Vetyver Incenso is a subtle, boise and almost creamy aromatic incense (with an almost suede veined trail) and not properly a dry woody/spicy concoction which basically TdH is. The deep mossy dry down is closer to Eau Sauvage Parfum or Extreme New/Intense (in a far more complex and natural way) than to the drier (more fluidy) and spicier TdH.
14th April, 2014
My first review on basenotes *g*
Well, I own a decant of this scent. Have tried it a couple of times but haven't given it a full wearing yet. My first impression was also "Terre d'Hermès". However when trying it more thouroughly I can see lots of differences. I do smell the incense here - I don't get any incense at all in TdH.
I don't get the green and salty notes that I get in TdH pure perfume. I don't get the flintstone from TdH EdT. I don't get Iso E Super in this one.
Then the citric notes are different - probably due to the ginger notes.
Vetyver incenso is not as loud as Terre d'Hermès. In the drydown I do get greenish notes of vetiveryl acetate, which I don't get in TdH. They blend extremely well with the incense.
Overall, I think vetyver incenso is the more elaborated and sophisticated of the two. Definitely worth a try.
If it is worth the extra price tag is up to you. I got a decant for a good price, bought blind, so that's ok.
Don't judge this scent by the first impression. Give it the chance to dry down for a couple of hours and you'll see that it is NOT a copy of Terre d'Hermès!
01st July, 2012 (last edited: 02nd July, 2012)
When I heard of this release I couldn't contain my excitement. Vetiver and incense together sounded like heaven. I started to fantasize about a stark, rooty/resiny/mossy concoction of woods but...

What a big letdown. Vetyver Incenso is Terre D'Hermes, no more no less. Would you pay 280 euros for Terre? Smells fine but it's a total rip-off. Get the original.

07th May, 2012

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