L'Arbre de la Connaissance (2011)
    by Jovoy

    • Launched: 2011
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    L'Arbre de la Connaissance Fragrance notes

    Leaves, Fruit, Figs, Woody sandalwood, Patchouli, Fig

    L'Arbre de la Connaissance information

    L'Arbre de la Connaissance is a unisex fragrance by Jovoy. The scent was launched in 2011

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    Colin Maillard's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    The opening is "arboreal" indeed, with a powerful, bitter, crunchy, fruity and minty note (the fig leaves), on a slightly dissonant sweeter base of vanilla and sandalwood, a soft and silky base contrasting with the zesty-pungent-sour head notes. I also detect some fresh floral notes blending with the green ones. A - kind of plastic - fruity heart (fig, grapefruit) completes the composition. The rendition of branches, leaves and soil is fascinating, as it bears a lot of earthy, dusty "vegetable" nuances, with almost a slight camphoraceous-animalic note too. Personally I don't like this type of scents (the "I've just finished working in my vegetable garden" type), but I admit it smells decently made. The fruity accord is a bit disappointing to my nose, as it basically smells datilat or galaxolide, a bit plain and generic fruity-juicy feel. Finally, it is incredibly short-lasting (couple of hours and it's gone). Halfway decent and "meh...".


    24th June, 2014

    rum's avatar

    Greece Greece

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    "The Tree of Knowledge"

    I don't know what it is with Jovoy Paris and their choice of fragrance names, but I think they are awesome!
    Wrapped in legendary imagery, the Tree of Knowledge as this scent's name translates to, transforms the wearer to the Garden of Eden with its notes of Fig and Fig Leaves. The 'milk' found in freshly-cut figs is what oozes right from the first spritz of this heavy-duty bottle, meaning the wearer has that effect of walking in a sun-drenched Mediterranean (perhaps) forest, full of fig trees a brief moment after a heavy rain shower.
    There are many fig scents out there. Some are blended with (white) musk, others with citrus, but Jovoy's offering has a unique creamy sandalwood base which is both long lasting and projects quite strongly for several hours. Delicious!

    09th January, 2014

    ScentFan's avatar

    United States United States

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    (Woody) Fig, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Fig Tree. What Diptyque attempted in Philosykos, Henin achieved -- the best smelling fig tree ever. It's a fragrant, light and sophisticated scent.

    22nd December, 2013

    danicaradovanov's avatar

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    Outstanding and to a certain extent dependent on skin type. This will either radiate or stay close. It smells better when radiant. My skin is a little oily and hates orange blossom, tonka usually, loves spearmint, lemongrass, resins, most citrus (except mandarin) and iris. This is radiant and diffusive on me, with a minty opening tempered by citrus that is an abstraction of a fresh green fig. It transforms into a heart of dry fig tempered with musk and wood that smells simply delicious. It ends in a sweet woody-musky drydown with a sugary element. In the first hour it's one of the most delicious, sweet, floral and fruity smells I've ever experienced.

    21st November, 2013

    drseid's avatar

    United States United States

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    Some Knowledge Is Better Left Unlearned...

    L'Arbre de la Connaissance opens with a coconut-like aromatic fig tree note with sharp almost aldehyde-like peach fruit and green accords in support. As the fragrance enters its early heart phase the starring fig tree note remains, though its coconut-like aspects now slightly less evident as the sharp peach fruit accord increases in intensity until it becomes co-star to the fig tree with slightly sweet green fig fruit support late. During the late dry-down the coconut-like aromatic fig tree note finally recedes as the now slightly milky less aromatic sweet fig fruit takes over as co-star teaming with the still present but slightly muted peach. Projection is very good, as is longevity at 8-10 hours on skin.

    L'Arbre de la Connaissance roughly translates to "The Tree of Knowledge" and while subjected to tolerating my time with this composition I have learned quite a lot. The main thing I have learned is I dislike this stuff immensely, and the aromatic fig tree and sharp green peach do not work well together. Pretty much as soon as I applied the perfume to my wrist I knew things were going downhill fast, and unfortunately they only accelerated as time passed. The only pause to the torture was during the late dry-down as the fig tree finally dissipated, allowing the fig *fruit* to take a more prominent role and mercifully soften the composition late. The bottom line is L'Arbre de la Connaissance represents the kind of scrub-worthy composition that I wish my knowledge of could be erased, earning a "poor" 2 star out of 5 rating and an avoid recommendation except to staunch fig tree lovers.

    Pros: The late dry-down was tolerable and the fragrance has very good performance.
    Cons: There is a weird peach-like fruity vibe that permeates the fig tree and it just doesen't work.

    01st June, 2013

    Bertie Wooster's avatar

    Sweden Sweden

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    I enjoy this scent very much, green with plenty of figue, with a haunting quality that makes me want to go back for more.

    11th January, 2013

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