L'Eau Chic (2011)
    by Nicolaï

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    Patricia de Nicolai: "Having always loved the smell of the geranium soaps that used to lie in my parents' bathroom, I dreamt of using the essence of geranium as the heart and soul of my composition. It is a delicious essence, however, it has a sharp, tangy side that you need to tame to your needs. The challenge: soften it without weakening it, make it original without disguising its tone. As such, essences of crisp and peppered mint blended with lavender add a delicate touch to the Bourbon geranium. Santal, camomile and iris round this fragrance off with a slightly tangy tone coming from the cloves and spices. A cocktail of white musk reinforces the tone and allows it to last, and last, and last… throughout the entire summer."

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    Fresh but not silly, herbal but not like a mediterranean herborarium, powdery but not stuffy and green but not grassy. I grew up with modest geraniums everywhere in our garden. This I would not consider a geranium centered composition just because my nose tells me differently. A piquant clove, if any, does the trick for me and I think that l'eau chic is superb all the way. And for an eau it has very good silage and longevity: 4 hours and still quite potent. The dry down of LeC reminds me of my favorite Eau de Sisley no3 but I don't mind at all, because I prefer the refine subtlety of LeC. Well done!

    Pros: fresh and green but spicy too

    18th August, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Beautiful simple noncitrusy smell based on geranium,

    Geranium in general suits better to women then men, and here as well, so sparkling fresh almost citrus like opening, sweet floral, but refreshing!! Staying power solid!! Big sillage for few hours.

    Like its cheerful ,sparkling nature, chamomile adds to softness

    Very beautiful!

    09th October, 2012

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    United States United States

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    This smells like a feminine version of Fendi Theorema Uomo. Lots of clean, tangy geranium softened by iris and chamomile. I don't detect any cloves, spices or sandalwood. There's something of a washed sheets, fresh off the line quality about it.

    Not a buy for me, but this would smell lovely on the right woman in spring and summer. L'eau Chic is quietly attractive and plays nicely with others in office, school or health care environments.

    04th July, 2012

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    Germany Germany

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    Ok, so first of all I loved the imagination I had for this when I read the notes and the ad saying " Add a little freshness to such a hot world!". I love Geranium pour Monsieur but I was also looking for a more rounded, full bodied and maybe "conservative" version of a "geranium+mint on top herbal-peppery-flowers" kind of fragrance. THIS one however should have been discontinued/reformulated 5 years ago. It just smells slightly dated and needs to been cleaned out in my opinion. The mint is definitely there but it doesn't really refresh me because it's hidden under other, more powdery (iris?) notes.. Whereas in GPM the geranium was clean and sharp, this one quickly develops into something rather woody and balmy. Combined with the lavender and a musk base I get an overall smell of pine and under that the peppery sandalwood basenotes and propably geranium in there somewhere as well.

    All in all the execution of the idea and the treatment of the notes seem dated to me, that said, this was the first PNicolai fragrance I ever sampled (along with L'eau Mixte which I would give the same rating) and I think this might just be what they are all about. Solid, well-crafted but not edgy.

    31st March, 2012 (Last Edited: 28th May, 2012)

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    Italy Italy

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    Sort of Geranium Pour Monsieur aimed to the ladies. Same concept, different execution. Mint and geranium on a clean (soapy) floral woody base. The mint here, leans definitely towards the toothpaste type of aroma while geranium is sort of restrained and it's not enough to balance the general sweetness. Average longevity (considering it's an eau). If you want a mint-centered composition, there are better ones out there (Menthe Fraiche, Mentafollia, Herba Fresca...Geranium Pour Monsieur).

    24th March, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    The peppermint and lavender are both quite prominent at the top but well blended with neither overpowering the other. I certainly get soapiness, Patricia de Nicolai succeeded in that intention, and a refrained Iris in the mid. A better nose than mine may pick out the clove and spice, they must be well in the background. Nice stuff.

    19th March, 2012

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