Casamorati 1888 Fiero (2010)
    by Xerjoff

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    Ireland Ireland

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    Fiero opens with a breathtaking tart citrus infused with a massive explosion of aromatic tarragon and herbs. Sweet and tangy blood orange makes a brief appearance padding out the herbal heart. Fiero does powerhouse perfectly, during the opening and heart it's loud, even brash, with everything turned up to eleven. Later soft slightly ashy woods and coumarin support the drydown like a pillow, comforting and warming after the bracing opening, it's a good place to be. Great longevity and massive projection until the drydown where it settles back somewhat.

    Fiero conjures a Mediterranean bergamot grove at dusk with herbal aromas arriving on a balmy breeze from the day's sun drenched wild bush hillside. It's a beautiful reference piece of the genre, reminding me a little of a denser, more luxurious and better resolved Bois de Portugal, and also sharing some of the citrus/spicy facets of Bigarade Concentre, but where BG is yellows and oranges, Fiero is verdant greens throughout. Great stuff.

    08 November, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I'm thinking Polo -- the sport and fragrance. A classic type fougere -- citrus, woods and slightly herbal scent that I imagine Polo players wearing (it's very expensive) maybe they wear the cheaper and less nice Polo though. A very lovely wear and lasts an age.

    07 May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    A true gentleman's fragrance, this is. This is perhaps the only Xerjoff fragrance I like, but this is more than a like. Without smelling dated, this is the most natural, green, herbal, and woody barbershop gnet's scent that I've ever come across. Imagine if Polo Green put on a tux and went to the oscars or a symphony. This is Fiero. There is something something a tad dirty brooding in the background but its never skanky. The citrus keeps the green bright and never appears as a dominant experience. The thyme, lavender, and tarragon lend to the herbal, green feel and there is just enough mint to bridge the top half to the woods seamlessly. The whole thing is harmonious and one notes never dominates. As masculine as this feels, think classy Polo Green, I agree with Darvant that it lays low to the skin despite its decent longevity. I award a thumbs up simply on the genius of the construction and pleasantry of the smell.

    28 March, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Is a pity a so beautifully crafted scent is so evanescent on my skin. This fragrance really  hardly works on me and my neutral rating is due to this faint kind of temperament. I have to dab a more notable amount to produce an ordinary duration. The juice is really pleasant, its combination of citrus, lavender, spices, aromatic elements and woods vaguely conjures at me a cleaner  and easier Nino Cerruti (a great one) by Cerruti's (ideal) version  which is anyway a floral one. I smell also olfactory conjurations about Sud Est Gigli and Coriolan Guerlan which are a bit in the same mood despite the differences. I detect a sort of grassy fluid that sounds lemony, spicy (nutmeg ?) and woody but with mossy undertones and a (minimal) touch of soothing final amber (i suppose or may be the softening effect is just produced by the powdery woods).The lavender and the aromatic herbs as mint and thyme are a key element of this classic kind of masculine on the trail of the great chypre-fougere tradition. The interaction of lemon-orange, mild woods and moss provides the final moderately sweet softeness so comforting and discreet, preventing the scent be stuck in the fences of the uncompromising sharpness. Lovely, slightly moody and comforting.

    06 September, 2012 (Last Edited: 22 December, 2013)

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    Italy Italy

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    Ok, while I'm not crazy about most of the fragrances in the Xerjoff range, I've to admit that they really know how to make citrus. Fiero is awesome.

    An old-fashioned, sort of fougere-y concoction of spices and beatifully orchestrated citruses with a severe, kinda assertive character. Definitely masculine and old-school yet anything but aged. Dark green undertones provide a misterious facet while the woody base reinforces the overall powerhouse vibe. Long lasting and incredibly satisfying.


    02 May, 2012

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