Unltd The Exhibit (2012)
    by Marc Ecko

    Unltd The Exhibit Fragrance Notes

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    Good fragrance!

    Upon application smells much like oranges or tangerines. Doesn't project heavily. I don't have a fine enough nose to understand the base notes but perhaps woody and warm. It's overall a nice smelling scent.

    Pros: Good summer scent
    Cons: OK projection"

    11th July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Marc Ecko, The Exhibit, is a great scent, but falls short of longevity expectations..

    The Exhibit is a clean and fresh fragrance with citrus base notes. Following the initial application, the essence smoothes out into an easygoing fragrance, not overbearing, but pleasant to the nose where notes of the citrus, melon, and vetiver (almost powdery) can be detected.

    Marc Ecko has produced a fragrance that is not new, very similar to Clinique Happy for Men. I have had better longevity out of Clinique, but it could be my body chemistry.

    My reviews generally consider the following areas: price/value, appeal/smell, "wow factor" (compliments), longevity, uniqueness, best time of year worn or occasion, and easy on the nose (and bottle on the eyes).

    The success of Exhibit is the scent and it’s appeal. The price is moderately set, some more expensive and some (maybe more) are less. The packaging and design of the bottle (appearance) are unremarkable. I am, however, very fond of the bottle design – simple, but kind of cool…

    The only favorable comments were those that were solicited. Sweetie has commented she likes the fragrance, but is should be noted that it was just following the initial application. Given the citrus(y) base notes of the fragrance, Exhibit is probably a Spring or Summer fragrance, although I would have no problem wearing anytime of year or for any occasion (be comfortable in your own skin, right..??).

    My only real concern with the fragrance is the longevity. Of all the measures in my review(s), I am most critical of this element. I am especially fond of applying a moderate amount of any fragrance in the morning prior to work and it lasting the day without reapplying. With Exhibit, I am getting about 3-4 hours where the fragrance is still detectable on my shirtsleeve. I was probably getting about twice that performance with Clinique Happy. But – your body chemistry and life style may be different than mine –you guys know I am a manager with a desk job..!!

    My final evaluation for Marc Ecko’s The Exhibit is 4.2 stars, out of 5. If you can pick it up under $30.00, definitely add it to your collection. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today…

    01st November, 2012

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    Oranges. Been grated, peeled, sliced, just oranges. Of course it has synthetic notes through-out

    14 April, 2012

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    Can't recommend this as it smells like a orange hairspray. Considering all the citrus based fragrances to chose from this is really something you'd buy in a pinch or to put in a gym bag. Don't waste your money

    11th April, 2012 (Last Edited: 06 January, 2013)

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