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Prada Amber pour Homme Intense (2011)
by Prada


Prada Amber pour Homme Intense information

Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Prada Amber pour Homme Intense

Prada Amber pour Homme Intense is a masculine fragrance by Prada. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Prada Amber pour Homme Intense

Too Strong. Skip this one and get the original instead.
22nd May, 2016
Nothing great. I don't get much Amber. Gets very powdery very soon. For the price not bad.

04th December, 2015
While I find Prada Amber to be a carefully crafted study in the balances between mainstream and luxe, masculine and feminine, and brightness versus richness, the Intense version feels to me less rigorously plotted and more like some perfumer was asked to make an amber perfume that would appeal to Macys customers who would think an actual amber scent is too "girly". As such, it's basically a fairly standard vanilla amber perfume smothered in steretypical masculine darkness, a hard to pin down mix of pine and chocolate and metallic iodine and ink that sounds interesting but is really just more of that aquatic "woody amber" chemical smell that designer scents use to dumb themselves down. Oddly, there's also a ton of nostril tickling powder on top, which I suppose is intended to class things up, but just feels weirdly unbalanced to me.

All in all, even without the aquatic mess, there are many better ambers out there, but there's something weirdly attractive about Prada Amber pour Homme Intense. It's like eating at Chipotle - you know there are better burritos available and it's really just a watered down white-bread version of something, but it's still oddly satisfying...
03rd November, 2015
Old spice is one fragrance perhaps known the world over.

PAPHI is just this but done so beautifully you will appreciate Old Spice all over again. The dance is so beautiful, you can actually pick out individual notes as they flourish.

I wonder if this is how the original Old Spice smelled.
29th September, 2015
Great scent this is indeed. This is better than the original by far. Projection is great on this and the longevity is equal. This will be my signature scent replacing angel men this upcoming year. This scent has clean dark soapy vibe to it that is just hypnotizing. This is a must by.
20th September, 2015
Intense is a deeper, richer version of the original Amber pour Homme and provides a good option if you liked the notes in the original, but like me found it too soft or feminine. Intense is less floral and an overall richer fragrance. It's also much less soap toned than the original, and has better longevity on my skin.

I liked the original Prada Amber pour Homme for it's originality and elegance, but for my taste, Intense is a better version.

Thumbs Up.
12th September, 2015 (last edited: 16th September, 2015)

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