Golden Boy (2010)
    by Dueto Parfums

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Golden Boy demonstrates what a curious thing a lightweight leather can be – in this case, airy and creamy and enlivened a bit by violet leaf. It comes across as being in denial about its true nature. I find serious, doom-laden leathers every bit as challenging as the next person, but this iteration for all its suede softness just seems insubstantial, like those foams one kept being served when food fads dictated that they were the height of haute cuisine. Golden Boy does have staying power, but seems content to keep mumbling in its corner.
    I haven’t tried Tuscan Leather, so can’t comment on any perceived similarities.

    08 December, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Just got my sample today -- I really like it.
    It reminds me of Tuscan Leather but with violet (think chez bond or fahrenheit).
    Interesting combination to say the least.
    Considering the price, two thumbs way up.
    Good buy, definitely.

    09 August, 2012

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    Amos Jolthead
    United States United States

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    On first blast, I instantly notice the suede and leather notes. The opening note is very powerful and intense, reminds me of Keiko Mecheri’s A Fleur de Peau's opening note – an opening note that is a bit rabid, coarse and masculine with leather. After a few minutes, the saffron and violet leaf become cognizable. I notice the leather, suede, and incense mix all throughout this fragrance.

    I really don’t get many of the other middle notes than the leather, although I fear this is due to my inexperience rather than any problem with the fragrance.

    After a few hours, the vanilla comes creeping through in the base notes. A pleasing touch for the conclusion of GB.

    I really enjoyed this sample, yet I cannot find any online retailers that sell this, so I am unaware of what the price would be for a full bottle.

    27 July, 2012

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    To be honest I have tested both City Love (CL) and Golden Boy (GB) twice today and what I get is a very similar vibe. It is as if both perfumes are variations on the same theme however GB has no rose or patchouli notes listed. To my nose though the vanilla at its base gives Golden Boy the gourmand accord of CL. The opening of GB vaguely reminds me of the strange composition of "A new perfume" by CdG. There is no lilly listed in GB so I guess it may be the violet leaves that gives it that similar kick. GB is sweet, light and potent, and is certainly more green/herbal than CL, therefore I think that it is absolutely more wearable than CL even if at some point I thought that the first was a watered down version of the second. I do think that despite their different perfumers these two creations are of the same genre. Although this is not very imaginative it works well for marketing purposes since GB is promoted as a masculine fragrance while CL stays diplomatically undefinable. In any case if you like a well made long lasting sweet fragrance that is not overpowering and works well on the skin give GB a try. All said a sweet fragrance for me has to be at least ethereal too and GB is not ethereal.

    25 June, 2012

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    What we have here is an excellent leather fragrance. Soft smooth and slightly creamy. Very very reminiscent of tuscan leather by tom ford. Very powerful fragrance and the longevity is outstanding. This one gives tuscan leather a run for the money. Very smooth leather mixed with saffron sitting on a gentle creamy vanilla.

    30th April, 2012

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