Ferrari Essence Oud (2011)
    by Ferrari

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Oh boy was this ever a big surprise.

    Most of the Ferrari fragrances - well, all of them to be precise including the two other Essence fragrances are not worth writing home about. But, Essence Oud, let's just say it is the one that doesn't belong with the rest of the family.

    I was in the Ferrari store in Milan when I first tried this. Squirted a generous spray on the back of my right hand. had a cursory sniff, thought it smelled quite good to my surprise and moved on.

    About twenty minutes later I became aware of this really beautiful smoky, rich scent coming from somewhere and I couldn't work out what it was - I'd tried several other fragrances whilst I was out.

    It was my right wrist, screaming "SMELL ME!"

    It was the Essence Oud. It had evolved into this incredible spicy accord demanding attention and my admiration.

    "Surely, this can't be the Ferrari?" I pondered, but it was.

    It is a well blended fragrance, the cumin/rose/oud/saffron all complimenting each other without ever becoming over-bearing in their respective parts. In short, it smells considerably more expensive than it is - and it's not cheap (unless you look particularly keenly on the internet).

    I had to buy it. I didn't buy it at the Ferrari store at the 78 Euros they were asking, but found it for the 40 Euro mark on the web.

    I love this fragrance, it's not a typical Oud fragrance, indeed is more of an Oud fragrance in the same way that Creed's Royal Oud is (one of the few Creeds I actually like). Nonetheless, if you are out in expensive company, you will hold your own with this fragrance.


    18 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 28 February, 2014)

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    United States United States

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    This can be considered a unisex fragrance IMO. Light rose, oud and crazy longevity make this a good one for the money. Presentation on the bottle is nice also. Rating 7.5

    11th January, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    I'm not a fan of the rose-saffron-oud combo in general but, if you like the genre or if you plan to start exploring this classic theme, Ferrari Essence Oud could represent a valid starting point. Smells a bit synth / dry-woody but it's way better than the plethora of high-end offerings playing similar themes. Nice drydown.

    Thumbs up.

    15 December, 2013

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    This is a nice oud, incense and rose fragrance. It starts with a blast of oud that quickly calms down to a rose and incense fragrance with oud lurking in the background. It has excellent longetivity (12 hours +) and very good sillage and projection. What a nice surprise from the Ferrari house.

    07 January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Ferrari's Essence oud is not an oud that will not your socks off. Its nice, and soft. Even powdery. I do not get much of that real ethereal oud feeling that comes through in other oud offerings out there.

    Personally I cannot see how the use of the name "oud" is allowed in the title. The oud is a not much more than a supporting character with a single line in the movie.

    Definitely a try before you buy. If you are wanting a real-deal, harsh, down n' dirty Oud fragrance this isnt it. (are you surprised?) Apart from my criticism of the oud in the fragrance... the scent as a whole is pretty good.

    And VERY long lasting.
    Moderate projection

    08 September, 2012

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    A great fragrance at a great price. Smells much more expensive than what it is.
    The fragrance is a Rosy Tobacco with Vanilla and Oud blended in. Sillage is excellent, and longevity is 8-9 hours on my skin.

    23 August, 2012

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