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Ferrari Essence Oud (2011)
by Ferrari


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerNathalie Feisthauer
Parent CompanyInvestindustrial > Morris

About Ferrari Essence Oud

Ferrari Essence Oud is a masculine fragrance by Ferrari. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer

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Reviews of Ferrari Essence Oud

Thumbs up, I like it. Strong stuff, go easy on the sprays. I get the sweet wood, leather and oil at the beginning and then the drydown starts about 30 min later, giving way to some florals. Later on, I'm getting some smokey woods with the florals more in the background. The leather/oil note persists throughout and is prevalent in most of Ferrari's scents, and I think its appropriate given the name on the bottle. Lasted all day and into the next morning.
20th October, 2016 (last edited: 21st October, 2016)
Unfortunately my skin totally eats this one up and on me it's not the beast-mode scent that others describe. Now that I have that out of the way, I'll move on to the good news. This is a fantastic scent. I get quite a bit of suede, some dark oud lingering in the background and a fair amount of sweet, jammy rose. Upon different wearings I have experienced various facets of this scent. At times it's all about the suede and oud, but with some wearings I get strong hints of the smoke that some describe. The rose is pretty much everpresent and very enjoyable.

Although this doesn't seem to project as well for me as it does for others, the longevity makes up for any other shortcomings. I get around 10-12 hours of enjoyment out of each wearing.

This is a definite thumbs up and I will likely be looking for a backup bottle soon as this is one that I want to have in my wardrobe for many years to come.

Longevity = 9 out of 10
Projection = 7 out of 10
Overall = 9 out of 10 (9.5/10 when I catch wafts of smokiness)
02nd July, 2016
An interesting mix of some manner of rose / cherry opening, pervasive oud, and very understated animalic, gasoline, and leather elements. If anything, I would like the automotive concept to be taken further and ramp up the smoke, fumes, and oil. The oud should take a back seat here, in my view (not that there's much of a back seat in most Ferraris). A fascinating take on a 'Western' version of an oud scent, but as with all oud that I have tried so far, not wearable on a daily basis. The quest continues.
08th May, 2016
Better than you would expect. I think Sergio Marchionne took over from Luca di Montezmolo he shook the fragrance department and demanded better fragrances.

As a result, the current offerings are far better than they should be considering Ferrari knows nothing about fragrance (?)

Essence Oud is medicinal oud plus rose. Not my cup of tea but it is true to the name and worth the $$ been asked for it. That said, my $$ goes to Leather Essence.
28th August, 2015
IMO the best Ferrari fragrance I ever smelled.
Perfect fragrance as the rose is not too strong nor dirty (don't like that) in the oud-rose combo but soft and a little powdery and also the oud itself does not scream neither smells medicinal or band-aid like. Fragrance lasts through the day with perfect sillage, evolves a lot and ends up after about 10-12 hrs with a very nice, dry and powdery leathery labdanum smell that actually smells a bit like the main smell of Davidoff Leather blend, which is an excellent leather fragrance! Really love this stuff!
Rating: 9/10

20th July, 2015
All parts of this fragrance perform as smooth and forceful as a screaming Ferrari engine...crank it up and smell the smoky oud emanating from the tail pipes...start gaining speed and the air becomes spicier and thicker, with the whiff of crisp roses providing contrast to all this sleek ferocity. A subtle pungent aroma is there to tickle your nostrils. After a few hours this sleek, smooth beast slows down and comes to a slightly sweet, leathery yummy destination that will last until you finally shower.
13th June, 2014

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