Electron (2012)
    by A Dozen Roses

    Electron Fragrance Notes

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    A really nice rose perfume with some unfortunate fruity floral notes. On paper, Electron is way too sweet, using a mix of faux cucmber-ish lily and that fake strawberry candy note that smells like cheap shampoo. Fortunately, on my skin, these cheap candied notes are quickly overwhelmed by a really nice rose absolute. Up close, I swear it smells like sticking your nose in a real rose, complete with green undertones and the woody smell of the plant itself. Sadly, the candy sweets rage on in the sillage, broadcasting a smell that's more peachy fake strawberry than a fine rose perfume.

    In the end, I suppose it's a trade-off. I'm giving it a thumbs-up for the fantastic rose note, but those common-smelling candy elements will likely turn off the true rose enthusiasts.

    13 June, 2012

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