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Oud Stars : Mamluk (2012)
by Xerjoff


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Oud Stars : Mamluk

Oud Stars : Mamluk is a shared / unisex perfume by Xerjoff. The scent was launched in 2012

Oud Stars : Mamluk fragrance notes

Reviews of Oud Stars : Mamluk

On my skin this is pretty linear - a scent that is simultaneously cheesy/oudy/musky/honey/woody to my nose. If you've ever tried sourwood honey (which I actually love), Mamluk reminds me of that taste - it has a sort of salty parmesan tang. As a honey fragrance, Mamluk is missing a touch of something nectarous, floral or delicately sweet. Mamluk is actually not very sweet on my skin at all. It's interesting but it feels like the basenotes of a perfume and I don't reach to wear it. The search for the perfect honey scent continues!
13th October, 2017
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United States

If you like honey..... You may not love this.

If you LOVE may not like this.

Winnie The Poo gave it a "neutral" thumb.

...what's the point of spending the C-note(S) if all one needs to do to smell like Mamluk, is eat honey till it seeps out ya pours?

There's a "thin-as-a-veil" fecal thing going on in here as well so you'll have to skip a couple of showers (after you've gorged on the honey) & maybe stick a flower (Jasmine?? I'm assuming.. not a "flower guy") behind your ear to get the full effect.

But that's basically it.

Short & Sweet (huh? "Sweet'?)

Cologne Pour Le Soir "wanna be".

10th August, 2017
Beautifully sweet fragrance...

How nice this one is! A sweet, old fashioned, decadent kind of borderline gourmand. Mamluk is a fragrance that is my kind of style.

If you have tried vintage Guerlain - Shalimar, or Serge Lutens - Muscs Koublaï Khän, you will appreciate this one I think.

So to my nose it's all about oud, honey, caramel and jasmine. It's a sweet one, but not overbearingly so. It has a "dirtiness" that comes I think from the oud mixed with honey and indolic jasmine. I've encountered this kind of jasmine before. It can have an almost "fecal" note to it which I think may disturb some people. Personally I don't think it crosses over into "gross" territory. I thin the notes are blended exceptionally well. Almost like a honeyed, caramelised oud and a hit of over ripe jasmine garlands. Personally, I like it. I like some "dirtiness" in my fragrances. Needless to say, with the price on this one, you MUST try before you buy it.

Side note about the name: The name, Mamluk (مملوك) is an Arabic word meaning "owned". It refers to the slave warriors who ruled parts of the middle east and who spent their lives in service of a lord or ruler, as personal bodyguards. Very much like the Samurai of Japan. They were highly trained warriors who had great status and privilege in society. So this fragrance has the equivalent of the name "Samurai" in the Middle East. An interesting connection, but whether they smelled like this is anyone's guess!
22nd September, 2015
Honey. Lots of honey. Then jasmine, then more honey. At one point I think I detect some caramel, but it’s tripled dipped in honey. There’s a hint of something green and alluringly musky (indole?), but even it’s marinated and then stuffed full of honey.

No. Hell, no.
08th June, 2015
"I wonder..."

Mamluk is exactly the type of scent that will make people in social events look at you with desbelief, all raised eyebrows and such, trying to decipher whether you haven't bathed for two weeks, covering your stench by spraying huge amounts of Angel in the meantime, or you are simply wearing some outrageously priced, high-end niche perfume. And just out of political correctness, or maybe fear of embarassing themselves, they'll never dare to ask for an answer, allowing you to deliberately suffocate people in your wake, and get away with it.
23rd October, 2014
I get a strong oud that has a tobacco like effect, though none is listed...a thick rich smell - a dirty gourmand - opulent animalic honey dripping over caramel - very comforting smell - kind of wraps itself around me - the combo of oud/flower gives me a little bit of a boozy feel - very well blended - hard to pinpoint individual notes - just comes across as one big beautiful flowery/honey/caramel oudball accord...for sure an oud gourmand...if you like SoOud Asmar, A*Men, Animale Animale, etc...I would check this out...I find this to be a friendly oud - comfortable wearing this in it goes down the oud mellows out and gets more of a regular woody scent accented with the end it gets very smooth soft animalic musky and reminds me of Al Oudh and MKK...color of fragarance is light brown with darker brown spots floating around...Overall the fragrance gives me an image of a vase carved out of oud, lightly rubbed with vanilla/musk holding a bouquet of flowers and a hot honey/caramel sauce drizzled over it smelling this...big thumbs up...
15th May, 2014

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