Oud Stars : Fars (2012)
    by Xerjoff

    • Launched: 2012
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Average Rating: 4

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    Oud Stars : Fars Fragrance Notes

    Oud Stars : Fars information

    Oud Stars : Fars is a unisex fragrance by Xerjoff. The scent was launched in 2012

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    50ml EdP

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    Italy Italy

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    Fars (or “Farts”, as a friend of mine correctly referred to this) opens as a fairly pleasant patchouli-ambergris floral scent with sweet-anisic notes and a juicy-herbal, and slightly fruity touch which kind of reminded me of tea. Sandalwood and vetiver on the base, both quite conventional but pleasant (the sort of “juicy” sweetness may come from sandalwood, probably). That’s it for quite long, also oud-ish somehow, even if it is not listed. Then it slowly becomes more dry, more astringent and decidedly muskier, in a partially pleasant way; the muskiness is “real”, grayish and dusty, but also revealing a synthetic bitterness which won’t go away. Still counter-balanced but sweet-floral and ambery notes. Overall a globally inoffensive musky-earthy-woody scent with floral-sweet nuances, posh and restrained, resembling to any Montale just replacing oud with a patchouli-ambroxan-woods accord. That same kind of synthetic, trendy “elegance” is here too. Conventionally sophisticated, safely uncreative and not particularly distinctive, “smelling expensive” (before than “good”), fairly plastic and utterly pretentious. But long-lasting. The price tag is hilariously pathetic, but if you find it on sale for 30/40 EUR, then it’s worthy the purchase.


    05th February, 2015

    Darvant's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    Xerjoff Oud Stars: Fars is clearly an attempt (decently concretized) to perform a modern-light floral aromatic/fougere with an oudh centered resinous (musky-boise) dry down. The way in which juniper berries, aromatic lavender, citrus, pepper and geranium/jasmine are combined with the woody resins hangs out in a really pleasant and wearable aromatic way. Paradoxically the oudh's "spicy gassiness" is more notable in the top for few minutes (it seems to detect a touch of saffron too) while gradually a pleasant aromatic/floral presence starts disclosing its fresh drier subtleness providing class and distinction. Anyway, I prefer a more classically sharp woods-moss-ambergris dry down in these cases while in this fragrance an intense forest resin's presence and the ordinary agarwood resinous substance (less dusty-synthetic than in the opening and more properly creamy-woody) lead finally the aroma towards the woody-resinous-balmy-oriental territories (I would write better "semi-oriental", anyway the aroma is finally light and floral, slightly soapy, never massive or deep). I detect frankly several points in common with Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud Concentree which shares with the Xerjoff's one a fresh/citric/aromatic backbone based on musk, citrus, aromatic lavender, coriander e/o juniper (in a far less floral way to be honest) being anyway finally more leather oriented and less properly woody resinous. The "long tail" dry down is really subtle, delicate, floral (in a spicy sophisticated way), almost soapy. A nice, basically not innovative and easy to wear woodsy oudh for us.

    07th January, 2015 (Last Edited: 08th January, 2015)

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Fars has received the least comment of the Oud Stars. Is it because in attempting something a bit different it actually comes across as quite familiar? Let me explain...
    The intention was to make a West meets East kind of perfume, combining the essentially European notes of bergamot and lavender with the heavier nagarmotha and oud. The marriage seems to be blessed, as the resulting creation is exquisitely wearable, though also recognizably Eastern – one suspects many an attar merchant could have something a bit similar in their wares.
    The most striking aspect of Fars is how easily the lavender floats over the oud – I think this may be because there is great dynamism in the heart and base notes here, the notes positively shoot up the nostrils. The impression is bit like the strongly scented arecanut (supari) sold on the Indian subcontinent, with a splash of acetone thrown in for good measure. The main thing is that it’s bewitching and addictive, a bit like (whisper it!) a Montale oud. Geranium at the heart which combines really well with sandalwood probably contributes much to the forward motion of this (if you’ve encountered this accord in Czech and Speake’s No 88 you’ll know what I’m on about).
    All in all, an oud with personality and punch, that can be worn comfortably in warm weather.

    09th April, 2013

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    Brazil Brazil

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    A very agreeable scent. Begins in the typical floral-oud combo, though brighter and more effervescent than many in the genre. It confuses me. I get a rose (if on the wet and fruity side) along with the jasmine - but there is no mention of the rose in the notes. Maybe it is because rose is so commonly paired with oud that I am creating my own subliminal rose. Regardless, I prefer darker, almost chocolatey roses with Oud and woods, so the sweeter flowers (the geranium I do not smell, but jasmin yes, and the lavender lifts your spirits throughout) and house-standard citrusy/bergamot elements come across as a bit at odds with the heart of the fragrance. Then again, I felt the same with Kobe back when it was the new sensation. Easily wearable - though not a barbershop contender to my nose and not particularly masculine either. If you like scents that develop a lot, this one certainly changes its face a few times, becoming much warmer and woodier after several hours, and that is when I most enjoy it. No doubt, Fars is the brightest, cleanest, and most easily approachable of the Oud Stars lineup. A thumbs up, yes, but is it worth the dough?

    08th July, 2012

    Dernier_Cri's avatar

    United States United States

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    This is really lovely. Tre simple floral including the beloved jasmine and a tinge of oud sitting on a base of vetiver-patchouli with the other usual suspects. Aromatic. Spirit lifting. Exquisitely balanced. Far more mannered that the other Xerjoff oud offerings but never the least bit boring. Quite the opposite. Easy to wear. Easy to like and perhaps even adore. The light oud gives it just a little bit of edge.
    As it drys down it softens and lightens and becomes an even more beautiful floral skin scent. That the base does not start to intrude and allows the flowers to live on impresses me as a great achievement in light of the many recent negative experiences I've had of fragrances collapsing during drydown. Fars reminds me very much of Penhaligon's of one sort or another, done the right way.
    This fragrance isn't pushing any envelope of any kind, it's just really very nice. That doesn't mean it won't get nominated for the best fragrance of all eternity in a future Reader's Poll.

    17th May, 2012

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