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Patchouli is a masculine fragrance by Murdock.

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This is straight up the best patchouli I have ever tried. Maybe one of the best fragrances I have ever tried? Not sure who the nose's behind Murdock's fragrances are but they sure know their stuff. I own Black Tea which is much loved by certain members of this forum and I love it to. But this is better.

Think traditional barbershop cologne with some really subtle and smooth patchouli with a bit of rose. Very manly and undeniably classic.

05th January, 2018 (last edited: 23rd February, 2018)
Believe me guys, this fragrance will not disappont you for sure. Murdock Patchouli is indeed an extraordinary combination of earthy patchouli, resins, indolent rose, fresh dusty spices, a touch of frankincense and leather. It smells holy and exotic (but contemporary at same time) producing an incredibly velvety earthy-spicy wave dancing in the air for metres. The aroma is luxuriant and almost mystic but fantastically balanced and velvety. At the beginning the spices are fresh, more than vaguely barber-shop, dusty, rooty and intoxicating, the note of cardamom provides an almost aqueous (in a while prickly due pepper and cloves) vibe soon coming out more and more dusty and articulated. I detect several diverse nuances in the air, a touch of rose for sure, musk, frankincense, a growing up leather and boise resins imprinting a deeply woodsy general vibe (all around a main incensey rootiness). The birch tar in particular is really heady and provides a "close to resinous aoudh" sort of feel (which seems to be smokey incensey so far). The connection between olibanum, earthy patchouli, rose, geranium, moss, dry spices, suede and further conjures me more that vaguely one of my absolute favorite patchoulies around, I mean that great Etro exotic Patchouly which is one of the highest representations of the main theme around. The Etro's one is more straightforward over the note of patchouli, is sharper though finally faintly soothed by a minimal touch of vanilla and powdery amber (and stronger over geranium while in here the rose is more featuring in my opinion) while the Murdock's one is more resinous (fir resins/olibanum), far more spicy (equally leathery in my opinion), smoky and woodsy. A touch of ylang-ylang provides that dose of "far in the memory" exoticism which makes me dreaming far lands beyond the "world's borderlines". I find too so sexy and mysterious this fragrance which anyway preserves a modern and dynamic twist provided by well "cleaned" aromatic, fresh, leathery and mild spicy elements. Highly, highly, highly recommended.
16th September, 2014
It opens with a fresh soft spicyness with patchouli, cardamom with a dose of pepper and it smells very nice. The patchouli is very earthy and low key, it never overwhelms but is subtlely blended amongst other notes but is still the spicy heart of the fragrance.

I can pick up some florals in the midnotes mixing with the earthy spicy patchouli which is probably what is giving the scent that freshness in the opening. In the basenotes you can smell the earthy patchouli on a light bed of Frankincense and I have to say it smells really nice .

The marketing is spot on with this scent as I find it sensual & mysterious and also a bit sexy, a good light spicy modern barbershop cologne that never overwhelms or outstays it's welcome. I get about five hours in longevity and it has arm length projection.

Another Murdock winner for me and this is going straight into my rotation, I just love the modern barbershop style of this house where the fragrances are clean,masculine and can be worn anywhere and at anytime. A big thumbs up from me!
15th December, 2012
I'm not a fan of patchouli but this has lots of other things going on, so I can tolerate it. In fact, the patchouli is very subdued. Mostly a light-spicy and woody scent.
24th July, 2012

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