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Fougère is a masculine fragrance by Murdock.

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Reviews of Fougère

Couldn't agree anymore with Jack H and odysseum's reviews. Lavender fresh that lasts
10th December, 2014
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United Kingdom
This is a nice, clean, shaving-cream type scent, with a fresh, green aroma. It's a bit like a modernised Rive Gauche. I say modernised because it lacks the patchouli and anise that possibly date RG. This is brighter and lighter. That said, there are no sweeties to attract the average gap-toothed youngster, so we are still firmly in post-pubertal territory here.

I got this half-price in a sale and might be irked if I had paid full whack; there's a pronounced metallic edge to the lavender which makes it smell less than natural. Still, overall a decent scent and my favourite from the Murdock range. Longevity is very good, over 9 hours from 4 sprays. Projection is on the good side of average.
01st May, 2014
I like Trumper’s Wild Fern and Penhaligon’s English Fern, but found this very different and offensive.
27th January, 2014
It opens with lavender mixed in with green fern like spices that makes the fragrance smell fresh, clean and soapy. After a while it starts to get mossy and a bit herbal with some woods. In the basenotes the soapy green fern like spicyness gets more warmer as the lavender dissipates and the green spicy moss remains.

I have to say the projection is very good but not in a way that it shouts across the room but in a way that you are surrounded in a halo of aromatic green soapy spice. I get about five hours longevity with this cologne.

IMO this scent is the true modern successor to the old classic's of Wild/English fern as it is done in a modern way but has kept the traditional roots of the classic Fougere with the lavender, green fern like spices and a good dose of oakmoss without the temptation of adding other popular notes.

So to sum up the scent is a very fresh, soapy soft lavender mixed in with herbal green fern like spices that is aromatic and mossy that lasts for five hours. A good clean barbershop scent.
20th December, 2012 (last edited: 21st December, 2012)
Intriguing, and quite powerful. Very herbal with a big blast of camphoraceous lavender. Quite woody and mossy. Substantial, even a bit heavy. For old-school fougere fans.
24th July, 2012
Clean, fresh, classic & traditional. A perfect fragrance for those who love a quintessential British fragrance, and are partial to a Fougere.
19th July, 2012

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