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Berkana (2012)
by Torre of Tuscany


Berkana information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseTorre of Tuscany
PerfumerMaria Candida Gentile

About Berkana

Berkana is a shared / unisex perfume by Torre of Tuscany. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Maria Candida Gentile

Berkana fragrance notes

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Reviews of Berkana

Berkana opens with a grassy, zesty woody accord that reminded me of Terre d’Hermès at first, just more woody and spicy. I also get some citrus, a cedar-incense note with a sort of fizzy feature like in Maria Candida Gentile’s Exultat (I see she’s the nose behind this as well, that makes sense), pepper, cumin, something resinous. An invigorating, quite pleasant, fresh and fairly persistent Oriental-Mediterranean scent, shortly. I really don’t get that much leather, while soon after the opening the vetiver note comes in quickly taking a prominent position – which it will hold firmly for hours: a fresh, salty, zesty (almost citric) vetiver note, with just a hint of spices on top and smokier wood notes (and ok, a shade of leather) on the base. That’s it. Nice, but “yawn” for me... another (overpriced) nephew of so many classic vetiver colognes, a pleasant, well-made and self-controlled exercise and as much respectable as negligible in my opinion.

11th January, 2015
Resins of conifers, liturgical smoke, vetiver and leather.

Berkana is another pearl in the bunch of interesting concoctions appointed for Torre of Tuscany (and yes for I Profumi Del Forte) by skilled perfumers by the implementation of high quality ingredients and natural resources. I really appreciate these italian artisanal brands because of the undebatable genuinity and quality. I detect by soon a sort of landmark Torre of Tuscany's vibe in the background which represents immediately an ideal olfactory thin red line with Corpi Caldi from the same brand, i think to a weird sticky/balmy/aromatic/"barmish" (kind of brewer's yeast) note which unfolds a really enveloping, warm and carnal (for a while almost culinary) effect in the air. May be this kind of vibe is produced by a weird connection between resinous green notes (birch tar), leather, powdery cedarwood and may be secret hints of edible balsams. The beginning is soon a combination of faint citrus, vetiver, sticky resins of the wood, a touch of smoky olibanum (despite this is not properly an incensey concoction) and leather. The latter is a notable trait but is the fruity/floral birch tar that in this phase emerges as a standout element. It seems to faintly detect a touch of the tarry/woody/smoky/leathery Black Tourmaline's bone-dry temperament for a while even if in here the scale leans more towards the woodsy/rubbery side a la AP Bois d'Encens (or a la Arso but in a far less "boisterous" way) as the consistency keeps on to be far less dry and decidedly more resinous than in the Durbano's creation. I have to say that the vetiver is notable throughout to me while under my nose is the cedary touch the one emerging after a long while along the final phase of the evolution. The aroma remains sticky and birch tar/vetiver centered till the end but you can notice throughout many incensey, smoky, grassy and floral nuances. An interesting concoction for sure with a medium sillage and an over the average longevity.

Pros: Woodsy and resinous in a balanced way.
Cons: Any in particular."

13th October, 2013
Torre of Tuscany is an italian niche brand run by the same people responsible of I Profumi Del Forte (an incredibly solid line of fragrances composed by a bunch of the most popular perfumers around including Bertrand Duchafour and Arturetto Landi among others). Berkana, appearantly named after one of Odin's 25 Sacred Runes, is composed by Maria Candida Gentile and strikes as an interesting chypre.

It opens incredibly green and kinda fresh with undefined herbaceous notes to quickly evolve into one of the most minimalistic birch-tar driven mid phases I've experienced in times. Leathery, smoky and austere with an overall dusty quality. Vetiver makes its appearance during the drydown and together with cedarwood reinforces the general bone-dry vein.

Probably not as challenging as I expected when I first read the notes yet incredibly interesting if you're into minimalistic and unconventional woody fragrances. Could make an hell of a Comme Des Garcons. Let's say Monocle Scent 3: Berkana.
03rd May, 2012

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