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Bohemian Spice (2011)
by April Aromatics


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseApril Aromatics

About Bohemian Spice

Bohemian Spice is a shared / unisex perfume by April Aromatics. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Bohemian Spice

The spices and vanilla are warm and sweet. The patchouli and Vetiver are cool and dirty. The combination just doesn't work. It is a thick, sticky dark fragrance. If you mixed S.L. Fille en Aiguilles and Patchouli and Vetiver. Like molasses and Ketchup...just won't work.
24th August, 2017
Another quality made fragrance for April Aromatics. This is a good one folks. Spice and woods are the main characters in this one. A nice dose of incense gives this a alluring effect to the smeller. Smell like a campfire with several spices just thrown in as the fire intensifies. As mentioned in other reviews of AA fragrances, the price compared to quantity ratio is off. 8/10
17th November, 2015
I struggled to find the appeal in Bohemian Spice other than the fact that it is very well constructed for an all-natural composition. It features a melange of dry herbaceous spices over a base of vetiver and patchouli. Well, so do a half dozen others with more wallet-friendly price tags. It brings nothing new to the table.

Coming off the back of my recent review of Sharif, Bohemian Spice feels decidedly less refined, more organic. Aptly named perhaps but for what it does I can't help but feel it is ridiculously priced.
27th August, 2015
Bohemian Spice is basically a nice, “raw” spiced patchouli with woody and camphoraceous notes, among which a vetiver note which emerges soon providing its signature sort of zesty-salty woody rootiness, quite astringent too here. The peculiarity of Bohemian Spice if compared to many other patchouli scents lies in my opinion in its texture, which isn’t dark, earthy or “thick” as many patchouli fragrances tend to be; on the contrary it’s rather bright, much dry and woody, with a palette of nuances reminding me of many Oriental fougères of the past mostly for the camphoraceous-vanillic base notes, which smell a bit like a sort of civilised, tamed-down castoreum, and a “masculine” floral accord providing a subtle barbershop feel. A licorice whiff comes and goes, I guess due to patchouli. All rather dusty and dry as I said. Shortly a patchouli-vetiver blend vaguely musky and really natural, with a nostalgic heart. My opinion on this scent is that it’s undoubtedly nice to wear, well made, effortlessly elegant and also a tad more creative than most of other patchouli scents – a sort of more “dry”, spicy, pleasantly outdated and thin rewriting of this theme. Nice!

14th February, 2015
This is an earthy patchouli over a vetiver frame with a citric twist upfront. It’s green and rootsy and there’s a prominent woodshop-note throughout that smells similar to Precious Woods’ cedar bomb. Combined, these notes come off as quite dry and even slightly charred but there’s a minor vanilla that peeks through to keep the scent from becoming too coarse.

Personally, I find this to be one of the most compelling scents in the line, but I should note that, like Calling All Angels, it’s not all pretty visions from start to finish. In fact, this is one of the dirtier patchouli scents that I’ve run across. It’s largely the cedar notes that cause this, but they’re tempered by a series of spices that never quite cross into the realm of gourmand, instead keeping the scent firmly planted in the ground. The vanilla is aloof, playing much more of a supporting role, but once some of the more turpenic notes drift away, it takes on more of a guiding role as the scent softens into a fairly gentle and powdery sandalwood.

Sadly, the Oman incense (one of my favorites) doesn’t emerge as much as I’d like it to, and I can really only detect it once the opening notes have decayed. It adds depth to the mix, but I’d be hard pressed to consider this an incense fragrance. The opening is surprisingly rough, but within twenty minutes or so, the scent softens and things fall into place a little more. Given this, fans of patchouli fragrances are encouraged to give this a spin, but keep in mind that it’s one of the more adventurous scents in the line and I suspect that the opening might be a challenge for some. Me? I like it very much.
11th August, 2014
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Bohemian Spice opens with a dull orange-laced nutmeg clove and ginger spice melange. As the composition moves to its early heart the progression remains linear as the early spice deepens, now adding a very natural smelling radiant incense-laced cedar and sandalwood woody duo to the mix with the dull orange remaining in support. During the late dry-down the woods disappear and the spice begins to dissipate as a prominent patchouli base note takes control through the finish, softened by slightly powdery vanilla. Projection is average to above average and longevity very good at 9-10 hours on skin.

When I first applied Bohemian Spice on skin the composition reminded me immediately of fine orange spice tea. Probably the nutmeg, clove and dull orange are the key culprits, but whatever the drivers may be, the scent while more "old school" classic in structure than innovative is entirely believable to its name, natural smelling and sublime. The woody incense in the mid-section adds a new layer to the composition that blends with the orange spice perfectly; and patchouli from the base gently peeps into the heart, first acting as wonderful support before providing an excellent finish, coupling with the gentle powdery sheen of the vanilla. Considering this is an all-natural composition, the relatively good performance metrics also deserve mention. The bottom line is the $250 per 30ml Bohemian Spice is a relatively linear composition that provides a more old-fashioned classic structure lacking innovation, but the composition smells incredible, earning an "excellent" rating of 4 stars out of 5. At over $8 per ml it is hard to justify Bohemian Spice's relatively high price tag, but there is no denying the superb ingredient quality for those looking for a more "old school" composition made of all-naturals created by a nose that knows what they are doing.
22nd June, 2014

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