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David Yurman Limited Edition (2011)
by David Yurman


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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HouseDavid Yurman
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About David Yurman Limited Edition

David Yurman Limited Edition is a feminine perfume by David Yurman. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of David Yurman Limited Edition

Stardate 20170227:

A Tuscan Leather clone that can stand on its own. I think this is better done than the original and its clones (La Yuq, AdP Leather, PdM).
It has a nice development that the others lack. Had this used better quality ingredients it could have been the best of the pack.
Starts with rose and greens. Then fruits appear followed by the TL type drydown. I wish the development took longer than the quick 30mins but for price I am not complaining.

At $40 this is a no brainer.
27th February, 2017
Iíve had to re-test this fragrance several times, because in the very short time it takes for my mind to wander off, the scent performs such a 180 on my skin that I keep wondering what perfume I actually have on.

The second part is so completely removed from the first that itís like wearing two different perfumes. If youíre not sniffing your arm like a hawk and focusing intensely, you might miss the transition completely and wonder what the hell just happened to the dark rose fragrance you originally put on. Because what I end up with is a smooth, boot-polish leather that feels texturally very close to Tuscan Leather.

And I know I didnít start out with Tuscan Leather. David Yurman Limited Edition starts off on a beautifully rose note, roughly hewn and set in a dry smoky haze of oud and spices. It feels slightly green and herbal. That rose is really excellent quality. I can tell that the oud is the standard synthetic variant out of either Firmenich or Givaudan, but the rose smells like a really high quality Taif rose oil. It is bright, sharp, and lemony Ė almost harsh at first, but then loosening out into something sweeter.

Quite quickly. I lose the moist, fleshy parts of the rose, but what remains of the rose oil are the germanium-green and lemony-sharp facets, leaving their high-pitched, oily traces on all the other notes.

The base Ė which comes on very fast and surprised me every time Ė is a dusty vetiver leather with a fruity, boot-polish note lent by the raspberry. The combination comes off as dry and slightly musky and is very close to the way Tuscan Leather smells in its far drydown.

The raspberry note doesnít smell like a fresh raspberry, but adds this strange, solvent-like tone to the leather. I have noticed this plasticky, boot-polish like effect of the raspberry note in two fragrances thus far: Tuscan Leather and Impossible Iris (Ramon Monegal). It is very appealing, because it adds a modern edge to the musky, sawdusty leather accord.

I like this perfume very much, and Iím given to understand that itís not that expensive either. It is extrait-strength, so it is long-lasting. Unusually for an extrait, it projects quite powerfully too.

Many quote this as a great rose-oud-leather fragrance for men, and I agree. In fact, itís a creditable alternative to Portrait of a Lady or Tuscan Leather if youíre on a budget. It might also do the trick for fans of Atelier Cologneís Oud Sapphir. Iím not saying it rivals their quality, but for the price, it gives you a smoky, oudy rose over leather that lasts all day. For most, that will do the job.

26th September, 2016
David Yurman Limited Edition is a powerful rose/oud combination enhanced by suede and lightened in part by raspberry and vanilla. The opening is almost harsh--the oud factors in strongly throughout the life of the fragrance but the sweeter notes come out more in the dry down, as is typically the case. Saffron and coriander help shape the fragrance herbally without taking much of the attention away from the oud, the centerpiece.

This reminds me of Rose d'Arabie from the Armani Prive line, though DYLE is more acerbic and oud-heavy than rose-heavy. DYLE's sprayer is a jet stream, though, so it requires a delicate and deliberate application as distribution is limited.

DYLE is an extrait, so particularly with its note arrangement, it's unsurprising that it's powerful in terms of both projection and longevity. Also unsurprising is that this should likely be reserved exclusively for colder weather---it's difficult to predict how cloying it might be in warm weather. At $31 for a 75ml tester on FragranceNet, this is an unusual bargain that should be tried. Strong and a steal of a deal, I like but don't love it, as it's still a little too harsh for me to fully warm up to, but it has a rightful place in my collection.

8 out of 10
19th January, 2016
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
Normally a composition containing two of my most hated notes(oud and rose....not to mention violet as well)would have me running for the hills. And upon first spray it nearly did! Whoa, this stuff comes out of the gates swinging with very strong projection and a slightly medicinal, but still very well tempered oud note. After about 15-20mins once the scent starts evolving(mind you, it's still VERY strong at this point)the rose comes forward and is more prominent.

This stage smells very feminine to me and while I find it to be a quality and very rich/luxurious smell, I can't envision myself wearing this. BUT....when this hits the drydown....oh boy, it is AH-MAZE-ING!!!

Seriously I get this creamy sandalwood/vanilla and sweet berry musk smell that is straight up divine! Sillage and projection are pretty minimal at this point, but you are treated to and wrapped in one of thee most delicious scents imaginable. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of having to wait the 3 or 4hrs this takes to get there.:/ So I won't be purchasing a bottle, but will still greatly enjoy my sample while at home.:)
24th March, 2015
This is how a rose and oud combo should smell like. this is the masterpiece of this genre.
I'm not a fan of those rose based fragrances, not at all. but this taif rose is something else and simply a heavenly scent.
The opening is a beautiful mix of taif rose, raspberry and smoky leather.
The taif rose smell fresh and so beautiful. a quality and extremely sexy floral scent.
The leather note mixed with semi sweet raspberry smell very elegant and smoky and remind me of leather in "Tom Ford Tuscan leather" but this one is smoother.
As time goes by taif rose and raspberry settled down and oud kicked in and at the same time leather became stronger and smokier.
The mid of this fragrance is just amazing.
while dark, bitter and smoky oud and leather notes dominating, there are some floral notes and very smooth raspberry playing a smooth symphony beside those black and dark notes.
It's like playing a metal song beside a professional symphonic/classic group.
Metallica did that once! if you haven't seen that yet go and kill yourself! lol
While there are many oud&rose combo fragrances out there that you have oud for a couple of minutes then it's gone and the fragrance leaves you with a long boring rose all the way through, this is exactly at the opposite side and it gets darker, smokier and woodier as time goes by.
Projection is great and longevity is 10 hours and more on my skin.
30th January, 2014
Wonderful - and an absolute steal at the price it can be found for.

The very first time I sprayed this, the opening hit me over the head so hard I said no thanks - not for me. It didn't help matters that it was a bit, dare I say, perfume-y, making what was supposed to have been a gender-free scent lean toward feminine. But that was just the beginning...

As it wore on, the discordant notes that I could clearly smell ALL AT ONCE began to settle down. The rose takes center stage, but it's tempered by a very masculine spice - the coriander I suspect - becoming sweeter as the raspberry comes into play.

Violet is one of the notes listed and it was evident on the initial spray, but its presence lingers and gives the rounded edges the rose provides with some sharper, more masculine vibe.

It's here where I should mention Bond's New York Oud, not in comparison - but rather contrast. I happened to like New York Oud quite a bit, the honeyed saffron and particularly the tart plum. But after smelling Yurman's Limited, it comes across as... synthetic. I'm not sure how much of NYO actually is, but Yurman's Limited smells so much more natural in comparison (even their press statement states the usage of natural agarwood, which I would tend to believe considering the way it comes straight out of the bottle).

Further into its development, I get a bit of creaminess as a result of the suede and sandalwood notes. It's here where comparisons to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather seem apropos, but this is far from being a clone and comes across much spicier - the deep drydown somewhat reminiscent of Lumiere Noir.

Longevity is excellent, as one might expect from a Parfum Extrait, but the sillage is, to my nose, a bit more moderate as it remains true to form and stays a bit closer to the skin - something I consider a blessing vs. the loudness of New York Oud.

Originally selling for $250, testers of this fine fragrance can now be found for as little as $33 on ebay! A steal for a fragrance drawing comparisons to both Tom Ford's private line and one of Amouage's attars.

Pros: Extrait strength. Very natural smelling ingredients.
Cons: The opening is a cacophony of notes. "</p>
12th August, 2013 (last edited: 11th March, 2016)

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