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Arizona (2011)
by Olympic Orchids


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseOlympic Orchids
PerfumerEllen Covey

About Arizona

A dry, woody fragrance inspired by the evergreen forests of the Arizona high country on a sun-warmed summer day. The nose behind the fragrance is Ellen Covey.

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Reviews of Arizona

A decent entry into the rather small club of ‘dry forest’ perfumes, Arizona gives the wearer a wonderful opening blast of the great outdoors with the inviting scent of conifers – their green needles, their resins, their wax – and the twigs and parched earth of the forest floor.
This is a cologne strength offering (unlike most others in the Olympic Orchids line), so needs liberal application. Has an unsettling mid-phase where soapy lavender tries to tame something that deserves to remain wild and free. Fortunately it morphs into something more anisic that blows better in the breeze.
Uncomplicated, perhaps simple, but satisfying nonetheless.
30th April, 2015
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United States
Pungent Pine

It's a really crisp scent, perfect for winter but definitely not a scent I'd wear. However, I think it would be great for a man. It smells just like a pine scented candle I own. It's a very pungent pine scent with a bit of smoke to it. It says it has a hint of wildflower but I'm not getting any wildflower. There does seem to be a tiny hint of something like brown sugar though.

If you're looking for a pine scent which reminds you of being fireside on cold winter nights, this might be worth a try.

Pros: Very strong outdoorsy scent
Cons: Has no feminine character at all"

13th August, 2013
I was going to give this a neutral rating, because the opening struck a wrong chord with me. Something resinous and balsamic was anesthetizing the lively evergreen note. Reading what the earlier review by rogalal, I'd be inclined to imagine it was the unfocused quality of some naturals.

Anyway, about an hour into wearing this, an intriguing perfume appeared. There was that jammy conifer, along with dry and freshly cut wood, and a hint of smoke.

The dry down artfully evokes a nature walk, and I like that.
04th April, 2013 (last edited: 14th May, 2015)
My few experiments combining essential oils have left me amazed that anyone can ever successfully mix them into anything wearable. Being natural, they have all their off-notes intact and many have subtle undertones that mix with the subtle undertones of other notes to bring out all sorts of crazy unwanted smells. There seem to be two main schools of thought about how to deal with this. Either carefully keep things simple to avoid any strangeness or just say screw it and appreciate the almost incalculable nuances and tricks that happen in a dense natural oil mix. Much like many ridiculously expensive attars and niche weirdos like Yosh's Omniscent, Arizona goes for the "screw it" school of perfumery.

Boy, is it dense. All sorts of trees and resins, as well as a sweet flowery buzz on top and a mossy herbal clary sage make up most of what I smell. There's something in there that smells like cedar chips that a hamster has peed on mixed with fish food, but there's also that what I think is that crazy synergy that happens when you mix vetiver and jasmine. Oh, and it's got a fantastic vetiver/mossy drydown that comes in after a few hours. Frankly, on a personal level, I find these scents baffling and they're not really what I enjoy (hence the neutral review), but I'm happy to admit that it's because my nose isn't good enough to figure them out and they frustrate me.

Anyway, if you're a fan of really dense dark natural oil-based scents like Amouage's Tribute Attar or Yosh's Omniscent, run don't walk to try Arizona. There are also elements in here that remind me of a much richer Kilian Amber Oud, so its fans should check this out, too.
23rd May, 2012

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