Eternity for Men Aqua (2010)
    by Calvin Klein

    Eternity for Men Aqua Fragrance Notes

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    50ml EdT
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    50ml EdT
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    Don Corleone

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    I agree with the Polo Blue comparisons, but hands down Eternity Aqua is better. To me it's fresher and more smooth. This fragrance doesn't get a lot of love, partly because they pinned the word "Aqua" at the end of a classic CK fragrance and put it out on the market to maximize sales. I went through an entire 50 ml. of this stuff last year and had nothing but positive attention from everyone who smelled it. Its versatile; I've worn it to work, and I've also gotten attention in the club from the ladies as well. Smells somewhat more mature than other aquatic-type fragrances. I picked up the 100 ml. gift set today for $40 usd, looking forward to wearing this again.

    12 January, 2014

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    The citrus aquatic note is a fairly bland top note mixture, and the fruity lavender drydown is not much better. The woody base does not change the overall boring-synthetic impression. Miles away from the original with which it has little in common but the name.

    01st January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Slightly synthetic aquatic that smells like something I've smelled many times before. Projection is longevity is decent but this one is a little too generic for me. I would wear this one though.

    02 May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    This review could probably go positive or neutral but I gave it a positive anyway. It's opening is absolutely fantastic but the drydown is fairly dull. I definitely get more of an aquatic feel than most people get. I see how people think this is more woody than aquatic but I feel like the woodsy notes sit in the background of this fragrance. I get more of an ocean feel to this one. This could be a much better fragrance if the top stayed throughout the life of the fragrance. Solid longevity and projection though.


    29 April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Yeah not a good scent overall. The descriptions are dead a watery- fruity type of scent. The predominant scent seems to be the a sweet plum surrounded by light watery notes. Nothing special.

    Scent 5
    Sillage 5
    Longevity 7

    22 August, 2012

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    United States United States

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    This flanker is neither Eternity, nor Aqua.

    It smells nothing like Eternity, but sharing the name is an effective market technique.

    It may start out with aquatic notes, but during the drydown it is woodsy, making it less recommendable for the summer and moreso for the fall.

    Ho hum.

    14 July, 2012

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