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Eternity for Men Aqua (2010)
by Calvin Klein


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseCalvin Klein
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Eternity for Men Aqua

Eternity for Men Aqua is a masculine fragrance by Calvin Klein. The scent was launched in 2010

Eternity for Men Aqua fragrance notes

Reviews of Eternity for Men Aqua

Starts off smelling extremely similar to Polo Blue, with very prominent cucumber along with a bit of citrus. This fragrance leans very masculine. About 30 minutes in, it enters the drydown and becomes a spicy cucumber (the spice here being schezuan pepper), however the opening lasts much longer if sprayed on clothes. The drydown then ends up smelling like plums and schezuan pepper along with mild notes of citrus. The cucumber has totally disappeared at this point. It's a pleasant scent and very spicy. It smells like I have some good-smelling hot sauce on my body - as weird as that sounds, it smells pretty nice; this is due to the heavy shezuan pepper note which is perfectly blended with the plum note. Basenotes smell similar to the drydown. Sillage is moderate but leaning strong - I can still smell wafts of it hours after spraying - and longevity is also moderate at about 4-5 hours. Overall it's an interesting and pleasant fragrance, though I wish the cucumber note lasted longer and I think the shizuan pepper note is a bit strange in a fresh fragrance, while plum note though rare isn't the most appealing to me. Ultimately decided I didn't like it because the pepper is so realistic it feels like I have hot sauce on my skin - though some will enjoy that (kind of like the opposite of the cooling sensation of mint). Although it has better sillage and longevity than Polo Blue, Polo Blue is still the far superior fragrance.
04th March, 2018
Bought this, and gave it to my father. There are far better aquatics out there to me.

Polo Blue is the much better of the 2, but more expensive. Eternity Aqua should be more crisp, but it lays flat and gets stuffy to me.

I really only bought this one because I was having a conversation about fragrances with 2 of my friends (non BN'ers, just average Joe's) and when I asked their favorite, both said Eternity Aqua. Heh.
11th October, 2016
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
Very nice, lower cost option to Polo Blue....terrific summer cheapie from the CK house.
24th August, 2016
So similar to dozens of aquatic scents. I do smell Original Eternity in there however. So I usually mix the two together and is smells very good on me.
26th August, 2015

A nostalgic scent that makes feel young again for everybody used original ETERNITY 20 years ago.ETERNITY AQUA is one of those fragrances you can smell it everywhere and this is my complaint about it so i found it so is an interesting mix of Fruity,Green and Woody notes. Energetic,Crisp,Casual, Refreshing,Aquatic,Vibrant,Delightful and Modern.

It begins with a fresh blend of Cucumber and Green notes as the heart quickly reveals an aquatic presence of lotus,plum and lavender.the base offers musk and woodsy notes.this fresh mixture makes it delightfully fresh and youthful.

Definitely it is a nice everyday type smell.easy to wear and perfect for SUMMER my opinion this one is not suitable for present because the packaging is not beautiful.if you want something for once in a while wear ,this is ok but don't make it your signature cologne unless you want to be a clone of everyone else.

Sillage?Pretty Good.

Longevity?weak on my skin.

13th May, 2015
One of Calvin Klein's better aquatics. When you first put it on you will get a very distinct cucumber, green smell, which will give away to a somewhat floral note. I find it very pleasant, light, airy, refreshing, a perfect sent for a hot day or in the office. Numerous women I work with have complemented me on the sent, one even grabbed me and made me sit next to her!

That being said, the longevity can be lacking at times, but it is relatively inexpensive to begin with. You can find a small bottle to carry with you (.33oz) that slides easily into your pocket. Out of several aquatics I own, this is one of my favorites.

If you are looking for a good, solid aquatic, you will not go wrong with Ck Eternity Aqua.
27th August, 2014

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