Adidas Intense Touch (2011)
    by Adidas

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    Mediocre and generic

    Okay it's like this: I was in a sporting goods store and this stuff was on sale for $7.95 for 100ml. (The price tag says "Compare at $27!" yet I see you can buy it on line for under $10.)I'm a working class guy and not (always) a snob when it comes to men's fragrances so I said to myself "Heck, it has the Addidas name on it, so how bad can it be?"

    It's inexpensive for a reason: it smells inexpensive. I don't know what it's trying to smell like ... I detect all kinds of stuff going on: musk, sandalwood, herbs, spices, a little bit of lime leaf, tonka bean - who knows. It comes off smelling generic, sorta like what the barber downtown would pat behind my ears when I was a kid.

    I don't hate Adidas Intense Touch. There is nothing foul or gauche to despise. It really lacks sophistication. If you wanna pack a cheap cologne that isn't awful in your gym bag, this might do the trick.

    Pros: Very inexpensive, not unpleasant
    Cons: Unbalanced. Lacks character, elegance and refinement"

    18 October, 2013

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