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Oud Ispahan (2012)
by Christian Dior


Oud Ispahan information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseChristian Dior
PerfumerFrançois Demachy
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Oud Ispahan

Oud Ispahan is a shared / unisex perfume by Christian Dior. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer François Demachy

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Reviews of Oud Ispahan

This is an outstanding fragrance that will make you feel like a king. Don't buy it if you don't like rose because there's loads of rose in there ;)
19th April, 2016
Oud Ispahan is the first in-production Dior Privee I've tried on skin for the first time in a while, and much like its strong reputation, it does not disappoint.

As most can attest, this starts off with a sharp, acerbic blast of labdanum that fades into a rose/oud mix that is softened by the heart of sandalwood along the way.

It is in the family of rose/oud blends that are so commonplace, but the addition of labdanum is what gives Oud Ispahan its own character, a slightly feminine character, in the vein of the cosmetics smell that is a key aspect (for me) of Chanel Coromandel and Dior Homme Intense. It's also slightly powdery so I can see this leaning feminine for most people most of the time, but it's surely unisex enough for men to wear effectively and enjoy. As far as I'm concerned, it dresses up better than it dresses down--I would wear this at night exclusively.

It's a rose/oud scent that sophisticated in both of its key elements. The rose isn't a sweet or heavy rose but rather a relatively fresh, bright rose. And the oud is soft, terribly harsh. It's not a dry desert harsh scent, but rather something moist and welcoming.

Performance-wise, Oud Ispahan is superb. I'll echo that it's tremendous in terms of both projection and longevity. Its power can be polarizing for both men and women, I can imagine. Certainly this should be reserved for colder weather, and might not be ideal for scenarios where you do not want to stand out.

Any rose/oud fans should check this out. Among rose/ouds that I've tried or own, I'd still probably give the edge to Armani Prive Rose d'Arabie, which is simply a little more welcoming, a little better blended in my opinion. Still, Oud Ispahan is surely the favorite of many, and I'll have to try it some more.

8 out of 10
07th April, 2016
Sillage and longevity are off the charts, but the scent, while enjoyable, is nothing special.

If you really enjoy this scent, skip the $300 orientalism in a bottle and find your local Arab/Middle Eastern book store, market, mosque, etc.--basically anywhere you might find cheap middle eastern oils being sold--and you can pick up this exact same scent with the exact same sillage/longevity for a about $10 a bottle.

An excellent example is Oudi Al Haramain, which can be had online for $8.
08th March, 2016
This one is named after the nuclear power plant in Iran. If you overspray it, you will be surrounded by an atomic cloud of a piercing and artificial oud smell, which burns your olfactory nerves and stays on your shirt forever (even after washing).

Apply it lightly (one spray, maximum two) and you will be rewarded with a lovely rose-oud composition.

I'm not sure if it's anywhere near price-worthy, but smells very nice anyway.
13th December, 2015 (last edited: 08th February, 2016)
A classical oud with not much to offer in terms of creativity.

That said, it smells like good quality stuff and it has the Dior name. I see this a a great gift for an oud lover. Longevity and projection are great. Definitely a night scent to me.
30th April, 2015

DIOR created a special perfume that combined two of the most legendary materials of all,rose and oud.a unisex perfume designed for lovers of oriental fragrnces,for someone with a strong personality,for kings with free-hearted.the perfume captures the essence of the middle eastern woman and man by reflecting traditional roots with a modern twist.the smell is classy and extremely lasting.just a spray of this magnetic perfume on your pulse points will draw compliments from admirers wherever you go.Regal, Mastrepiece,Sophisticated,Charistmatic,Oriental, Sensual,Weird and a expensive perfume that worth every penny you pay for it.

The exquisite elixir opens with nuances of labdanum and a potent and velvety serenade of persian rose which immediately stir the senses.this rich layer leads to deep aura of oud that lingers in the air and on the fact oud and rose coalesce in a mellifluous masterpiece,intoxicating and preparing the senses for the master stroke of the final mystery,where the intense,full-bodied oud feeling fuses with the ligher,dryer notes of sandalwood and patchouli.totally this kind of scents the distinction between elite and laity,between special taste and cheap taste,between demure person and clown person and above all between gentleman and youngster!


Longevity?Lasts and Lasts.

22nd April, 2015

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