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Kanøn Agarwood (2012)
by Kanon


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Kanøn Agarwood

Kanøn Agarwood is a masculine fragrance by Kanon. The scent was launched in 2012

Reviews of Kanøn Agarwood

This is a great place to start, if you're interested in exploring the world of oud then why not start off here?
Inexpensive and it comes in a large sized sprayer with box.
At first spray you will pick up a synthetic note but if you give it time and let it evolve you somehow get a great aroma, I get a clean oud, not oily or dirty like Arabic attars.
Rosewood and shades of Zino by Davidoff come to mind.
I feel as though this will be overlooked by many cuz it's low price , oh well, it's their loss.
28th April, 2013 (last edited: 21st January, 2015)
Very strong plastic/fake amber Not my style at all. It shouts "pay attention to me" Incredible projection.
26th January, 2013 (last edited: 13th February, 2013)
I'll echo Swanky's thought that this remotely resembles MPG's Parfum d'Habit. I've worn that lovely juice for years, despite the reformulation, and this certainly bears more than a passing resemblance to the current formulation, but in a very mainstream sort of way. Has the same mossy, leathery opening notes - like old, wet, leather breeches with a touch of horse-hair - but in a petrochemical sort of way.

It does seem to fall flat rather quickly - revealing even more of its synthetic nature, but it's okay and for the price there are much worse scents available. Just go easy on the sprays and don't expect anything remotely resembling agarwood in the mix.
04th January, 2013 (last edited: 01st March, 2014)
This is the wimpiest oud around, but oud nevertheles, and for that reason alone I like it.
Its synthetic breed is blatantly obvious, but that doesn't mean is unappealing, cheap smelling, thrashy.
As shamu said, its drydown is plasticine like, but not as bad as ruining the perfume.

How come my critique is so harsh (wimpy, synthetic, plasticine-like) and still this scent gets my thumbs up?
I honestly do not know, everything I said is IMO as I said, but the perfume smells wonderful regardless. Go figure.

BTW: I think this would be the perfect introduction to oud for those unfamiliar with it. Oud is a learned taste, for most people oud is somewhat repulsive on the first encounter, but after a while it becomes alluring. Think caviar LOL
12th November, 2012
True to other Kanon fragrances, Agarwood packs a punch with little expense.
The top notes come on strong and slightly stinky, but in a good way.
It sweetens up a bit as it moves along and at one time I would have thought it was bordering on feminine, but again, not in a bad way.
Top to bottom, it retains the core Agarwood scent.
29th August, 2012
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
Kanon Agarwood is my favorite from this house, mostly because I find it more interesting than the other entries. There is nothing especially modern about this fragrance. It is definitely surprising that a budget house would release something this unique in this decade. The closest analog I can think of is Parfum d'Habit. Agarwood is like a mainstream attenuated version of MPG's great masculine. The synthetic oud and rosewood combo approximates the civet-like sharpness of Parfum d'Habit without it's TNT-level power. I agree with Shamu that it also resembles some potent feminines, especially Vagabond, Cabaret and their ilk.

I cannot make great claims for this perfume but I suspect that the Marshall's bin location and sub-$10 price will scare some away that may actually enjoy this oddball contemporary product. The risk is minimal at this pricepoint and I was pleasantly surprised.
12th August, 2012

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