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To Be The Illusionist (2012)
by Police


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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Not enough ratings.

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Parent CompanyMavive

About To Be The Illusionist

To Be The Illusionist is a masculine fragrance by Police. The scent was launched in 2012

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United Kingdom
Here I am getting a blast of bergamot, a herbal ivy with a flowery note and a green drydown, with sage and a whiff of a synthetic musty-fruity note. Quite nice actually, but with little future development on my skin. Sporting limited silage and projection, it lasts three hours on me. Definitely average, but not without its charm in spring.
31st December, 2013
This is nothing more than a dimestore copy of Platinum Egoiste with slightly sharper accords, less staying power, and no Chanel drydown. Not bad really, just redundant.
26th December, 2013
Too much, yet too little

So, I'm that guy. I bought this totally blind - a fragrance and brand I had never heard of before - when I found out that it had a kind of neat looking skull-shaped bottle, after a cursory glance at the notes to make sure I wouldn't hate it. It helped that it was sitting on a shelf for $24.99 at a Ross at the time. It opened up like a distant, slightly generic cousin of GIT or perhaps Cool Water and I thought "Oh, ok. Maybe this was a random ok find.". With only two sprays on, I walked into a room to have my friend say "What the heck are you wearing, and how much of it did you put on? You smell like a room full of fratboys on the prowl." Shh, I said. It probably comes on strong, but any minute it's going to die down. And so it did. After about 30-45 minutes of wearing, it went from bro-to-the-face to smelling like a handful of pepper and artificial fruit candy, dwindling away until I had to really stick my face in it to smell it. I'm not sure what crystal musk is, or cashmere wood, but I really don't think I've smelled much of anything as far as the listed notes except slightly greenish citrusy aquatic stuff with a small hint of warmth. Certainly not leather or cedar. And I tend to be able to pick out some major notes, even if I'm not one who can talk extensively about traces of this or that, or insists that there simply MUST be oud in there somewhere, even if no one else can smell it. I suppose I'll give it a few more tries, just in case it was a bad day, the hot weather, that sort of thing, but so far it's been pretty much the same every time. 2.5 stars because it's not awful, but it's not really anything special either, especially with such a distinctive packaging and all. While there's not a whole lot of info about it around, I've definitely hesitant to agree with it being the "seductive, eccentric fougere" the advertising calls it. That cologne sounds interesting. This one is just somewhat generic and short-lived.

08th June, 2013

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