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Olympic Amber
by Olympic Orchids


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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseOlympic Orchids
PerfumerEllen Covey

About Olympic Amber

Olympic Amber is a shared / unisex perfume by Olympic Orchids. The fragrance was created by perfumer Ellen Covey

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United Kingdom
The opening introduces a dark and deep and amber, smooth initially but soon displaying an overarching smoky flavour that soon is mixed with a spicy note. Some labdanum is evident too.

In the drydown a balsamic undertone develops that has subtly medicinal touches at times, but after a while these are replaced by a woodsy impression. The amber remains prominent, with deep and dark resins also making an appearance.

The base sees little change apart form the addition of a sweetish undertone, as if a touch of tonka was added discreetly.

I get strong sillage, excellent projection, and a tremendous fifteen hours of longevity on my skin.

A lovely scent for cold autumn or winter days, with the resins, woods and smoke very well balanced. An amber that is somewhat predictable in
the base, but displays superb performance and it might be of interest if you like smoky ambers. 3.5/5.
13th December, 2016
Amber is my favorite and this one is VERY good. It strikes a perfect balance between spicy and sweet and the labdanum is just right. Resinous with good sillage and longevity.
02nd February, 2016
"A rich amber scent full of natural labdanum ornamented with vanilla, benzoin, incense, resins, patchouli, and woods. A true oriental fragrance."

What a difference materials make. Ambers made from authentic materials have always smelled fantastic to me, fragrant, resiny and rich. †And most perfume ambers feel like unintelligent blockheads - little conversation, little personality and boring.
Olympic Amber is made from authentic materials and it shows - rich, deep, aromatic, resiny, complex. I can smell the the tree, the sap, some mineral sweetness which comes from the organic process in the tree sap.
An excellent, well-blended amber. I consider this an amber for those who are left bored, like me, by perfume ambers. Almost exactly as you want it to be. A pleasure on the skin. Very long-lasting. An unqualified winner.
01st May, 2015
I've really been enjoying this one. Most ambers form such a cohesive whole for me that it's usually difficult for my nose to pick out what makes them up, but Olympic Amber is blended in such a way that its individual ingredients peek out, keeping it from feeling too linear or drone-ish (my complaints with a lot of amber perfumes). It's apparently based on mostly labdanum, which gives it a resinous green feel that's rare in ambers, but there's also Olympic Orchids' signature creme soda note giving a sweet lightness, while plumes of smoky incense and woods come through every once in a while, as well as that mulchy forest floor smell you get when a good patchouli meets labdanum. It never gets too sweet and, on the other side of the scale, never gets lost in medicinal weirdness either. Instead, it lives in a dense forest between the two extremes, which really appeals to my personal tastes.

Of the original Olympic Orchids line, this is my favorite. That being said, I haven't dived into their very intriguing Devil scents yet, so I reserve the right to change my mind...
15th September, 2012
Why does an amber that seems to be composed mainly of turpentine, leather and shoe polish please my soul so? Maybe itís the feel of a lived-in space that it creates, a space of comfort, free of fuss and worry. It also sits just right on the skin, not too rich or cloying. The vanilla is judged perfectly in this, lending a dusty, softening undertow and the sweetness is also barely there. I can see how this was intended as a base for other perfumes, but Iím glad it exists in its own right.
30th July, 2012

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