Pear + Olive (2012)
    by Slumberhouse

    • Launched: 2012
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production : Limited Edition
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Average Rating: 3.5

    Based on 34 ratings
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    Pear + Olive information

    Pear + Olive is a unisex fragrance by Slumberhouse. The scent was launched in 2012

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    Ireland Ireland

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    A surprise hit for me! But then again, I'm not sure why I am so surprised - after all, I love the juxtaposition of salt and sweet in foods (strong cheddar and apples, salted peanuts and chocolate, fresh white cow's cheese and honey...), and Pear & Olive is an almost classic balancing act between savory and sweet elements. Primarily, this is the play of sweet pear against a grassy olive oil, but there are also pleasing contrasts between the sweet hay-like smell of chamomile and the bright green calamus.

    For me, though, the defining note of Pear & Olive is that of the Massoia bark. It lends a creamy coconut milk feel to the base, and a dry, nutty woodiness too. The slippery olive oil note, though, ensures that this is a savory type of creaminess. The texture of the scent reminds me of my favorite cleansing oil by Clarins which starts off on my skin as a thin oil and then, when drops of water are added, turns into an unctuous, opaque cream. Pear & Olive feels a bit like this to me - oily, fruity, and green-grassy at the start and turning slowly into a salty, thick cream towards the end. Either way, fans of thick, creamy scents should run to try this. I find it so pleasurable to wear.

    17th February, 2015

    rbaker's avatar

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    A delightful pear opening with a mildly boozy touch makes a fine start. Later, in the drydown, a delightfully gentle chamomile develops with hints of olive - the latter being an ephemeral background note on my skin in spite of its prominent position in the name. Floral elements, especially geranium, are another feature at this stage. He base sees the arrival of creamy woodsy impression, with hints of sandal. In spite its creaminess is is quite restrained. Adequate sillage, decent projection and very good longevity of seven hours - for warm spring days.

    13th August, 2014

    teardrop's avatar

    England England

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    For the first hour, l get green, oily pear, quite fresh in a shampoo-like way, but also oddly sickly. At this stage it turns my stomach slightly, until the note of massoia bark begins to emerge, & it all becomes more bearable. The massoia lends a pleasant woodiness to the heart, with its suggestion of coconut shell, not flesh, & its touch of milky fig. Some time later there's a little ambery sweetness, & twelve hours in, the base of crisp, dry woods is still going.
    l have to admit that l really don't like pear, the fruit or the scent, but l was hoping that the rumoured coconut note & the promised olive note would combine to make this one worth a try. Sadly, there was no trace of the juicy, salty olives l longed for, & not enough coconut to offset that nauseating opening.

    01st August, 2014

    purplebird7's avatar

    United States United States

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    I think I object to the "olive" note in here. It's oily. I like the pear note, even though I'm not a fan of fruity fragrances. It's realistic, sweet, and candy-like. It's the olive that's bothering me. It's oily-rancid. It smells like a dishrag that has soured. It causes my stomach to roil. Okay, it's not overwhelming. I can handle it. There's so much of the pretty pear in here that I can block out the greasy odor. Surprisingly, I love olives and olive oil. I eat olive oil practically every day. I buy the best I can afford. That is why I can't call this an "olive" aroma. It's more like a fungus of some kind, sort of warm and dirty and growing. It's like when your clothes don't dry completely, but you have to wear them again. My apologies to those of you who find this delectable. Theoff-note spoiled note spoils it for me.

    30th June, 2014

    Jack Hunter's avatar

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This opens with a Sweet syrupy pear accord with a underlying savory note. It's fresh and very realistic like you have just opened a tin of fruit.

    This scent reminds me too much of shampoo and shower gels, I'm not liking this at all.

    29th May, 2014

    Colin Maillard's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    The opening is fairly overwhelming and cloying, all I get is a metallic, violent slap of aldehydes with a linear, metallic, frosty pear note. Pretty much it, eventually some vanilla emerges better, but overall, to my nose it's just a really unbearable aldehydated accord, pungent and vibrant – not in a good way. I don't get most of the notes which are supposed to be here. The concept is interesting (a metallic, linear, "destructured" fruity scent), but the result of this formulation goes just "too far" for me. I simply can't smell it without feeling dizzy. I won't say a "no", just a "question mark".


    19th May, 2014

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