Colonia Intensa Oud Concentrée (2012)
    by Acqua di Parma

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    The combination of citrus and oud is an interesting on one and quite original. The oud is here, however, not the usual earthy agarwood note, it is pretty good but thinner and probably meant not to overwhelm the citrus; unfortunately that gives it less depth and richness. Additionally, for most of the drydown the coriander is too predominant and the blending is not very smoothly and harmoniously done such as to give the oud a better role. All this is not really a big problem, but there is little development on my skin; silage and projection are quite good though, and the longevity is very good at over seven hours. Clearly an oud cologne combines notes that are quite contradictory - bright citrus with darker oud wood, and that is difficult to pull off. Compared to those masterpieces that did achieve this marriage of contradictions - see Creed's unrivalled citrus-leather dyad in Cuir de Russie - this really is a half-cooked dish. One point for trying though.

    21st March, 2014

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    Not what I was expecting at all. I envisioned this as Colonia Intensa with oud added, but that is not what I’ve found. In the first place I get no citruses – but I seldom get citrus in the presence of strong wood notes, so I’m not saying there are no citruses. What I get throughout the whole fragrance is a strong aromatic effect in the form of oud and coriander; unfortunately the coriander seems to dominate over the oud to the point when I’m thinking “cilantro”… which is wonderful in salsas but I don’t want to smell like… squashed bugs, some people say. If the accord was stronger with oud, I would love it, but there is enough coriander here that I know I’ll never get the squashed bugs thought out of my mind.

    Before testing Colonia Intensa Oud, I had been apprehensive about the listed leather note; I do smell the leather and it comes across as a smooth, rich undertone to the aromatic accord, but this particular leather is not at all bothersome to me.

    I can well understand why many love this fragrance: It is interesting – rather unique, well-constructed, has excellent-quality materials, and has good longevity. I find it linear, but that is apparently my fault and I would love its linearity if I loved its aroma. But I don’t.

    01st March, 2014

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    I bought this today for my other half, but will grieve when I part with it. To my still new nose, this is a simply magnificent fragrance! I bought six other great perfumes today, but none equaled this. If there are fragrances significantly better, I don't know how I'll respond when I smell them. Faint dead away in public, I imagine.

    04 December, 2013

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    Eugene Tooms

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    Starts well, ends badly

    Well...I'm a fan of oud and niche fragrances, so I took the plunge and bought a bottle of this when I found it cheap (well, relatively - I paid £95 and this stuff has an RRP of £170 here in the UK) bottle locally in a department store. A colleague wears Colonia Intensa Oud and I'd tried it before I bought it.

    The initial blast is terrific - a kind of winding citrussy thing with dark woody notes underneath. After an hour the oud began to blossom...complex, rich, earthy and heady. I was really enjoying it. But - oh my - after 90 minutes it began to turn on me, and I was left with a powdery, dirty stink. It's hard to describe what it was like but it was a filthy monotone, like some kind of aging excrement. None of my other oud fragrances do this. Oh boy, was I disappointed - I spent £95 on this? It's awful! So bad it gave me a headache. Even after showering five hours later it was still on me. I'd put some on my forearm and even after scrubbing with some black pepper handwash I could still smell it. Obviously my skin chemistry has done something crazy to this.

    Anyway, the packaging and presentation of Aqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud is terrific; the bottle design is great and the box is satin-lined. So that's a point in its favour.

    I'd advise going VERY carefully with this one. DEFINITELY get a sample and try it on yourself for a day or two first. It could be great on you, but for me it's horrendous, and I will be selling mine pronto.

    Pros: Extreme longevity
    Cons: Turns truly disgusting on me"

    18 September, 2013

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    Aside from the face that I like a fragrance, the greatest indication that something is good or not lies in the number of times that someone makes a positive comment. In this case, that has happened many times. It's a take on the oud with an Italian twist, and I like the end result. It is a pleasure to wear, and is very long lasting.

    In addition to this, I own Tom Frod's Oud Wood, which I really like as well as Jo Malone's Oud and Bergamot. All three are great, and actually mix well together.

    One final observation is that the packaging of this fine fragrance is truly first class! You will feel like you're opening something truly special, which is good, because this is a great fragrance!

    18 April, 2013

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    I had a most positive initial response to this – bracing orangey freshness, a glorious coriander note (that perfect bridge between florals and woods), and some pretty limber oud; it felt as if Acqua di Parma had given us that mythical creature a lively oud. But then most things can make a good impression in the ultrabling Harrods perfume halls.
    Trying it in the dog-eared comfort of my own home I am less impressed. The notes from the first time around are all present and correct, but there is a hefty dose of things that smell obviously synthetic, the kind one encounters all too frequently in ‘fresh’ designer ‘masculines’. They do subside in the course of the wear. The oud on closer inspection has that medicinal quality of the Piguet oud release, as if one were sniffing a treated sore. The deep drydown is fuzzy with musks and heading in the soft-suede-with-citruses direction. I dare say the totality of it makes an agreeable impression on the bystander, but it’s not quite right for me.

    17 April, 2013

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